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Honey Side Effects
Posted by Joella (NYC) on 03/11/2008
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I have been having a strange response to honey as of late. I used to take about 1 TBSP of Trader Joes' Mesquite or Clover honey in tea about 3-4 times a day. However, a month ago, after 10-20 minutes of drinking or eating something with honey, I would get a popping sensation in my heart area, then a racing heart, then light headedness. After that passes, I feel a bit funky for the rest of the day. I stopped the honey for the last month, then today I had some Sweet and Spicy Mustard (also from Trader Joe's) and had the same reaction about 10 minutes after finishing eating. Didn't realize it had honey in it. It does. This is a weird question, but do you think the fungal infection killing off the honey bees had anything to do with this? I have eaten honey for years with no problem. Now it's a no-no. Regular sugar (well, organic brown sugar) is fine for me, no reaction. Any comments would be great, thanks. P.S. I haven't tested other brands of honey to see if the same thing happens

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