Cold Shower Benefits: Ancient Rituals and Modern Health Boosts

Reduces Blood Glucose
Posted by Sushan (London, UK) on 02/01/2009

Cold shower therapy to reduce blood sugar:

cold shower therapy to reduce blood glucose, and get lots of other health benefits. as someone with type 2 diabetes i have been experimenting off and on over 2 years or so with cold showers. they definitely work to reduce blood sugar, by encouraging the cells to utilise the glucose.

some tips:

1. for sustained benefit, its necessary to habituate to cold water( colder temperature is better, ideally around 10 degree centigrade , so it helps to live in a cold climate). It will probably take about a month to habituate. You know this has occurred when you dont really feel the cold after a minute or so of the cold shower, but instead feel quite deatached from consideration of the temperature- you dont really mind it; in fact you rather enjoy the sensation.

2. duration: best results occur when the duration of the shower is upwards of 3 minutes ( it takes 3 minutes for blood to make a complete circuit of the system )to 15 minutes. I personally aim for 2 cold showers a day, 11 minutes each time. morning and evening. self- massage your body during the shower to stimulate circulation, and warm the body. Peripheral circulation (PC) is an issue with diabetes - i have found my practice has significantly improved my own PC- but the self massage is essential especially where the body feels cold.

3. wrap up well after the shower, incl thick socks and if you take longer showers (over 6 minutes) ensure the body temperature has returned to homeostasis before venturing out.

4. caution - if you have diabetes with uncontrolled HBP or atherosclerosis, dont try this approach . At the start it can spike BP up, although its final effect on BP is benign and beneficial.

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