Cold Shower Therapy Health Benefits

Posted by Kathryn (Melbourne, Australia) on 12/14/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I had a terrible rash under my armpits a couple of years back now. I tried EVERYTHING! I remember it would flare up and the itch would increase 10-fold when I had hot showers. It got that bad that the skin had broken. In conjunction with a honey based cream and using bicarb. as a deodorant, the cold showers bought IMMEDIATE relief. With the water directed into the armpits, the itch would go straight away. Most certainly, the hot/warm water did 'something' to stimulate the bacteria (or whatever!) that was present. Thanks for such a wonderful site; I've been a long time reader and always visit whenever ailments inflict me or my family. ACV and H202 being my favourite remedies!!

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