Jean's Famous Tomato Tea Remedy for Sinus Infections and Congestion

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Posted by Rachel (Nashville, Tn) on 06/05/2011

Better but not cured, keep taking!

Being very big into natural medicine, I wanted the tea to save my very bad cold. Mostly I have had severe sinus clogging and pain in the front of my head, as well constant dripping from my nasal passage and streaming puffy eyes. In desperate attempt to be better fast, I'm on my 4th glass in two days. The sickness is definetly moving a lot quicker, I feel like I may be able to kick it in 3-4 days as opposed to 8-10. I've also been alternating it with ACV and honey, Eucalyptus oil on feet and under nose, salt water Neti through nose and salt water gargle, kelp and vit cleanse every morning. I surely feel like this is a great solution to combatting, and my cold was very very bad! It's moving quickly now, and all ready on it's way out after two days! I would say keep taking it, like medicine, at least twice-three times a day to max. Results. I tweaked the recipe a little by using:

Can of Crushed organic tomato mixed with purified water

6 large cloves of galic (Yes)

juice of 1/2 lemon

Sriracha, as much as you can possibly handle

4 shakes of cayenne pepper

pinch of salt and basil to taste

I also chased it with water : ) and made sure I had a little bit of food in my stomach. Hope this helps!

Tomato Tea User Reviews
Posted by Laura (Orlando, Fl) on 09/19/2009

Just wanted to update my original response to the tomato tea remedy. Although I didn't get the immediate results that others had with this remedy, I will say that I was only "sick" for less than a week (about four days), which is much shorter than the normal 7-10 days. I'm not sure what to attribute this to, though, because I used a lot of different things to try to kick this cold. I drank the tomato tea for the first two days. I also applied eucalyptus/peppermint/olive oils mixed to the bottoms of my feet at night (covered with white cotton socks). I also took Juice Plus every hour (if EC won't print the brand name, it's just vitamins made from fruits and vegetables). I drank water like a fish, and I gargled hydrogen peroxide. I probably did other stuff, too that just seems normal for me, like drinking ACV, etc. So, maybe it was the combination of it all, or maybe it was the tea, but either way, I'll probably drink the tea next time I feel a cold coming on. I do believe garlic has antiviral properties, and helps out a lot. So the tea wasn't a total "nay." It just didn't give me the amazing immediate relief that I was so desperately looking forward to. Thanks for the recipe! I've added it to my remedy collection :)

EC: Rating has been revised, thanks for the update!

Tomato Tea User Reviews
Posted by Angie (San Bruno, California United States) on 02/11/2009

Jean's Famous Tomato Tea for Sinus congestion: I tried it and it was good, I experienced a little change in my sinus (it opened only one side) my recipe was alittle different (due to lack of ingredients).

1 Can Cambell's Tomato Soup (Follow instructions on the baxk of can)
1 Clove Garlic-chopped
1-2 Tsp Tabasco (more or less; it tends to be less spicy than other hot sauces)
1-2 Tsp Lemon juice (I eye-balled it)

For Taste Garlic Salt (You could use any other flavored salt, but I find this one works better)

Tomato Tea User Reviews
Posted by Jennifer (Mentor, Ohio) on 05/04/2008

All I can say is "thank you" for this recipe.' I've been sick for 3 days with acute bronchitis.' I haven't been able to sleep well, but tonight was the worst. I've been up all night coughing, sneezing, and in pain. I found this recipe with some reservation, as I've taken just about everything you can buy over the counter, but half an hour later I am here to tell you I'm not coughing. I'm not saying I'm "better", but I will be able to go to sleep now. My sinuses quit draining and my chest doesn't even hurt as much. Thanks for the info.