Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedies at Home!

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Posted by Helen (Southport, Australia) on 08/21/2008

This is another way of applying egg white for reducing fever that I learnt from my Chinese Grandma. Hard boil the egg and remove the egg yolk. Put the hard boiled egg white including the shell in a handkerchief. Twist the content into a ball and massage body from head to toe. Brings the temp down instantaneously. My Grandma would also insert a silver ring in the egg white content when massaging. Silver would change to different colours when rubbed on different patients. This was used to diagnose the cause of the fever and then she would use (ying/yang) herbal treatment for the illness. Sadly, I am unable to read the silver ring. My children always ask for an egg massage when they have high temperature and it always does the trick.

Posted by Helen (Southport, Australia) on 08/21/2008

This is another way of applying egg white for reducing fever that I learnt from my Chinese Grandma. Hard boil the egg and remove the egg yolk. Put the hard boiled egg white including the shell in a handkerchief. Twist the content into a ball and massage body from head to toe. Brings the temp down instantaneously. My Grandma would also insert a silver ring in the egg white content when massaging. Silver would change to different colours when rubbed on different patients. This was used to diagnose the cause of the fever and then she would use (ying/yang) herbal treatment for the illness. Sadly, I am unable to read the silver ring. My children always ask for an egg massage when they have high temperature and it always does the trick.

Ho Shou Wu
Posted by Mike62 (Denver) on 01/18/2014

Sara: Fo ti is the raw version. This is not good. He sho wu is the properly prepared version. This is good. A 70 year old man in Arizona works all day in his herbal business and on his ranch with his lovely wife of 50 years. Every day he takes he sho wu, hu zhang, and jiaogulan.

Posted by Tara (West Point, Virginia) on 09/14/2013

Schisandra : In chinese medicine it's called Wuweizi (Five-Flavored Seed). This is because it's bark and flesh are mixtures of sweet, sour and salty flavors and its kernel tastes pungent, bitter and salty hence five flavors in one herb. It is used for asthma and cough, excessive perspiration, night sweats, diarrhea, seminal emission and vaginal bleeding.

I was having a very heavy period and as soon as I had a cup of tea the bleeding was minimal. You can purchase instant schisandra online as a tea to drink. Many women use this tea in China for menopause and PMS.

Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 11/04/2012

Hi Sara, I'm so glad you enjoyed the video. I thought it had some valuable information and it is what I am adhering to these days. I have found the Chinese herbs to be so effective. The tonic I take is called 8 Immortals and is quite powerful. It has wild Chinese ginseng, wild American ginseng, duanwood reishi, wild mountain reishi, pure cordyceps, wild Tibetan rhodiola, wild schizandra, goji, wild snow lotus and ho shou wu. As you can see it contains many adaptogens and builds strength and all three treasures- jing, qi and shen.

I recently also added a goji and schizandra tonic with this because the benefits of these two fruits are amazing. I am seeing my skin really change. I have stopped taking all other supplements except betaine with my meals lypospheric vitamin c and shilajit. I don't think I've ever seen the results I'm having with other supplements. Here's to health! Lisa

General Feedback
Posted by Sue M. (Worden, Il, USA) on 10/21/2012

Lisa, thanks again for your post. I plan to make an appointment this week. Can't plan too far in advance, because of my mom. I received a phone call Friday afternoon, from the nursing home.... Giving me the impression that she may not make it till I got up there. I found my heart racing, my anxiety level rising and decided to take an additional 1/4 tsp. Of the 8 Immortals. Within 20 minutes, I could feel the calm settle over me and was able to finish the drive up there without the feeling of my nerves getting the best of me. So, thanks to you, and educating and sharing your knowledge of Chinese herbs, I'm handling my life and health in a state of balanced calm. Will continue with my reading...")

And to Taffy: I do not mean this in a mean venue, but whenever someone from this website has shared their first-hand knowledge of their experiences, sometimes their knowledge will come from those sites that do advertise "selling of products". There has to be a jumping off point to one thing leading to another. I have found that true, for me, in anything I do research on.

General Feedback
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 10/21/2012

Hi Taffy, I understand your concern and thank you for pointing that out. The sites though are loaded with very valuable information and my thought is, no one has to buy anything. If they feel the information is of value and they see a product is of value, they certainly have the freedom to do their own research and find items elsewhere. I know I do that all the time although with the Chinese herbs, I know these are the finest quality so don't bother since I've tried in the past. Quite honestly, the herbs of this value are equally expensive or even more and I don't want inferior herbs which are not uncommon. I know Dr. Mercola always sells products on his site but his information is still of high value to me. I read what he has to say and don't feel compelled to buy anything from him.

Again, thanks for your input. Lisa

Tongue Diagnosis
Posted by Kevin (Vancouver, BC) on 07/22/2009

I am an acupunturist. Usually a white tongue or coating mean cold is inside.

Yellow means heat is inside. I know these terms seem a bit out there but using the idea of yin and yang is or cold and hot is more sophisticated than trying to figure out a single cause when the body is an orchestra or functions.

So for a white toungue one would suggest Hot or warming food. For example ginger or cinnamon or cayenne. I would also suggests other tonic herbs like ginseng but only if there is not thick coating. A thick coating means excess or too much and so to build that would make it worse. You need to decrease the thickness. This is done by taking herbs that help to clear dampness usually bitter ones or astringent like orange peel for example.

There is a whole study of toungue coating and colour out there that is foundational to chinese diagnosis. Your toungue is a great indicator of health.

So to recap white toungue means cold so get warm and the toungue will change. Literally and with warming food. DO not eat ice cream or drink cold drinks with a cold tongue.

Cold Showers
Posted by Linda (York County, Maine) on 03/12/2009

Hi Chris... I've done a little cold showering and I'm not as dedicated as a lot of folks, but I like to start with a warm (not hot) shower in order to wash up...also, I haven't used soap in ever so long and haven't missed it, just scrub really well with a shower brush...once I'm finished washing, I turn the water just a little colder for a couple of minutes exposing my pulse points to the cooler water first, then allowing the rest of my body to be bathed in the cooler water...after 2 or 3 minutes, the water begins to feel not so cold - kind of like going swimming in the lake - once the water feels warmer, I turn it another notch colder for 2 or 3 more minutes, etc. until I feel like getting out of the shower. I read that it takes 3 minutes for our blood to completely circulate through our bodies; I have no set time that I stay in the shower but always feel really good afterward. When I do this in the evening, the boost in my circulation energizes me enough to finish my bedtime routine, get into some warm jammies and enjoy a good night's sleep!

Ho Shou Wu
Posted by Sara (Ca, Usa) on 01/17/2014

Happy Friday Everyone! I am just wondering if taking Ho Shou Wu is harmful or helpful. Thanks and Gold bless. Sara

Ho Shou Wu
Posted by Gtcharlie (Los Angeles - California) on 01/18/2014

Hi Sara, Ho Shou Wu is pernicious if taken raw or in large quantities, even if it is processed properly. It would have some side effects if used for a length of time, like over 2 months, namely liver damage. It is most commonly taken for white hair treatment. I would not take it without the supervision of an herbalist.

Ho Shou Wu
Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 01/18/2014

I experimented taking Fo Ti supplement for hair growth. My hair loss seemed to be disease related. Among the reviews, there seemed to be a lot of success. I'd like to take MSM but due to the side effects, I can't take MSM. Tried numerous times.

The medical community treats hair loss as just a non medical vanity problem. I don't agree. There is something in the body which has broken down and not working. I am convinced that hair growth solutions will be solved with natural methods. I don't agree that testosterone causes it either. I don't believe the hair roots permanently die either. I know mine are alive. I have no doubt the body can repair itself. I think once the mystery of hair growth is resolved, the lies surrounding the issue will fall also. I have no problems strengthening the existing hair.

I tried it and had to stop taking it after a week due to sickening side effects. They say it is anti-aging herb but I think if it kills you quickly, technically it has stopped aging.

Still interested in experimenting with it but is there an extract of the active ingredient with minimal side effects. Maybe experiment with He Shou Wu. What do you think is most healthy way to approach this experiment.

Chinese Herbs
Posted by Loraine (Orlando, Fl) on 04/18/2013

Hey Lisa/Bill....I'm curious to know what is your take on herbs like Rehmannia/cordyceps/schizandra. I have adrenal/thyroid issues that does not seem to respond to anything I use. I recently learned about these and am anxious to try them but I figured why not run them by EC before I do. I trust you guys that much. Lol. Help please!!!

Pai-Da and La-Jin
Posted by Maureen (Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada) on 01/24/2013

I think all the regulars on Earth Clinic will be very interested the following videos. They are about two self healing methods that if practiced long enough will eventually mean most people will not need medication. It is Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) which has been forgotten about even by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners. Hongchi Xiao is a man on a mission to bring this simple to do Pai-da and La-jin method to the everyone. Pai-da is to slap and La-Jin is to stretch tendons.

I started practicing Pai-da and La-jin on Nov 23/12. I started with 20 minutes on each leg. You are supposed to work your way up to that time but I decided not to. It has been excruciatingly painful for me but that is mainly because I do have circulation problems in my legs. I would think others would not suffer like that. I was surprised to suffer so much in my arms and shoulders though. It is called Frozen Shoulder from what I saw on various videos. The first two weeks I mostly stretched with a little slapping. Then I started slapping where it hurt most and got relief once I got bruises (Sha). When I started I was okay with bearable pain for the first 8 minutes. The next 12 minutes I was moaning and groaning out loud and tears in my eyes! Now I can last 15 minutes without too much discomfort then the last 5 minutes it kicks in with the extreme pain (not excruciating pain).

My hands are sore from slapping so I can not slap as much as I need to. I have to take a break in between. The slapping is NOT hard it just hurts my hands after a while. It may not affect others the same way especially men.

The first video is a good explanation of how it was re-discovered and how to do it. It is 28 minutes long. The second one is two parts and it is doing a demonstration with lots of people in the audience. I have watched lots of his videos on YouTube and Vimeo. There are a lot of Chinese sessions mixed in so you have to look for the English ones.

So here are the links to some of them. The first video (28mins.) is an introduction to self healing.

The second and third videos are sessions he does with an audience and people try the stretching and slapping.
Part 1
Part 2

I hope the links work. If not then copy and paste them into YouTube...... Maureen

Pai-Da and La-Jin
Posted by Maureen (Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada) on 04/03/2013

Update to my original submission. It is now 6 weeks since I first posted about Pai-da (pat/slap) and La-jin (stretch tendons). I have continued to practice Lajin daily for 20 minutes on each leg. I have done Paida whenever my hands can take it as they get sore. The more Paida I do the easier the stretch gets.

Now as soon as I stretch I often (not always) get a mad itch in my joints (elbows and knees). It radiates out a little on each side. The itch lasts less than a minute but feels like a lot longer because I can not scratch it! This seems to me like a good sign of improved circulation. For the most part, the first 15 -18 minutes I just feel the pull of the stretch (no real pain). Then the last 2-5 minutes it either gets very uncomfortable or I just continue to feel the stretch. My feet and part of my calves always feel like lead weights and full of pins and needles by the end of the stretch. My arms still hurt a lot while getting out of the stretch but It is a much quicker recovery time.

Hongchi Xiao is a man on a mission to bring this simple to do Paida and Lajin method to everyone. He says that as babies and toddlers we are very flexible, as we age, we begin to stiffen-up. Then as we get older we stiffen-up more, then the ultimate stiffness is when we die! So his goal is to keep people flexible into old age. Blood clots (my interpretation) build up in our meridians and cause stiffness. Paida breaks up the blood clots (Sha) which results in better meridian flow and the body being more flexible when we stretch.


Pai-Da and La-Jin
Posted by Louwrence (Rustenburg, North West, South Africa) on 04/06/2013

Hi Maureen, Thank you for your info on paida & lajin. I have started doing it. Anybody & everybody who is serious about wanting to get well should try it, it just takes effort & dedication & does not cost anything. A lot of people on this website are looking for cures & you do not need all the fancy sugestions to get cured, paida & lajin is the solution. Once again thanks.

Pai-Da and La-Jin
Posted by Maureen (Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada) on 04/07/2013

Hi Louwrence from Rustenburg, North West, South Africa. Thank you for trying and posting about Paida and Lajin. I expect more people will try it soon as it is an amazing free self healing technique. Hopefully you will post about your experience after practicing it for a while. Here is a very informative 10 page PDF article that you can download for free, I found it just a few days ago. I think you will like it. La-Jin & Pai-Da Self-Healing Techniques.pdf


Pai-Da and La-Jin
Posted by Louwrence (Rustenburg, North West, South Africa) on 04/09/2013

Hi Maureen, Thanks a lot for the info on the pdf on paida & lajin because I tried to order one from ebay & they were sold out & in any case it would have taken a month + to get here & at least it makes a couple of things clearer. Much obliged.

Chinese Herbs
Posted by Sara (Sacramento, Ca) on 12/01/2012

Dear Friends, I bought some Shazindra, Goji Berrry and Radix Astragali from a local Chinese store today. I know how to take Goji berry, but I do not know how to take Schazindra and Astragali. Do I need to soak the Schazindra in the water over night or boil it in the water to make tea out of it? I will appreciate if you guys share your knowledge or experince here with me. Thanks, Sara

Chinese Herbs
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 12/01/2012

Hi Sara, Schizandra is a very unique berry, highly prized in Chinese medicine for its adaptogenic qualities. It is a potent general tonic, decreasing fatigue, enhancing physical performance and promoting endurance. It's also known for improving concentration, coordination and preventing mental fatigue. You can eat a couple of berries a day for its benefits. You could just soak them in water and drink the water and eat the fruit or you could also make tea from them. My husband and I take a goji and schizandra tincture daily. So you could also make a tea with both of them together.

One thing about Chinese herbs is that they will often put them in food to raise the overall health value of the food. You could add the radix astragali in soups which is what I do when we make chicken soup. There's actually a "kit" of adaptogen herbs we used to always get in Chinatown which we would add to our soup.

Anyway, hope this helps. Enjoy your Chinese herbs! Lisa

Chinese Herbs
Posted by Sunrose (Altadena, Ca) on 12/02/2012

I use 1 cup berry to 1 gallon water. I was told to bring to a boil then simmer for at least 40 minutes. not sure on the others.

Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 11/03/2012

Hi Everyone, I know a few of you have expressed an interest in Chinese herbs. Also, that you would like to learn more. I just received this video of Ron Teeguarden a master Chinese herbalist speaking on what determines how fast we age.

I am finding my health becoming stronger, my energy even and calm and my mind clearer from taking Chinese tonic herbs. They build the body and the adaptogens work in both directions and regulate the body to find its homeostasis. It has been just over 6 months in which I have been taking them on a regular daily basis and it is amazing! I found it very interesting and I hope you do too. Lisa

Posted by Sara (Sacramento, Ca) on 11/04/2012

Thank you so much for sharing this video. I am glad your health is getting better. Can I ask you what tonic herb are you taking for your health? I know it is a combination of so many herbs. You may live long and thrive.

General Feedback
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 10/19/2012

Hi Everyone, I know some of you are very interested in learning about Chinese medicine and just expanding your knowledge about health in general. This is Truth Calkins who is absolutely brilliant in Chinese medicine and alternative health. I always learn so much from him each time I hear him. I have had the great fortune of hearing him live and watching him make amazing superfood drinks. In this interview, he speaks about chaga and reishi mushrooms and shen. I hope you enjoy this. Lisa

General Feedback
Posted by Sue M. (Worden, Il, Usa) on 10/18/2012

Lisa... I have a favor to ask. I am posting a link to a Chinese practitioner in St. Louis that is not too far from me. I feel I'm so inexperienced in this area and just not sure what I should be looking for. Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

I also would like to ask about the 8 Immortals. I was told to take 1/2 dropperful 2x's a day. That equals to about 1/4 tsp each time. I'm not sure, at this stage, if the Duanwood Reishi and 8 Immortals are too much. I really don't have a lot of get up and go type of attitude and physical stamina, but my stress level is so much better. The Rehmannia Six is just wonderful. It has balanced my hormones, to where I don't have a flare up of breaking out in hot flashes. It was explained to me that I had "too much jing". Do you have any suggestions on how I can educate myself further with Chinese herbs? Reading material? Websites? Thank you!!!

General Feedback
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 10/18/2012

Hi Sue, I checked out the website for the TCM Dr. you found and she looks great. Good credentials and years of experience. My TCM Dr. is from Korea and he is amazing. I would definitely consider going for a visit and seeing how you feel with her.

Well, as you know since you have gotten Dragon Herbs, you can learn a lot from Ron Teeguarden and much of his staff. If you just go to their website there is so much information to learn from right up there. Check it out carefully! In the catalog and literature section, you will see all the past magazines online. That is a treasure trove. I have hard copies of them. Under Herbalism and Philosophy you will learn the premise of this amazing practice. Under herbs, you will see the Chinese herbs listed with their qualities. The book Ron wrote is available on the website, "The Ancient Wisdom of Chinese Tonic Herbs" is an excellent book and one I have read and always use to refer to. You might want to consider getting that to educate yourself. Never be afraid to ask the consultant questions if you don't understand what they mean. Like, "What do you mean, I have too much jing?" And of course, just working with the TCM Dr. you will get an education. I always ask my Dr. to explain what he is needling me for? and how are my pulses? Can you show me on the chart which meridians you're working on? Etc. That is how I have learned a lot.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Feel free to ask me any other questions you may have. I'm so proud of you for going forward with this! Bravo! Lisa

General Feedback
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 10/20/2012

Hi Sue, So this was rather timely since you had asked about how you could learn more on TCM. I received this today in my email which is David Wolfe explaining the three treasures, Jing, Shen and Chi:

Never did hear back if you were able to make an appt. With the TCM Dr.You gave me the link to look at. I had also meant to add based on what you said in your last post, I don't think the 8 Immortals would be too much at all. As a matter of fact, when I first started on my Chinese Herbs protocol, I used 8 Immortals and Duanwood Reishi! Now I'm taking 8 Immortals and began taking the Goji LBP 40 after reading about it on Sunday. It's been 5 days and I see amazing changes in my skin. I'm really excited about it and am being religious about taking it. I'll report changes as they occur with this herb. Hope you're doing great! Lisa

General Feedback
Posted by Taffy (Santa Cruz, Ca/USA) on 10/21/2012

Dear Lisa from Thousand Oaks, I looked at the website that you have linked. I have seen your link 4 times in a few hours of random reading of EC. The link is to a commercial site with some high prices to readily available products.

I would hate to see EC become an advertisers link-o-rama. Please consider the benefit of a truely non-commercial health site when you post! Or, for the benefit of all, research and post additional links which sell the same products at lower cost.

Thanks, Taffy

General Feedback
Posted by Bess (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 10/21/2012

Taffy - While I can understand your concern about commercialism on Web sites, the knowledge Lisa provides is incredibly beneficial. Just absorb the information - do with it what you will. You don't have to buy anyone's supplements or products. I get alternative medicine newsletters all the time. Sometimes I buy the product - most times I don't because I prefer buying local but I buy as an informed consumer because I read up on it. As for asking Lisa to do some research and supply Web sites that are either non-commercial or that offer cheaper alternatives, well, that's the wonder of Google. Do an internet search and find out what product is best for you (always remember quality costs more). I doubt very much that you will find any Web site that isn't selling something. Good luck!

General Feedback
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 10/22/2012

Hi Sue, I'm so sorry to hear about the stressful situation with your mom. I am happy to hear that you felt the positive results from the 8 Immortals. I am loving that combination. We went to the Dragon Herbs tonic bar this afternoon and it was amazing. I had my pulses and tongue checked and was told I should take the goji/ schizandra formula so I got that. We also had amazing samples and a delicious invigorating tonic drink. Really great people show up there too so there's stimulating conversation to partake in as well. I thought of you as I looked at all the books they had on display. I just know you would love the energy there. Anyway, you are in my thoughts and sending you positive energy! Lisa

General Feedback
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 09/01/2012

Hi Everyone, I know some of you have been interested in learning about Chinese herbs and they're benefits. I just received an audio on David Wolfe speaking on chaga mushrooms which are very powerful medicinal mushrooms. He has just written a book and I thought some of you would be interested in hearing him speak on chaga. Enjoy! Lisa

General Feedback
Posted by Sue M. (Worden, Il, Usa) on 08/31/2012

Lisa & everyone... I wanted to submit an update on the Chinese tonic herbs. Two of them (Burpleurum & Peony-#450 and Opt Digest-#306) were not a good match for me. The reps at Dragon Herb told me to stop taking them all for a couple of days and then start adding one a time back to see which ones were causing the problems. I found out it was the #450. I had a reaction to taking it within an hour. So, I was doing the two, but the #306 was not a good product for me, either. When I talked with a senior consultant, she told me that they would honor their guarantee of unused product and suggested I use Buplerum & Cyperus(#436) and Pearl Powder(#439). They will be here soon.

The past 3 days I have just been taking the Rehmannia Six Combination and I must say I feel fantastic! So much energy and my morning walks/running (yes, running.. Lol) have been so good. Can't wait to get the other two. I told the consultant that my goal was to just do the Chinese herbs and eliminate most everything else I was taking. I just want to simplify my intake of supplements, and increase fermented foods. Thanks again for turning me on to the Chinese herbs!

General Feedback
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 08/31/2012

Hey Sue, So glad that you had their counsel! It really is very helpful. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling the benefits of the Chinese herbs. Isn't it great? And you're running, no less! I have so much energy and sleep like a baby at night. I feel like my body is finally coming together so I just joined a gym so that I can really rehab my hip with swimming. It's day 2 and I can feel the strength of my legs and hips returning!

And like you, I am now down to just my Chinese herbs, fermented foods and betaine HCL. Making life simpler and better... Yea! Lisa

Liver Strength
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 08/18/2012

Hi Meg, Sue and Everyone interested in Chinese herbs, This is a wonderful video of a master Chinese herbalist speaking on developing a strong liver through herbs. The three he speaks about are goji, schizandra and reishi. These are three that I take daily. Hope you enjoy, Lisa

Liver Strength
Posted by Meg (Kansas City, Mo) on 08/18/2012

Lisa, This video is just great! ... Thank you... I could listen to Ron Teeguarden all day, every day, I find him so interesting. I am taking the herbs mentioned in my various herbal formulas now, and I am so glad to report that I am definitely feeling a difference, even after just a few days. I am coming from a long way below 'normal' strength, and the best way to describe my feeling is one of 'soft energy'... No feeling of artificial stimulation at all. I believe I am on the right track for me at last and can only get better and better. Thank you again for all your kindness to me and all. Meg

Liver Strength
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 08/18/2012

Hi Meg, So glad to hear you have started on your Chinese herb formulas! I love the way you describe how you feel. It's a good description. Calm energy. Not like when you keep drinking coffee to keep yourself going. I did that for years and then about 9 years ago, I couldn't do it anymore. It always worked and then one day, boom! Everytime I'd try drinking coffee in the afternoons for a boost it would absolutely backfire on me. I felt edgy and irritable, a little shaky. Unfocused as I tried to teach... I probably blew out my adrenals way back then from too much coffee!

So, as you take your herbs over time you will feel yourself increasingly stronger, able to keep going in a steady fashion, your skin will change to a healthy glow and as I wrote yesterday to someone, my voice is strong and no more throat issues. I can feel my chi growing...I was excited to watch that video because those are the herbs I've been taking! It just made me feel more resolute in my use of them.

Again, congratulations on beginning your path to "radiant health" as Ron puts it! Keep me posted, I can't wait to hear about the changes you will experience. Blessings on you, Lisa

Liver Strength
Posted by Sue M. (Worden, Il, Usa) on 08/19/2012

Thanks for the link, Lisa. I enjoyed watching Ron and learning. I wanted to share with you, Meg, and everyone my experience so far with my combo of tonic herbs. I started taking them late Wed. Morning (that's when they came.. *smile*) and felt so good Thur. Morning that I exercised. That is not an unusual activity for me, but I did interval walking/jogging. I really felt good the rest of the day, but when I woke up Fri. , I felt absolutely terrible. Couldn't name anything specific, except for extreme fatigue. I thought the herbs were doing a form of detox. So, I called Dragon Herbs and talked with a senior consultant and she told me I overdid it with the exercise. The herbs do not cause you to have any form of a detox. I didn't feel better until the next morning. I have been great since then (I'm on day 5, and walking briskly... Lol). The consultant said that the herbs make you feel so good, that you have a tendency to overdo things. It meant so much to me to be able to "speak" with someone and have some guidance as to what was going on. She also told me that I had to give the herbs at least 100 days to totally do what they're suppose to do. She also told me to check back with her in 2 weeks to see if I needed adjusting with quanity of what I was taking. Love this company! Love the herbs! Thanks again, Lisa.

Liver Strength
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 08/19/2012

Hi Sue! Wow! Great feedback! Yes, I have made that same mistake! It is reassuring to know you have them to contact to help understand what is going on. I have done that in the past. And yes, 100 days is what they say. As a matter of fact, I was just saying to my husband yesterday how amazing his skin looked. His response was, it had been more than 100 days on goji/ schizandra and it is said those two herbs/ fruits will completely change your skin. I started calculating how long I have been consistently taking my herbs and it's been 5 months or approximately 150 days!

The other day we were in our Do-It Center and the cashier was having a difficult time reading our items. She turned to us and said how awful her eyes were- dry, scratchy, irritable and as a result, had a difficult time reading. My husband said he totally knew what she was talking about. She even told us that she'd had laser surgery to try to correct the problem at a cost of $12,000 and it had only exacerbated the problem! And on top of it, she is back to using her glasses which the laser was supposed to help since the dryness still made it difficult to see clearly. Ouch... We told her about goji/ schizandra and how it had completely corrected that issue for him. Well, she did get the formula and couldn't believe it! Needless to say, she was thrilled and couldn't believe it. So amazing!

Anyway, I know you will continue to feel better each day with your herbs. I know I do and look forward to taking them, knowing their magic. May you be blessed beyond belief, Lisa

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