Magnesium Oil Health Benefits

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Ten Usa) on 05/30/2010
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Have taken baths using epsom salt, hydrogen peroxide , and baking soda for many years with out a side effect. A guy in our chelation group convinced me to try transdermal Magnesium Chloride after I shower. He did say to wash it off after 20 minutes. I did not. Anyways after a few weeks of this, the area that I had sprayed broke out like the measles. It itched for about a day, but now just looks terrible.

I went this route because of my recent heart arrhythmia, which so far the Cardiologist has yet to address. I figured that I had over done the procedure and my body was telling me to stop.

One word of advice to you young whipper snappers, don't wait until you are 70 to try to recover your health. You too far down the shady side of the mountain to do this. For your best health you need to treat yourself as a diabetic and that's ATS . Control your sugar regardless. As my Russian author says, eat right and you will live 10 years longer, breath right and you will live 20 years longer.