Turbocharging Your Cells With Red Light Therapy

| Modified on Jan 12, 2023
Red Light Therapy Vs. Sun Gazing
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 10/20/2020 394 posts

Would Sungazing with eyes closed be like red light therapy?

I wonder if this accounts for the difference between sungazing and sungazing with your eyes closed - which is quite different and very red, in my experience.

Red Light Therapy Vs. Infrared Therapy
Posted by Christopher (Il) on 10/20/2020

Hi! That's great to hear it has helped with congestion! Can you share which model by Phillips? As you mentioned others are coated with fluoride. Thanks!

Side Effects
Posted by Philip Dawes (England) on 10/20/2020

I am not a medical doctor, but am deeply interested in alternative health systems as opposed to mainstream medicine, which I consider corrupt. That aside, colour therapy or colour healing goes back thousand of years. In its modern modality a hundred years ago, colour healing was practiced using an incandescent light bulb shining through different coloured glass sheets for specific health conditions. This colour healing system produced very positive health benefits and cures. But then the 'modern' corrupt medical system in America used its powers to destroy people who practiced colour healing. The rest is history.

The Dermalux Red Light Machine that you used uses banks of LED lights, which 'may' have been the cause of your dry eyes. LED light has been scientifically proven to be harmful to biological life - humans included. LEDs give off negative radiations, causing some sensitive people to develop migraine or other health conditions. Therefore, the traditional incandescent lamp with a red filter is more harmonious and beneficial for biological life - humans included. You could try one in your own home and test its effect - and it won't cost you much to buy.

Red Light Therapy Vs. Infrared Therapy
Posted by Margaret (TN) on 10/19/2020

I turned my extra shower into nir sauna and I uses therabulbs. Don't know if I am allowed to use a link here but you can find them in search.

Red Light Therapy Vs. Infrared Therapy
Posted by Bev (WI) on 10/19/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I got a clear front infrared heat lamp from the hardware store on the advice of Ray Peat PhD. Used it on my son with bad congestion and asthma symptoms at the age of 4 which began just after his first birthday. This happened with every cold resulting in antibiotics, nebulizers every 3 hours and steroids which stunted his growth.

I put it on his back as much as I could. I then went to a red one, which didn't disrupt his sleep [also used eye mask]. Put him on his side on the couch, clamped to a chair, used a light colored cotton blanket. Infrared will go through white or light colored fabric. He never needed another nebulizer, steroids etc though he did require the light treatments for years everytime he got a cold. It saved my life because the sleep deprivation I got from doing the nebulizers was contributing to my own ill health. Have used it for knee pain, wounds, eczema with great results, anything needing cell regeneration. The Phillips brand is the best. Others have fluoride coating which when heated you can inhale.

Recommended Brands
Posted by Maria Arroyo (FL) on 10/19/2020

What is your brand and when can I get more info?

Side Effects
Posted by Kim (Liverpool, UK ) on 10/19/2020
0 out of 5 stars

I was visited a salon that uses a dermalux red light machine, which are very expensive pieces....While it gave me great skin and definitely works in the collagen. However, I got dry eyes every time so stopped using it. That was even wearing goggles and covering my eyes with a flannel!

Would anyone know why this was?

Recommended Brands
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld., Australia) on 10/18/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to mention a supplier in the UK, The Red Light Man. He was disappointed with what was available on the market at the time, so learned all he could and developed his own. Not the cheapest.

Red Light Therapy Vs. Infrared Therapy
Posted by David (AK) on 10/18/2020

Can you use normal infra-red bulbs like you would find in bathrooms? Which ones specifically? What is the difference between Near-infra red and Far-infra red?

Red Light Therapy Vs. Infrared Therapy
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE , TN) on 10/18/2020

HI U D,,,,,,,,, just got your e mail on Red Light. Read it once but, did not get what wave length you are speaking.

A fine woman called me a year ago from Colorado and knew me from my rants on EC. She suggested I modify my sauna from a natural and FIR to a NIR and told me why. I did that so I am already into what you call red light. I get into the shower and spray down with MgCl and the get before the red lights for 10 minutes front and 10 minutes back. I then do my sink things so I get at least 30 minutes of transdermal magnesium. I then shower. I promise you that I am rejuvenated as best an old man can be. You have more skin than any other thing and all need to use it to your advantage. D, I used to look like Tom Crews, but that was awhile back. Now, I look like an 84 year old. Some folks tell me that I don't look 84, but fat folks don't wrinkle. It's called collagen.

Anyways, you have my attention. I now know that NEAR INFRA RED will penetrate your body far more than any other wave length. It gets to your organs. I try to pull every trick known to man to stay above ground. I think you have a good thought here but have turned it into a commercial instead of science. If I know Bill, Art and others, they will take this to where it needs to go. We don't need to know what to buy, but the science behind this red light. Start my EDTA Chelation again tomorrow, and taking the doctor some of our apples, muscadines and veggies. I BROWN NOSE when necessary. He is not only my doctor, he is my friend. All need a doctor friend.


EC: Thanks for your feedback, ORH. Yes, I need to add a section to the article on infrared vs red light therapy. Just like you said, infrared penetrates deeper than red light. There was one article I found about ideally having a device that combined the two.

Alzheimer's and Dementia
Posted by Art (California) on 10/18/2020 1573 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Deirdre!

Great article!

Red light therapy is used for more than all that you listed. Many people claim it is also useful in Alzheimer's disease / dementia as well as for Parkinson's disease! It is also supposed to be helpful to improve sleep. These type of red lights are installed inside a helmet type device and are warn for specific amounts of time each use.

They're a bit more expensive than the handheld unit shown in your article though at about double the price and higher.