Natural Hair Conditioners

Beef Bones and Olive Oil, Carrot Juice
Posted by Doris (Santa Ana, USA) on 04/15/2008
5 out of 5 stars

re: Lustrous thick healthy hair.. Through my younger years in professional career, many were spent car-pooling. The Spanish women I knew all had lustrous spectacularly thick raven hair. Then, marrying, my own Spanish-American Indian origin mother-in-law also did. She said 'well of course all natives of her vicinity, New Mexico and that nearby So Amer region, boiled their cattle's beef bones till the bones were softened, and the water was marrow filled. They'd add a bit spoon or two of home pressed olive oil and use it as a hair treatment, as we do in salons today. What a difference in my own hair in those years. Also, rubbing cold pressed carrot juice, for the vitamin A, fully restored a male friend's hair from total baldness. Took one year, with substantial overall body health occurring, freckles disappearing, muscle and skin tone restoring, then year 2, a baby fine regrowth of skull hair, then by year 3, totally restored youth-level full head of hair.