Sesame Seed Health Benefits

Oil Pulling
Posted by Lourdes (Madrid, Spain) on 01/06/2009

Hello everyone! It is January 6th. I started oil pulling daily about 2-3 days after this post was published on Dec. 3rd, so it's definitely been a full month. I really wish I could report some amazing reaction but I can't. I cannot tell whether it is working, but am motivated enough to give it another month or two. I am using raw organic sesame oil that is precisely for ayurvedic practices. I swish for 20 minutes until the oil is completely white and liquid, then spit it out, and brush my teeth with tooth soap. I do this first thing in the morning, before even drinking water (I read that this was the way to do it). Changes? Well, maybe less plaque. Hard to tell. Also, in September or so I started experiencing hair loss for the first time (I am a 45 year old woman) and even got a large bald spot (eventually larger than a quarter), which completely freaked me out (fortunately it's still hidden by hair). The bald spot started in September and got bigger. Now, the hair has started growing back in around the edges, but this could have begun before the oil pulling. Sorry so inconclusive. Best of luck to everyone.