Organic Gardening Tips for Better Health!

Posted by ORH (Ten Mile, Tn) on 06/29/2020
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ORH here, always used epsom salt when planting veggies. Never heard that it will also make your melons sweeter if you spray it on the foliage. It is all over the net and I just now learning. SJS, as all know. Anyways, got the tank filled and ready to spray at daylight. It also works on Tomatoes and peppers. Where the heck have I been? Been a Gardner for over 50 years. My jaw is aching just thinking about the sweetness. Life is a mind game. Just wish all could chomp down a cold watermelon of ours that we keep in our frig. If your jaw is not aching, then are not thinking straight. Close your eyes and just imagine a cold, red, sweet watermelon. It's hell to be pore and have to live off the land. We still barley getting by.