Red Light Therapy - Editor's Choice

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Red Light Therapy Vs. Infrared Therapy

Posted by Bev (WI) on 10/19/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I got a clear front infrared heat lamp from the hardware store on the advice of Ray Peat PhD. Used it on my son with bad congestion and asthma symptoms at the age of 4 which began just after his first birthday. This happened with every cold resulting in antibiotics, nebulizers every 3 hours and steroids which stunted his growth.

I put it on his back as much as I could. I then went to a red one, which didn't disrupt his sleep [also used eye mask]. Put him on his side on the couch, clamped to a chair, used a light colored cotton blanket. Infrared will go through white or light colored fabric. He never needed another nebulizer, steroids etc though he did require the light treatments for years everytime he got a cold. It saved my life because the sleep deprivation I got from doing the nebulizers was contributing to my own ill health. Have used it for knee pain, wounds, eczema with great results, anything needing cell regeneration. The Phillips brand is the best. Others have fluoride coating which when heated you can inhale.