Health Benefits of Honey

Cuts, Boils
Posted by Karen S (Calgary, Ab) on 01/24/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Last summer I tripped and severely scraped my left knee, right down to the collagen in some places.

After drying and washing the rather large wound, I simply slathered it with Manuka Honey and covered it with 2 of the biggest bandaids I could buy. It would slightly sting for a minute, but that was okay because I knew it was working. After that, I would forget it was even there.

The scrape was so big that it took 3 weeks to finally re-grow all the skin, but due to the Manuka, I never had to de-bride, never had any infections or redness; it was healing cleanly and beautifully. thanks to the Manuka I hardly even had scars!

But after the bandaids were removed, I must've touched my knee after the dog licked my hand or something, because then I noticed that some small boils were there.

I came to this site and tried the trusted and true remedies for boils, which included Manuka Honey. I ended up making a paste of turmeric, ACV and manuka honey and put this on my carbuncle (for there were many small boils now) - and voila, they were all gone within 3 hours! Yeah, you read that right. Unbelievable.

Now all that is left are two very small scars on a knee that had to re-grow all of its skin, with no mottling or jagged edges, just a plain ole knee. It was all due to this fantastic site that I came thru that so well. Thanks Earth Clinic!

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