Jean's Famous Tomato Tea Remedy for Sinus Infections and Congestion

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Posted by Fanny (College Park, Md, Usa) on 08/07/2011

Just gave it to boyfriend 5 minutes ago for sinus congestion, and there is air coming out of his nose!! I didn't have tomato juice at hand, but had a bottle of Bloody Mary mix - just added the garlic, lemon juice and the hot sauce and presto!! Thanks for saving me a trip to the pharmacy.

Tomato Tea User Reviews
Posted by Happy Breather :d (Portland, Or Usa) on 07/30/2011

Thank you soooooo much! I wasn't sure about if it was going to work because I was trying to decongest my nasal passage all day long! I couldn't taste anything or breath! So, I decided to try it, nothing to lose. The amazing thing is that my nasal started clearing while I was boiling the ingredients, and now it's super clear just after the first few spoons! YUM!!!! :D

Tomato Tea User Reviews
Posted by Vijay (Dalian, Liaoning, China) on 06/22/2011

Thanks a lot for this recipe. I feel better with my congested nose after drinking a cup of tomato tea. :) amazing. gonna recommend my friends also.

Tomato Tea User Reviews
Posted by Niki (Poquoson, Va) on 06/19/2011

This tea started to work instantly for me. I used V8 juice instead of tomato juice. Within minutes my nose startes to drain and I could breath again.

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Posted by Rachel (Nashville, Tn) on 06/05/2011

Better but not cured, keep taking!

Being very big into natural medicine, I wanted the tea to save my very bad cold. Mostly I have had severe sinus clogging and pain in the front of my head, as well constant dripping from my nasal passage and streaming puffy eyes. In desperate attempt to be better fast, I'm on my 4th glass in two days. The sickness is definetly moving a lot quicker, I feel like I may be able to kick it in 3-4 days as opposed to 8-10. I've also been alternating it with ACV and honey, Eucalyptus oil on feet and under nose, salt water Neti through nose and salt water gargle, kelp and vit cleanse every morning. I surely feel like this is a great solution to combatting, and my cold was very very bad! It's moving quickly now, and all ready on it's way out after two days! I would say keep taking it, like medicine, at least twice-three times a day to max. Results. I tweaked the recipe a little by using:

Can of Crushed organic tomato mixed with purified water

6 large cloves of galic (Yes)

juice of 1/2 lemon

Sriracha, as much as you can possibly handle

4 shakes of cayenne pepper

pinch of salt and basil to taste

I also chased it with water : ) and made sure I had a little bit of food in my stomach. Hope this helps!

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Posted by Bolo (Portland, Or) on 05/18/2011

I found Jean's recipe at 3AM. I did not have all the ingredients so I substituted as needed: 1/3 cup of ketchup, 1 tbsp of hot sauce, 1 small lime-squeased, 1 tbsp of minced garlic, pinch of celery salt, and the rest of the cup filled with water. By 3:10AM I was able to breath better, I am getting some sinus drainage, and the sinus pain has started to subside. Thanks Jean and all others for your comments!

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Posted by Lisa (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 04/27/2011

I tried the tomato tea, I didn't have any tomato juice so I used tomato sauce diluted with water. I also used twice the aount of fresh garlic and juice from half a lemon. I used a dash of tobasco and a pinch of cayenne pepper. It worked like a charm, and tasted delicious. I have been congested for two days, and I can finally breathe.

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Posted by Cj (Leonia, Nj) on 04/25/2011

My 8 y.o. Son had really serious allergy to dust, cat, etc. Before tomato tea he always sounds nasay & breathes thru his mouth day & night. My heart breaks seeing him like that. Bcz I remember suffering like that 1st 20 years of my life too - I had nasal polyps.

Anyway, thanks to EC, he's been on tomato tea for 4 months and finally this couple weeks we noticed that he is not clogged anymore. So many times we also give up then I would come back here to read other people's comments & trod on again. I also give him lots of Vit C, water & varieties of fruits.

Good luck! Don't give up looking for alternatives!

Tomato Tea User Reviews
Posted by Skari (Omaha, Ne) on 04/09/2011

Delicious. I just made some and it's probably too early to tell if it's working... I can definately feel tingling in the sinuses and the back of the throat. My husband tried to steal it because it's extremely tasty. I will make this a lot in the future. I halved the recipe because my v-8 cans were small and I didn't think I could drink 2 cups.

Tomato Tea User Reviews
Posted by Bud (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada) on 03/11/2011

Got the recipe from a co worker. I have been suffering with a nasty cold for a couple of weeks which is unusual for me so was game to try anything. Mixed up a hot batch three days ago and have been improving since. Last nit I added an ounce of Vodka to my cup and that was the first nite in two weeks that I did not cough and was not stuffed up. I woke up as though I had never had a cold but later in the day I started feeling it again so mixed up another hot one. I say HOT cause my wife makes me Habanaro hot sauce and I can stand a lot of it but I know now that the cold virus sure does not like it. Thanks a million and that recipe is etched in stone in my head and I will most certainly pass it on. I found that a good vegetable juice makes for a more delicious drink

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Posted by Sarah (Slc, Ut) on 02/09/2011

Here is what I had to use for the recipe bcz I couldnt get my butt out of bed to get V8 juice:

2 Cups Bold n Spicy Bloody Mary Mix(95% juice)

3 cloves garlic (more if you can)--I used minced garlic I had and I used about 3 tsp of that(i love garlic :D )

2 TBSP Lemon juice (i used the pre bottled lemon juice)

Hot Sauce (the more the better)
Heated it up and drank it like a tea, not too bad of a taste either :)

I had also used the hydrogen peroxide and sea salt saline rinse, and drank the apple cider vinegar last night(that was disgusting! )but I am feeling better than I was, and am able to force myself to go to work and school today... Hopefully if I keep all these things up, my sinus infection will go away! The HP Sea Salt rinse really helped clear up my stubborn clogged left sinus(it was blocked for a week, one day after using it 2x a day its draining out like crazy). I would love to see feedback on here! Or if anyone else has tried other tomato tea versions too and if others got the same reults as I did :)

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Posted by Inspi (Pullman, Wa) on 02/01/2011

I haven't used this personally, but I made this for my wife and she said this has been the fastest relief she eve got from a cold remedy.

Tomato Tea User Reviews
Posted by Cd (Ny) on 12/14/2010

DEFINITE YEA!! I was sick with a respiratory infection all of last week. Because I am currently unemployed & without health insurance I decided to seek alternative remedies online. I made the "tomato tea" (with generic vegetable juice 2x daily and the results were immediate. I was fooled into thinking that I was better and stopped after 2 days (plus I was worried about stinking of garlic) and then my symptoms kicked into high gear. So I started back up with the tea 2x daily plus 8oz of room temp H2O with 2 tbsp of ACV. Also chugged a couple of glasses of veggie juice with lots of cayenne sprinkled on top to stop sore throat INSTANTLY!! I followed thru with this regimen (and a wee bit of red wine ; ) for 4 days and lots of spicy foods and now feel almost 100%. I used to get bronchitis 4-5x per year when I was a smoker. When the bronchitis turned into pneumonia I quit cold turkey 4.5 years ago. I'd take antobiotics every time with no relief (and all kinds of side-effects "down there" to add insult to injury). This was the first time I've been sick since quitting!

I think what is important with tomato tea remedy is that you must take it as you would a prescribed antibiotic ie: 2x per day for 5 days. Otherwise symptoms may return and end up sicker for many more days. Thanks EC!!

Replied by Yogitha
(Singapore, Singapore)

Any pregnant women out there that have benefited from this? I am pregnant and advised against tomatoes because of a kidney stone I recently and painfully passed. Also concerned about the heartburn but at this point, I will try anything. 1 month suffering from incessant cough, sleeplness nights, fatigue which led to this awful sinus congestion and pain for past 6 days...

Replied by Normajean
(Round Mountain, Nevada)

I realize this post is a year late and you have found an answer not mention had your baby, but for future reference and other pregnant women with this same issue, you can skip the tomato if need be and just add hot water. It is effect as well though maybe not as tasty.

For the heart burn it may cause you, brew a peppermint tea before you drink the spicy tea, then you can have sip of peppermint inbetween sips of spicy. And lots cool water helps to. I find heartburn is not an issue for me tho.

Tomato Tea User Reviews
Posted by Lori (Birmingham, Al) on 10/15/2010

Tomato Tea - Sounds Yucky...Tastes Great-Best Cure Ever!

I have been using this "tea" since 2006 and I think it works better than anything over the counter or prescription for that matter when I am sick with cold, flu, or sinus infection, especially viral infections, when nothing works. I make it for my entire family when they are ill. 3x a day. My testimony as to its effectiveness is this:

I was hospitalized with severe lung and sinus infection, nothing they gave me would help be breath, and even steroids would not clear it up. They even resorted to giving me nasal spray and mucenex (which had no effect).... I asked repeatedly for the staff to bring me my "tea" ingredients, they finally agreed after much doubt, with my relentless requests. They brought me a Styrofoam cup of garlic powder from the cafeteria, packets of lemon juice, packets of Louisiana hot sauce, and a six pack of tomato juice in the little cans. (Fresh is always best, but this worked just fine). They all watched as I mixed it, heavy on the garlic, (2 tsp) 3 pkgs lemon juice and 3 pkgs hot sauce. I microwaved it for a minute, stank the whole floor up... So everyone noticed what I was doing..... I breath the vapors, then sip... And within 5 minutes of finishing the cup of cure... I was breathing freely for the first time in days, and the mucus started to break up. When start getting pressure again, I drink another. All the nurses and even other patients were so impressed with my rapid results that they got the recipe from me. I have sworn by this recipe for years now.... And prefer the benefits over ANY MEDS OTC or prescription. It is especially helpful when I have complete sinus blockage and extreme pressure, it works better than ANYTHING. Thank you so much for your website and insight into natural cures! Lori

Replied by John
(Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland.)

Here is a more enjoyable way to fight nasal congestion and it works:- Make a strong cup of coffee and have with one chocolate ginger sweet. If a little extra help is needed particulary before going to bed use a minimum of Vicks Sinex Soother nasal spray. Your breathing will be clear all night. This type of spray is not supposed to be used longer than 7 days but I have found that only one spray of Beconase nasal spray, once in seven days, can avoid this rebound. Microwave all uncooked fruit & acid drinks.

Tomato Tea User Reviews
Posted by Sme (Philadelphia, Pa) on 10/07/2010

OMG! This tomato tea worked so well for me! Yesterday I was SO congested, I had chills, body aches, sore throat... EVERYTHING. I did NOT have high hopes for this tea... But did it, thinking what do I have to lose by trying it? I imagine it was gross but sense my cold was so severe I cldnt taste n e thing. I made the tea last night and this morning I feel GREAT! Not 100% better but def better then yesterday! .... HOWEVER I DID take some other things WITH the tea... I did the following:

1. Gargled w/ sea salt water for about 2 minutes
2. Took apple cider vinger (I just took a shot of it and chased it w/ water... I can't mix it... It's too gross for me! )
3. Took vitamin c with msm.
4. I DID also take some over the counter drugs! BUT they have not worked for me the previous nights so I don't think this is what did it... THIS is the first night I slept ALL night! I cldn't believe it! (I've been sick for about 3 days now)....

TRY THE TEA! IT'S WORTH IT! Oh and BTW the results were not immediate... I stayed up for about an hour AFTER I took the tea and I started feeling worse! I thought the tea didnt work until I woke up this morning! It's REALLY a miracle! IDK what I'd do w/o this website! Thanks!

Replied by Spike
(Miami, Fla)

You guys should really put some of the " nea" responses up there where people see them instead of bury them way at the back.

Some people just might have a horrible reaction like I did. This had a horrible affect on me.

I'm a very healthy 52 year old. I made this concoction and seriously was up all night, vomitting and had diarrhea all night. I even blacked out from vomitting at one point. I couldn`t go to work the next day. I was bed ridden.

I followed the instructions exactly. It was the first cold I've had in 2 years but, it was in my sinuses and my ears had been stuffed up for a week.

We eat a lot of garlic. I have no problem with cayenne pepper in general but this just tore my stomach up.

Please let people hear the flip side- a weaker person would have been hospitalized.

Replied by Cecile
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Spike, so sorry to hear about your ordeal with the tomato tea!

Your reaction to the tomato tea could very well be linked to a Pantothenic acid (vitB5)deficiency…you could also react similarly to other foods in the 'citrus allergy group' eg oranges, lemons, grapefruit, tangerines, pineapple, cantaloupe and tomatoes that can cause 'metabolic antagonism' or what is commonly called an allergy…so be careful. A great source of Pantothenic acid is Royal jelly. Pantothenic acid is present in many of the multi B supplements in the form of Calcium Pantothenate, which is great- because the mineral antidote for this 'citrus' allergy is calcium, the amino acid used is Serine.

It is better to take a multiB than singling out a single B, as it can lead to deficiency in other B vitamins. These 'allergies' disappear once adequate co-factors added. It is important that one see the bigger picture, supplement when warning signs appear, before more serious problems raise their head.

It is also important to note that a sodium/potassium depletion can cause people to become 'allergic' to everything. Supplementing with Himalayan salt or other good mineral salt will keep a myriad of illnesses at bay, a good read is 'Salt your way to health' by David Brownstein MD.

Replied by Jen
(Bozeman, Mt, Us)

It seems very unlikely that you wouldn't have seen a problem sooner if you have an allergy or high acid stomach. I think you had some bad tomatoe juice, or garlic, or something. If you haven't had any reactions to tomatoes, garlic, or cayenne sooner then, I have to assume you had some bad food. It's a very simple and common recipe. It's also possible you just had the stomach flu along with the cold. I know I've had my share of one food or another getting blamed for my stomach bugs. I will never be able to eat bacon again after my stomach flu hit a few minutes after eating it.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa - Usa)

Hi. Sorry you had a bad reaction to the tomato tea. First things first, there was misinformation sent in earlier.

Tomato is a member of the "nightshade" family.... It is not a citrus fruit. It is in the potato and pepper family of plants.

If the tomato did give you the reaction (and it was not just really bad timing and you had the flu or some other food poisoning type of thing).... then I would be very careful / watchful for symptoms the next time you eat peppers or potatoes.

Do a web search on nightshade plants for more info.... and best of luck to you.

Carly :)

Replied by Cecile
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Carly, the post I sent in is NOT misinformation. I have studied the work of Dr Donald Lepore who is a nutritional pioneer with many excellent credentials...ND, DN AND NMD. HE HAS LINKED THE TOMATO IN THE CITRUS ALLERGY CATEGORY with many studies, patient experiences and successes in his clinic to back it up. Sure, it is in the nightshade family, I am not disputing is important for many people to be aware of the work done in field of nutritional medicine and remedies that are usually based on mineral, amino acid and vitamin deficiencies that can be easily corrected. Many of the dis-ase around is a simple form of malnutrition that is easy to remedy. I have had personal experience with tomato tearing my stomach up, I thought I was dying.... In the SAME way as lemon juice did when I tried to do a liver cleanse. We all desire to feel healthy, there are pitfalls on the road, what works for one might cause serious distress in another. We don't investigate the same paths or read the same books or HAVE THE SAME EXPERIENCES. That is why a forum like Earth Clinic is so incredibly valuable. Thanks to the many contributors on Earth Clinic I have been able to put missing pieces in the puzzle of many of my ill health issues and am well on the way to being healthy.... I SALUTE YOU ALL!

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