Lemon's Health Wonders: From Detox to Fighting Disease

| Modified on Jan 14, 2024
Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Ingvar (Prachin Buri) on 07/22/2017

Lemons cure everything

Lemon smoothie:

Obtain a week's worth of lemons which is 14 lemons at a time. Freeze the lemons. Before freezing, clean them thoroughly (pesticides) There is something about freezing them that is important. After thoroughly frozen, take out 2 each day and thaw them in a bowl of water, about 10 - 15 minutes.

Blender: The objective here is to create a smoothie, most house hold blenders are not sturdy enough to create a smoothie, it needs higher speeds, so a commercial professional blender is preferred.

1. Cut the lemons open one by one and slice into smaller pieces so you can remove all seeds. It is very important to remove All the seeds.

2. Fill the blender with mineral water about half a liter or slightly less (depends on size of the lemons, trial and error), the goal is to create a good smoothie. Remember it is very important to keep all the parts of the lemon, do not peel and throw away anything, except the top and bottom little black spots.

3. Run the blender and drop in the cut pieces whole lemon slowly. Make sure you get a smooth texture, takes about 3 - 4 minutes of blending.

After blending, split into 2 containers and drink one in the morning before breakfast and the other in the evening before going to bed. The containers must have air tight lids and store it in the fridge with as little air as possible in the closed container. Best is to blend in the morning, you have fresh smoothie in the morning and evening.

Freezing the lemons is important, something happens in the freezing process.

Do this every single day religiously.

After a few weeks you will feel that your skin is becoming rejuvenated. Your skin is smoother. Any old melanoma-like growths are starting to vanish. I had these spots/outgrowths on my back, In my arm pits, around my genitals on my temple, they are gone now. Black or brown spots will go away from the skin. A friend of mine swears he cured his cancer with this, smoker for 40 years, now stopped smoking with new hope.

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Stepanie (Georgia, US) on 09/27/2014

My daughter had a severe attack about 4 years ago and we had no idea what was happening. A visit to the ER told us it was gallstones.

We tried the ACV but she would not take it, I tried it in every concoction imaginable... no go. Then I read somewhere on EarthClinic about lemon juice for gallstones. This was a miracle for her.

She likes lemon juice and had no trouble taking a big swig straight. HER RELIEF WAS INSTANT!!! She was doubled over in severe screaming pain and within 5 minutes or even less she was pain free. She did feel sore after such a bad attack but the lemon juice worked like a miracle.

She used it every morning first thing and she would take a swig before every meal. After about a year she could start eating some of the trigger foods again like eggs and beef. One bonus of the lemon juice is that it will start to dissolve the stones but this takes a year or longer depending on the size and severity and you have to be consistent and take it daily.

My elderly mother always complained her back hurt and they would give her Tylenol which never helped at all. Then I noticed it always happened after she ate, after what I learned with my daughter I guessed it was gallstones and not mom's back cause my daughter always said it hurt in her back.

I got mom some lemon juice and it worked! Mom couldn't believe it. The nurses couldn't believe it. The doctor was amazed and once they saw with their own eyes they started asking me the dosage. The doctor actually wrote it down! Huge win for natural remedies!!

The sooner mom would take the lemon juice after she ate the faster it worked but if she forgot about it and waited an hour of being in pain, it would take about 10 minutes to work completely but she could feel it ease off immediately.

We always used the lemon juice straight. No water or sugar added. We found that if we added anything it would not work as well. We never really measured just took a big swig. If I had to guess on the amount I would say about 1/4 cup.

Another thing lemon juice cures almost instantly is an allergy attack. My husband has allergies that cause his eyes and noise to run and he will start sneezing. Lemon juice stopped it all. He would take about 1/2 cup and sometimes need a second dose if he had waited too long or its a really bad attack.

Thank you EarthClinic and thank you to all the people that have contributed, you are saving lives and you have done more for my family than I could ever fit in one post. ~Steph

Posted by Citygirl27 (Richardson, Tx, Usa) on 06/30/2012

Lemon as a skin smoother. Take the quarters of a juiced lemon and (this is going to look silly but it really works wonders) rub them anywhere you want to treat rough skin, or achieve smooth skin. Start with your elbows or back of your hands or heels. Yes it is a bit messy you will get a bit of lemon pulp on you, but dont worry. You can also rub them along your fingernails to smooth out rough cuticles. This is 100% strength alpha hydroxy acid from the lemon juice to exfoliate skin, which is not possible in any commercial cream or product. You can't get any more effective of a chemical exfoliant than that.

Take the fully used lemon quarters and put them in your sink disposal. When you run it, they will freshen up and sanitize it, as well as make your kitchen smell good. This only works with lemons and not other citrus fruits.

I add juice of a lemon to my tea tree toner bottle for extra smoothness.

Also, lemon juice makes a fantastic hair lightener, for blondes or those wanting natural highlights. Apply where desired and head outdoors (or pool, beach, patio, etc) during the daytime. Hair will be sticky til it is washed out. Witness great results.

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Paula (Poitiers, France and London, England) on 08/19/2009

Have you got spots,insect bites, eczema., bruises rosecea, cuts etc.If you have please try fresh lemon juice on them It is extraordinary in its effectiveness better than any other natural or proprietary branded stuff (and i am into the natural stuff in a big way). Also if you have blocked sinuses consider doing without dairy products and alcohol for a while. Also first thing in the morning after O.P.try drinking lemon juice in warm water, half a small lemon cut up small with one third of a cup of warm water and taken like medicine works extremely well again!!

I am also reporting about my O.P which i was doing with olive oil and now with half walnut oil, I didn't report that the olive oil seemed to make me unpalatable to mosquitoes a good effect you would agree. The mix has improved my teeth a great deal they are looking so clean and not feeling sensitive at all. I have also begun doing internal Tau exercises amazing!! i have lost weight and gained a shapely waist I can certainly recommend them to all you self helpers out there. But please remember that you have to follow a healthy diet to gain the most from the above. Stop smoking, drinking all normal and diet soda drinks I cannot understand why anyone thinks they are good; they totally acidify your system causing all sorts of physical and mental side effects. Enough preaching good luck everyone. Thanks to the organisers of this site, it's brilliant!

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Juan (Laredo, Texas, USA) on 11/20/2009

lemon juice is good for instant relief for high cholesterol level and high blood pressure. I have taken pills for this ailments but they take too long to do effect..anybody can try this like I did and it works for me and my wife and it has help my wife too. I even experiment with it and it shows my pressure high and within minutes it has going down instantly ,you can feel it working instantly. I even believe it has help my wife from having a heart attack.

Take half a glass of 100% lemon juice. if its too strong use half lemon with half water enjoy. to have instant relief stop what you are doing and take this remedy and do some deep breathing exercises. you will see the difference.too help you even more after you feel better take a power nap. let me know if it helps. this should be taken only when you feel sick. it clears your veins like drain o. you can also use it on salads to keep your veins unclog and squeeze a lemon on a glass of water with ice at night before bedtime it detosify your body you dont need to pay big bucks for this one. brother john.

Posted by Amanda (Lynnwood, Washington) on 03/12/2007

I have had IBS for over a year now and after trying everything that the doctors and friends and family told me to try, nothing worked. Until I finally tried Lemon water. I squeeze Half of a lemon into a 8oz glass of water and drink it over an hour hour or two. If you drink it too fast you are likely to get heart burn. But after two days of drinking this once a day I was regular and no longer felt bloated or constipated all the time. Good luck and I hope it works for you.

Posted by Shyam (Miami, FL) on 09/10/2006

Prevention is better than cure - is what inspired me to try this ancient Indian recipe to detox the body. I read about this many times on the Internet and heard people talk about the general benefits. But only after I started doing it myself did I realize the benefits. The main change I recognized is my energy level in the morning. Doesn't matter how long day I have, when I start the next day with a nice cold shower (Oh yeah !! cold shower works miracle's on your body and your energy levels) and a fresh lemon juice, I am totally revitalized. No tiredness and no yawning in the meetings My skin tone also improved. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to start a day feeling good about themselves.

Viral Conjunctivitis
Posted by Amal (Algiers, Algeria) on 09/20/2012

I discovered this site by chance. I really loved it and it is one of my favorites. Somebody had question about lemon and conjonctivits

Let me tell you something about it. Many years ago, we had an epidemy called conjnctivite (in french) I ilve in Doha but I am from Algeria and every one in the country was affected. My mother was not sick at all. She was just puting drops of lemon juice in her eyes. It was a miracle but the rest of the family was scared by this idea. It took time to cure because no one listened to the wise woman who did not go through it at all and her eyes stayed in perfect condition.

I do believe that lemon is a miracle.

Lemon for Gallstones
Posted by Cathy (Mason, WV) on 05/17/2008

Gallstone Issues: You can try the juice of 1 lemon in an 8oz.glass of water on an empty stomach. Do not eat or drink anything for 30 or so minutes and let this sit in your gallbladder. This will help dissolve stones. Do this for a year. Also take about 4 digestive enzymes with each meal. Vibra-Gest is one of the best. Eat pinnapple with meals or papaya which also have digestive enzymes in them and stay away from fat, sugar, and fried foods. It is hard to change your diet, but it will help tremendously. Eat bananas, and long cooking oatmeal. This helps. Some can't eat the oatmeal. Whatever works for you. Eat more vegatables, baked potatoes, greenbeans, tomatos, carrots,cucumbers, salad, fiber filled fruit, chicken and fish (nothing fried), but especially beets. Ginger is good for digestion. Avacados, coconut, garlic, grapes, plenty of water is good also. No beans, eggs, milk, pork, grapefruit or oranges, icecream, choclate, alcohol, cofffee.If you eat something and your stomach starts bubbling, you know that is something you can't eat.

Drink the lemon water religously and you will get relief. Keep drinking it for a year. There are meds doctors can give to dissolve stones, they don't tell you that. The lemon water will do it.

Try this: take a small rock the size of a quarter, and as thick as you finger and place it in a small glass in the kitchen window and cover it with lemon juice or concentrate you can get in the plastic lemons in the veggie section of the grocer. Cover the rock every day for about 3 months and you will dissolve that rock....Drink lemon water on an empty stomach upon waking and eat or drink nothing for about 30 min. Do this for a year. Drink the same just before going to bed the first week to two weeks of your attack. You will find that a gallbladder attach lasts about 3 to 5 days, but the lemon juice will start to dissolve the stones and the sludge. Take red yeast rice to get your cholesterol down which is the culprit here. Lemon water, red yeast rice and a change in your diet ot remove fat and you will see impovement in the next 3 weeks or so. Include exercise by even just walking, to lower your bad cholesterol also. You can live to eat or eat to live. Your choice. Hope this helps someone.

Posted by Annie (Duluth, MN) on 04/22/2008

When my husband came down with a nasty virus, I began to drink fresh squeezed lemon juice, and also to chew on the peelings. This kept me from catching his bug, and I also felt much healthier as a result -- more energy and healthier digestion.

Since then, I have found a more palatable way to take the lemon juice. I put on some filtered or distilled water to boil. In the meantime, I squeeze one whole lemon and set the juice aside. I cut up the peeling into quarter-inch pieces (approximately) and drop them in a coffee cup. I pour boiling water over the peelings just to cover, then cover the cup and let them steep for 5 minutes. This pulls the zest from the peelings. I strain the liquid and discard the pieces. I then combine the hot liquid with the sqeezed lemon juice and drink. This should be done once per day at the onset of flu season, and 2 to 3 times per day if exposed to or suffering from any virus.

This drink is bitter, since it consists of the essence of lemond rind. It may cause loose stools, which may be a good thing if ridding the body of unwanted "guests".

It works extremely well if combined with an ecchinacea regimen for convelescence after a bout of illness. Adding a teaspoon of cinnamon may help to prevent diarrhea if it becomes bothersome.

Posted by Lacey (Wilmington, NC) on 12/03/2007

lemon juice really works I poured some on my head and 5-7 lice bugs came out!! lemon juice is the key!

Lemon for Health
Posted by Adrienne (Idaho) on 10/02/2015

I'd just like to add these comments that my mother never got a cold. I thought about that as I was reading Natalie's great comments and remembered that my mother was a serious pickle fiend! She also loved pickled herring and sour kraut and told me that when she was a kid she would mix vinegar and bicarbonate of soda on a saucer and watch it fizz. Don't know if she ate that. What would you guess? :-)

Rectal Bleeding, Nose Bleed
Posted by Jon V. (Austin, TX) on 10/20/2022

For the last 3 months, I have suffered from rectal bleeding any time I defecate. It is copious amounts of blood – anywhere from 1 tablespoon to up to 1/3 of a cup. As long as I am sitting on the toilet, I am freely dripping blood in a steady drip. It's not painful. I don't have Hemorrhoids. Wiping does not hurt. It is simply blood loss from what I guess are the veins surrounding the anus. There is so much blood that when I wipe with toilet paper the paper will be saturated in a matter of a second or two. Bleeding stops as soon as I stand up from the toilet. I don't feel ill. I have energy. I have had a few bloody noses that just began within the last week. The only other issue I have is constant chronic right shoulder pain that started about a month ago from what I believe is a sluggish gall bladder (possible gallstones) as I do have tenderness under my right ribcage when I press the gall bladder area. It has severely affected my sleep as I am a side sleeper and sleeping on my side is so painful that I am forced to sleep on my back which sets off a mild case of sleep apnea.

Being proactive regarding my health I got on YouTube and started researching. I thought the excess bleeding might have something to do with a vitamin C deficiency as I am not a big consumer of fruit or citrus. I remember from my school days learning about the effects of scurvy and bleeding gums, and that simply consuming a lemon or lime will correct it. I entered “Lemons vitamin C” in the search bar on Youtube and hit enter. I immediately saw a video titled Amazing Benefits of Eating WHOLE Lemons – Peel, White Part, and Seeds by Dr. Eric Berg DC that caught my eye. Watching that video changed my life. Dr. Berg's simple explanation of “why you should consume the whole lemon” (video time 1:44 to 6:22 minutes) provided enough similarities with what was going on with me that I decided to give it a shot.

I drove to my local supermarket that carries a small organic section (most nationwide grocery stores carry organic lemons and or limes– usually a bag of 10 for under $5) and bought organic lemons. It must be organic lemon or limes as non-organic citrus fruit is heavily sprayed with pesticides which you will consume if you eat the whole non-organic lemon. When I got home, I cut one lemon into 10 equal parts, threw the parts into a tall quart size wide mouth mason jar, filled with around 12 oz of water, and used a hand immersion blender for 3 minutes (enough time to make sure everything was really cut and blended – no big pieces especially any seeds or peel parts.

A counter blender or bullet type blender will work as well). You can watch the video to see how to blend the lemon and drink. I didn't have any liquid stevia at the time, so I just drank it straight in one go. It was bitter but not so bad where I gagged. I can see where the liquid stevia could help offset the bitterness. To be honest, it wasnt bad tasting and from start (cutting lemon) to finish (cleaning the blender) was roughly 5 minutes. The only side effect was I had diarrhea that night and I could see bits of the lemon pulp floating in the water. Other than that no problems. I drank a blended lemon for the next 3 days and on the fourth morning while sitting on the toilet I noticed when I wiped that there was no blood, not even a smudge. I looked in the toilet bowl and for the first time in 3 months the water was clear instead of the customary dark blood red color.

It has now been two weeks of consuming one organic blended lemon a day. I have not had any blood in my stools or from a bloody nose since I started drinking a whole lemon. As a side benefit on day 6th my chronic constant shoulder pain vanished as well as my gallbladder tenderness. Good luck and remember don't stop looking for health answers that are easy to do, easy to find, dont break the bank, and work for you.

Fever and Headaches
Posted by Vivian (Illinois, US) on 10/07/2014

When I had fever or a very bad headache, Mom would slice a lemon.....take a linen or cotton towel.....take the slices of lemon and put them in a row on the towel and sprinkle a lot of baking soda on the lemon slices; roll the towel and cover the slices; make the towel like a bandage, tie it around the head (as if you were wounded in the Civil war...) and go to sleep. It worked every time; felt 90% better!!!! I do this often and for me it works; hope it works for you too!

Lemon for Health
Posted by Natalie (Decatur, GA, USA) on 11/20/2007

re: Lemon and vinegar.. SOUR = HEALTH! I have been reading alot recently about the benefits of herbal/natural cures for everyday ailments. Not because I am sick BUT, rather, because I am almost NEVER sick! I have always been that "rare and weird" child. The one that wanted Olives, Pickles, and Lemons instead of sweets. My family called me the "Sour Baby"! Plus, I have always loved Salt over Sugar.. but, only on sour foods.

Only in the past 5-6 years (I am 28 now), have I really noticed how sickly all of my friends are. While I always seem to stay healthy. This fact was very ODD to me as I am the poorest of all of my friends. I have no health insurance, I RARELY see a doctor, etc, etc.. So, I started to study my diet and saw that I am almost ALWAYS the only person that adores sour foods. I (I know this sounds weird) Love to mix Vinegar and Salt in a shot glass..and drink it in tiny sips all day. The same with Lemon juice and salt. Often, I slice lemon wedges, cover them in salt, and eat them while watching tv. Because of this, my friends think that I am insane but, it's like my candy!? They just giggle about it.

Lately though, now that I have been reading up on my habits, I am the one giggling. I am the one that never gets sick! I have found tons of info that proves my original thoughts on the matter. Sour = Health!

Note: there is a downfall though, My method is high in Sodium. (I can live with that) BUT, all of the acidic foods (Lemons, Tomato, Vinegar, ANY Citrus) are very bad for your teeth IF you brush within 30 minutes of eating or drinking them!! Doing so literally eats the natural enamel off of your teeth. My Dentist scolded me about this!!! So, Brush before you ingest.:) Then, Drink lots of water and make sure to swish around your teeth.

Liver Revitalizer
Posted by Guilda (New Zealand)

a short mention on lemon juice, liver loves sour, {if you have a crook liver it doesn't like grapefruit), our liver needs sour to function fully as it works overtime and our diets are full of processed flours and sugars etc. One lemon drink in the morning will alkalize your body for the day and prepare it for its acidic onslaught.It has to be before you have anything to eat or drink. Give it half an hour before breaksfast. Please place cold water on top of the lemon before adding the hot to protect the properties, especially Vit.C as it is destroyed with heat. Add a tsp of honey. Honey is also good for sore throats, 1 tsp of honey on a spoon also does wonders for us. Good health to you.

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