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Posted by Abby (Chicago, IL) on 08/30/2008

I did the Oil Pulling with Sesame oil for about a week. I took about a tablespoon once a day in the morning according to directions. I swished for about 15 min, to 20min. About a week later I started getting bad headaches. I never get headaches, but these were bad. I also got diarreah that lasted 2 to 3 days. I felt really sick. I thought maybe this was all apart of detoxing, and I must have been really toxic. I wanted to continue to see if my symptoms would subside, but I had an important weekend that I couldn't be sick for. So I stopped. I want to try again but I'm a little afraid. Maybe it was wrong oil for me? Or maybe I need to just keep it up until I'm throughly detoxed? If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. -Abby

Oil Pulling
Posted by Michael (Los Angeles, CA) on 08/19/2008

Oil-Pulling (remedy) for allergies (ailment):

I started oil-pulling with Sesame oil about 3 months ago. It took a little while to get used to 1 whole Tablespoon of oil for 15-20 minutes, but I just did my normal morning routine while oil-pulling. I have not had to take any prescription allergy medications that I usually took at least a few times per month or when pollen counts were very high in my area. I oil-pull every morning when I wake up without fail and find that I have increased energy and no allergies.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Thelma (Baltimore, Md) on 08/01/2008

I tried the oil pulling method and I must admit that the first two weeks my skin was unbelievable. I could not stop looking in the mirror. I am 44 years old and I swear I was looking at least ten years younger. The pores around my nose had tightened and the laugh lines had started disappearing. I used one tablespoon of sesame oil every morning before brushing and flossing. After the first two weeks I ended up with a sore throat, pink eye and skin rash. I have never suffered from pink eye before. I know this was from the O/P. I beleive it was the toxins finding an escape route. I started again this week but I am only O/P once a week and then I will gradually work my way up to daily O/P again. If anyone has any suggestions or any similar experiences can you please post. Thanks.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Sandhya (Nagpur, Maharashtra State, India) on 05/29/2008

Hi! I have been oil pulling with sesame oil (don't think it is organic) for the past 25 days and have been drinking apple cider vinegar with warm water and honey for around 5-6 days. I have noticed my facial pores have become smaller and my skin looks clearer than before and I don't feel very tired which I usually do. I have not dared step on the weighing machine as I would like to continue all this for another three months and then check my weight. I am on the higher side. My query is I am living in India and I got of apple cider vinegar by some company called American Garden, U.S.A. It is not organic. I would like to know whether it has to be organic or any natural one will do. I have found this website to be truly enlightening and useful. Keep up the good work!!!!

Oil Pulling
Posted by Will (San Antonio, Texas) on 04/30/2008

I've been Oil Pulling for 3 days now. I use unrefined sesame oil for 20 minutes each evening (I cant stomach it in the mornings). First and foremost I noticed my my teeth are several shades whiter already. My energy increased for the first 2 days, however today I am feeling slight nausea, however I understand this might be due to the cleansing. NOW, the most amazing thing I noticed today was that the glands at the base of my neck which have been swollen for approx 9 mos have completely disappeared!! I was recenlty diagnosed HIV+ and was told the glands would pretty much always be swollen for the rest of my life...however today they are gone at the base of my neck and the ones under my chin are about half as big as they were over the previous 9 months. I AM AMAZED! I HAVE NO REASON TO MAKE THIS UP! Do I think it will cure HIV? NO. However something big is happening here. My next appointment to check my HIV viral load is in about 30 days, I will let you know the results!!!

Oil Pulling
Posted by Steve (Tacoma, WA) on 04/20/2008

I was reading about home remedies for a nasty sinus infection from CPAP machine I use for my sleep apnea. I read about the Apple Cider Vinegar and then about oil pulling. I just finished going to the store and getting both. I did the sesame oil and my non-stop nasel dripping ceased before my 15 minutes were up. Coincidence? I'm pretty excited. Also, I couldn't even breath through my nose because it was too painful, and that dissappeared at all. So cool. Thanks! (I have some ACV with tea coming up next. :)

Oil Pulling
Posted by Angela (Syracuse, NY) on 04/10/2008

I have been anemic for 2 and half years now. I was told to take Iron pills. Well they didnt work one bit. Luckily I found this website while trying to find a natural cure for kydney damage and pancreatitis and came across the oil pulling. I read about it and even went to different sites to find out if it was true. Well everything I found sounded amazing so I went out and bought the sesame oil. The first day I took it I felt just a little better. The second day I felt 95% better than i've felt in a long time. I also had blood work done a few days ago and found out I am no longer anemic and not only that but my lipase enzyme levels were back to normal. All this change within a month. I absolutely swear by the oil pulling.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Serena (Nottingham, England) on 04/02/2008

... I had my braces tightened this morning. My teeth were killing me all day, then when I got home, I took a dessert spoonful of cold pressed, unrefined sesame oil and oil pulled. It really helped and now my teeth don't hurt as much, so if you know anyone who has braces, tell them!

Oil Pulling
Posted by Liana (Mississauga, Canada) on 03/31/2008

I have practised oil pulling for about 6 months. I did this only once a day: in the morning before brushing my teeth.

The immediate benefit I enjoyed was that the bloating of my stomach stopped. My teeth has not become whiter as many people on this website reported. But my breath has become very pleasant in the morning. When I ran out of sesame oil and did not do my oil pulling, I did notice my breath becoming slightly smelly in the morning. This condition instantly reversed itself as soon as I started oil pulling in the morning again.

I use only 3/4 tbsp. of organic sesame oil and brush my teeth afterwards.

After reading Ted's and other people's entries. I will now definitely try brushing my teeth first BEFORE oil pulling. I find the reasons given totally credible.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Deirdre, Ted in Bangkok and all those who write in for this website! I will report back.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Willia (Detroit, MI) on 03/25/2008

oil pulling sesame oil. after reading on your site about oil pulling March 2008; I tried it and it worked wonders for my fibromyalgia pain. I used the recommened amount 2 tblsp; swissed it around in my mouth for 15 minutes, spit it out, brushed my teeth and drank two glasses of water. I have tmj--i did not think i would be able to do this for 15 minutes due to jaw pain but after 2 1/2 minutes my jaw pain left. The stiffness, pain and soreness in my body was gone before the 15 minutes was up. I have been suffering from fibromyalgia since 1991 and this is the only thing I have tried that gave me immediately relief. Today I sent my sister-in-law who lives in Louisiana a large bottle of sesame oil. Bless you and I thank you and your readers so much. willia

Oil Pulling
Posted by Carol (Melbourne, FL) on 03/18/2008

I have been OP for 1 month, 1 tab of sesame oil daily, with great success. My teeth are white and my chronic sore tongue is no longer sore, my gums and teeth are pink not white any longer. My Question concerns a tooth extraction I will be having in 2 days. Is OP a good idea after this extraction or should I wait for it to heal over about a week? Carol

Oil Pulling
Posted by Mar (Chevy Chase, Maryland) on 03/18/2008

It seem that quite a few people who are trying to find Sesame oil for oil pulling are using the TOASTED Sesame oil that you find in oriental food stores. This is not the kind of Sesame oil that is called for... it is a condiment that you add by the drop or teaspoon to food as a flavoring, not a cooking oil. It is not so easy to find Sesame oil or Sunflower oil in the grogery stores. I have found inexpensive sunflower oil in some of the ethnic groceries stores, or smaller non chain stores, although you may be able to find it in the larger stores too. Sesame oil is more difficult to find, so I suggest health food stores or the larger earth friendly stores like Whole Foods. Both oils should be yellow in color, not the dark brown of toasted sesame oil. The original instructions that I read about the oils recommended for oil pulling said that you do not have to find cold pressed oils, as these oils are not being ingested, and that, infact, the least expensive form actually works best. I don't understand how anyone could tolerate swishing the very strong tasting toasted sesame oil for such a long time. Good luck in finding the correct oils. mt

Oil Pulling
Posted by Carlos (Madrid, Spain) on 03/13/2008

Oil pulling for everything.
Hello first of all I ahve to say THANK you TO THIS SITE, I look many years younger since I came here.
Im having trouble convincing my family on my tips from this site,I tell them erathclinic is nos selling anything is jsut people like you and I sharing amazing remedies proven. But I guess its difficult to people close minded.
After trying and benefit from Apple cider vinegar topic and internal,peroxide on my face and borax for my cold and for my face as antiwrinkle. Also Baking soda cleasing my face..I m a new man,I look younger and handsome.White teeth sogt skin.
But the other day I read the top remedies and thoight..whhats this oil pulling thing?
SOunded weird, I started with olive oil for very few minutes. I noticed more energy and lighther soft skin around my eyes.Also deep better sleep. Whiter teeth and whiter eyes but i dont get to 20min, I notive they et whiter the longer you pull.
Then I researched a little trying to aunderstand how it works.I think by researching I have come to learn how Oil pulling may work,just my own theory.
I read about doing it with sesame oil,I begin to wonder why do ayurveda advices sesame instead of other oils.I came across this site. with info on sesame oil
I copy and paste.Its long but WORTH READING DONT SKIP THIS!!!!!!

Sesame Seed Oil has been used as a healing oil for thousands of years. Sesame oil is mentioned in the Vedas as excellent for humans. It is naturally antibacterial for common skin pathogens, such as staphylococcus and streptococcus as well as common skin fungi, such as athlete's foot fungus. It is naturally antiviral. It is a natural anti inflammatory agent.
It has been used extensively in India as a healing oil, including in experiments which showed it was useful in unblocking arteries. In recent experiments in Holland by Ayurvedic physicians, the oil has been used in the treatment of several chronic disease processes, including hepatitis, diabetes and migraines.
In vitro, sesame seed oil has inhibited the growth of malignant melanoma (a skin cancer): PROSTAGLANDIN LEUKATRINES and ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS 46: 145-150, 1992.
Also in vitro, sesame seed oil has inhibited replication of human colon cancer cells: ANTI CANCER RESEARCH 11: 209-216, 1992.
Research shows that sesame seed oil is a potent antioxidant. In the tissues beneath the skin, this oil will neutralize oxygen radicals. It penetrates into the skin quickly and enters the blood stream through the capillaries. Molecules of sesame seed oil maintain good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad cholesterol (LDL).
Sesame seed oil is a cell growth regulator and slows down cell growth and replication.
In both the small intestine and the colon, some cells are nourished by fat instead of sugar. The presence of sesame seed oil can provide those cells with essential nourishment.
In an experiment at the Maharishi International College in Fairfield, Iowa, students rinsed their mouths with sesame oil, resulting in an 85% reduction in the bacteria which causes gingivitis.
As nose drops, sniffed back into the sinuses, sesame seed oil has cured chronic sinusitis. As a throat gargle, it kills strep and other common cold bacteria. It helps sufferers of psoriasis and dry skin ailments. It has been successfully used in the hair of children to kill lice infestations. It is a useful natural UV protector.
Used after exposure to wind or sun it will calm the burns. It nourishes and feeds the scalp to control dry scalp dandruff and to kill dandruff causing bacteria. It protects the skin from the effects of chlorine in swimming pool water. Used before and after radiation treatments, sesame seed oil helps neutralize the flood of oxygen radicals which such treatment inevitably causes.
On the skin, oil soluble toxins are attracted to sesame seed oil molecules which can then be washed away with hot water and a mild soap. Internally, the oil molecules attract oil soluble toxins and carry them into the blood stream and then out of the body as waste.
Used as a douche mixed with warm water, the oil controls vaginal yeast infections.
Sesame seed oil absorbs quickly and penetrates through the tissues to the very marrow of the bone. It enters into the blood stream through the capillaries and circulates. The liver does not sweep sesame seed oil molecules from the blood, accepting those molecules as friendly.
Sesame seed oil helps joints keep their flexibility. It keeps the skin supple and soft. It heals and protects areas of mild scrapes, cuts and abrasions. It helps tighten facial skin, particularly around the nose, controlling the usual enlargement of pores as skin ages chronologically.
Teen boys and girls have learned, wrongly, that all oil is bad for their facial skin. Heavy oils and toxic oils and creams are bad for all facial skin. But sesame seed oil is the one oil which is actually good for young skin. It helps control eruptions and neutralizes the poisons which develop both on the surface and in the pores. With sesame oil, no cosmetics are needed. The oil will cause young facial skin to have and display natural good health.
Used on baby skin, particularly in the area covered by a diaper, sesame seed oil will protect the tender skin against rash caused by the acidity of body wastes. In the nose and ears, it will protect against common skin pathogens.
For children going to school, who will be in the presence of other children with colds and sniffles, sesame seed oil swabbed in the nose can protect against air borne viruses and bacteria.
When using the oil as a massage oil, stroke the long limbs up and down. Use circular motions over all joints to stimulate the natural energy of those joints"
Ok after reading this I went to the chinessse store and bought the cooking sesame oil,its dark for 2$.
In adittion to the above info I found another site talkign about oil pulling,they reminded that many medicines are suggested to take them by placing the pill below the tongue instead of swalow it. Its said theres a good absortion in that area.
SO I guess anybody can benefit from oil pulling with any oil containing vitamins E etc like olive oil cause the nutrients getsa absorbed but without the fat.
BUT if you read carefully the above article you will realize why Sesame oil si the on recomended for oil pullling and the best for this use.Every oil will pass the nutrients to your body by oil pulling BUT not every oil will clean from toxins and bacterias your body the way sesame oil does.Read above.
So I started oil pulling with sesame oil,also used it topically on my face like the article above suggest.I think Im nto going to use any facial cream ever in my life.I sue it as after sahve,have very sensitive skina nd this is the est Ive tried,figts redness and mostourizes without cloggin pores,good for afacial lines too.Absorbs quicly.I have massage on my knees that usually hurt and instantly feels better
Been oil pulling only for 4 days,not even 20 min everytime,but I feel more energetic and sleep better,and my face shows all that.
I ahve bumps on my back,excess oil I think,tried to dry it with peroxide and clean baking soda but the bumps still remained.I did put sesame oil in my back...yes Oil...I thought I was crazy by doing it and htat my red bumps would become huge.guess what,my back is smoother than ever and bumps smaller after jsut 1 aplication...
Now the thing that lead me to write this article here just 4 days after sart oilpulling cause it jsut amazed me...I was going out yesterday,drank a lot alcohol.I ame back home,slept for 6 hours,woke up an imagine,head ache not clear thoughts red eyes my mouth felt dirty..well all my digestive know what IM talking about I was dead lol
Ok I said...hey IM going to oil pull and this time...honestly,Ibeen oil pulling for days but today I started and my saliva organs started to put out stuff on my mouth like...too much.I could feel and taste it coming out while gradually my headache was disapearing,my vision was clearer,my thoughts.I ahd it only for 10min and MAN...i felt clean and new....I ahd never feel something like that and that fast.Usually I take an ibuprofen when I wake up after going out...but I never ahd something working this fast and cleaning my body leaving me awake energetic and clean. So Im writing this in case somebody can believe me since my family doesnt althou I know they would benefit from sesame oil. Im a consumer for life.No wonder anybody can live up to 100 years by oil pulling everysingle day.i really beleive it.Im not constant and Ill skip some days but this is truly a simple health keeper and wonderful beauty aid. God bless you earth clinic.
So my conclusion oil pulling with sesame oil you not just get the benefits from omega and vitamins and minerals contained in many oils,but you clean your body from everything bad.Hope this helps and you give it a try.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Steve (Naples, Florida) on 01/17/2008

re: poor digestion -- yeast overbalence -- sinus congestion -- oil pulling (remedy). I tried the sesame oil pulling for the first time at the early hour 3:30 Am -- I could not sleep due to sinus congestion - my heart was beating 90 - 100 beats per minute mainly due to the yeast in my mouth and sinuses -- I took the unrefined sesame for 20 minutes and during the treatment my sinuses opened up completely -- after I finished I was so relaxed I could not believe it -- the thrust taste in my mouth was gone and my upset stomach had calmed down -- it has been 9 hours since the first treatment and I am as calm as a cucumber -- I can't wait until tonight to take my second treatment on an empty stomach right before I go to bed -- please spread the good word about OP and lets nip the pharma business in the butt - God bless everyone

Oil Pulling
Posted by ANNALEE (LISBURN, N. IRELAND) on 01/14/2008

Hi I have been oilpulling for over a week now, and can feel the benefits of this, clearer head and sleeping better. My question is, even tho you recommend pulling for 10 - 20 mins, I have noticed that the oil in my mouth turns white really quickly, sometimes after just a few mins. Does this mean i have high levels of toxins?? I was wondering if I should spit it out after 5 mins and start again and repeating the process to reap the full benefits, as I seem just to be swishing the toxic substance around in my mouth!! I use unrefined sesame oil, do you think repaeting the process within the 20 mins would be of more benefit to me??

EC: Annalee, Ted has replied to your email on the Oil Pulling Q&A page.

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