Side Effects from Common Home Remedies

Sodium Nitrite
Posted by Peter (Lynnfield, Ma) on 11/13/2011
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Do not take sodium nitrite. it can kill you at it almost did me!

My mom has end stage renal disease with high bp and is diabetic. i came across this article and i took a very small dose 2mg of sodium nitrite to try it out before giving it to my mother. i took it at 4:30 am and i became delusional and psychotic in 1 hour time. my wife called 911 and in the emergency they administered methylene blue and this saved my life.

The doctor said that the sodium nitrite caused methemoglobenemia and my oxygen saturation was only 50% even with using a oxygen concentrator. i would have been dead in 3 hours or definitely brain dead if not for the emergency doctor. i am an educated guy. i am a dentist but still i got taken into this nonsense. it was also a very embarrassing situation. i hope this ted would try his remedies on himself before he posts these poisons as remedies as cures.