Side Effects from Common Home Remedies

Beet Root
Posted by Oldriska (Prague, Czech Republic) on 05/29/2012
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Better But With Side Effects

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else experienced severe stomach pain (followed by diarrhea and vomiting), sore throat and fatigue after drinking fresh beetroot juice? I've always loved beetroot, but only had it cooked or pickled before. Now I used some fresh organic beetroot twice in my juice of celery and carrots, and in both cases I got this bad reaction (nevertheless, I got immediate relief from my neuralgia pain). I've never heard of allergic reaction to beetroot, so am wondering what went wrong. I should say I take "B" vitamins, magnesium and Omega3 supplements 2-3 times a day plus collagen in the evening... maybe the beetroot doesn't go well with all the vitamins? Maybe I used too much of it for my body to take (I used one middle-sized beetroot)? Thank you for your replies.