Home Remedies to Create Euphoria!

| Modified on Apr 02, 2024
Euphoria! We know there are illicit ways of pursuing it, but are there also healthy, natural remedies that can give you a euphoric feeling of happiness?

Some of the best natural home remedies not only will repair and support your health over the long-term, but they can also inspire a burst of energy, happiness, pleasure, well-being, clarity, or pure joy that many of us would call euphoric!

So what home remedy gives you a feeling of euphoria? Which remedy is the one you use to turn a frown upside down or your day right around in a flash? Share your euphoria remedies with the Earth Clinic community, or find a euphoric natural cure of your own!

ACV, Baking Soda, Cayenne Pepper and Hot Water

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Posted by Sharon (Boston, MA) on 11/06/2007

I just discovered that ACV, baking soda, and cayenne produces an almost instantaneous state of euphoria! I have been taking acv for years, more recently acv and baking soda, but never with the cayenne. I always felt very energized from acv, but didn't feel like it was adjusting my brain chemistry. This remedy does. This is going to sound strange, but it makes me feel closer to God. I don't know how else to explain the sensation.

This is what I do:
2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar,
1/8th teaspoon of baking soda and
5 shakes of cayenne pepper
in a glass of hot water.

Be careful not to stand too close to the glass after adding the cayenne or you will inhale it, especially once those acv and baking soda bubbles get activated. Sip slowly, stirring the cayenne every so often. When the drink cools down, add more hot water. Drink on an empty stomach, if possible. I usually take it in the late afternoon, when I am feeling sleepy.

I hope others will try it to and let me know if they are experiencing the same results. It might also be a very effective PMS remedy, I don't know. Will send an update later on in the month!

Replied by Freelife
(Ocean City, Md)

I am 38, have mild to moderate depression and anxiety. Have taken all of the prescription remedies (or so they say) like Zoloft (which calmed me down, but also had the side effect of hair loss). I have also tried other herbals like Kava Kava (doesnt do a damn thing for me, at any dosage), Poppy Tea (does create euphoria, but takes hours and is easily overdosed on which gives you an upset stomach and dizziness. Also, Poppy carries with it, large amounts of fiber which can wreak havok with your digestive system and stomach. I know by experience), 5HTP and L-Tyrosine(5htp raises your serotonin, but decreases your dopamine. Which is why it is important to take L-Tyrosine with it, as L-Tyrosine raises your dopamine, but decreases your serotonin). This combination actually works, but it is tricky to get the time of day to take it just right as it will make you tired... but you will only sleep for an hour or so. You can think of the 5htp/ L-tyrosine mixture as somewhat of a anti-depressant. It actually works better than any prescription anti-depressant I ever took and gives you a natural feeling of well being(not too high or too low).

ACV, BAKING SODA, CAYENNE PEPPER AND HOT WATER - I just tried this mixture(luckily I had everything I needed at the house). Truthfully, the Cayenne pepper isnt as hot as many other peppers, so users should know that this is very tolerable. I probably wouldnt drink it if you have an ulcer, but it is fairly mild and this is coming from me... Who stays away from anything hot, as far as food is concerned.

5:30am - I took about 5 decent size sips so far.
5:35am - Starting to feel a nice warmth from my stomach, up to my mouth(which I attribute to the cayenne).
5:40am - Another large sip
5:45am - A few more large sips, I feel a relaxed feeling coming over me(not euphoric, but a nice warm kind of sedated feeling. Like you would attribute to something like a massage at a local spa with hot oil).
5:55am - I must mention here that I have a pretty high tolerance to anything that boosts endorphin activity. So it may take a while for me and maybe a few glasses.
6:00am - Finished my first glass of this mixture.
6:20am - Still relaxed but no euphoria.

I am going to guess that what I feel now is what I am going to feel in a half hour. I am going to try this mixture before bed for a nice relaxing sort of tea, maybe add some passion flower powder. Unbelievably, the taste of the mixture is actually pretty good. Effects may vary by person. Do I find this mixture worthwhile? I am not sure, I will have to try it a few more times to see if the effect holds up. What I felt though, was a mild relaxation take place which may be a nice bedtime treat for those out there needing to take the edge off.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Michelle (Winfield, Kansas, USA) on 09/23/2007

I began using acv a few weeks ago at a small dose of 1 tsp. per day. After two weeks I noticed I was sleeping better and that my dreams were better. Rather than dark and heavy, my dreams were becoming more and more light-hearted. I actually woke myself up laughing the night before. I don't know if I can attribute this to acv, but I suppose it's possible...


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Posted by Lisa (Newton, MA) on 10/18/2007

Hi, I started to put a bit of Cayenne pepper, along with some lemon juice into my morning tea, as an immune booster, but, I must say, I have found that I have been in an extremely energetic and jovial mood. I had not noticed this until yesterday, my 3rd day doing this regimen---just thought I would share.

Folic Acid, B6, B12

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Posted by Ellen (New Canaan, CT) on 09/20/2008

I was at Trader Joe's last week and was browsing through their line of supplements. One supplement in particular caught my eye - sublingual folic acid, b6 and b12. I had been seeing some good information on the web about the b vits, so I decided to buy it. (cheap by the way.) The one thing I noticed immediately is I am in such a darn good mood after I take it! I forgot to take one pill 2 days ago and some pms irritability set in. Took my vitamin and within half an hour, my mood improved. I think this may be a great supplement for those with depression or anxiety. Here's some info about folic acid on Dr. Mercola's site: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2002/07/06/folic-acid-part-two.aspx. So it may be the folic acid that is enhancing my mood, I don't know.

Replied by Marie
(Erie, PA)

While the effects of B vitamins are becoming more well-known, including increasing energy and improving mood, it is important to note that any amount over 400% of the daily recommended amount seems to cause intense headaches or migraines. The effect on the body of these amounts of B vitamins come with a warning for the elderly, also, on these products.

Replied by Shu
(London, England)

Remember sensitive people too, in everything, smaller doses than recommended, time and time again I have made the mistake of taking the "right amount" and always the whatever backfires on my system.

I took these sublingual drops of the b vitamins and felt not good.. Now a few drops in water, swish around the mouth a few times, then more water.. what a difference, works a treat.

Replied by John Mark
(Charlotte, Nc)

I have heard all of the stories about how in WWII, as well as the Vietnam war the soldiers would get IM shots of "Vitamin B12." During medical school, while doing a research paper (I specialize in addiction medicine) I found out that they were really getting IM shots of low-dose LSD mixed with high doses of DXM (Dextromethorphan) or Robitussin DM, as well as Methadone (a long-acting opiate medication, effects are extremely similar to Morphine, just takes longer to reach plasma levels, but stays in system for 30-upwards of 60-75 hours, depending on if it is taken acutely or chronically. I am only 28, but I remember personally driving my grandmother to the doctor every 2 weeks to get a shot of Vitamin B12, she said there was no side effects. As well as we are taught in Medical School, and I went to an Ivy League, for both of my doctorates, one is in homeopathic treatments, and was taught that B12 has no effects whatsoever, when given in Placebo **Controlled Studies.

So my conclusion is, yeah, maybe for some people it can cause a reaction with certain body chemicals or fatty acids, that could possibly cause your body to release small amounts of norepinephrine, (basically adrenaline). But, with that conclusion would come so very good questions. If that is the case, and B12 does cause a release of norepinephrine, which would be the only case for the "side effects" being reported, then there would also be the side effects of chemical in question. There is no doubt in the medical community that norepinephinre is what B12 inhibits, but, that leaves, again, many questions. If your body is releasing, basically pure adrenaline, then you would have increased levels of anxiety/insomnia, hypertension, agitation, and so on. So in conclusion, IF this vitamin is producing some kind of stimulant or energetic effect, then we as a medical society need to study this vitamin A LOT MORE, because the logic behind the results, just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. And by the way, only about - of people report these side effects, but in my opinion, that is enough to initiate more clinical trials, as well as more possible indications. Thanks for your time in reading this. I know I can be wordy, I write lots of charts. Best of Luck to you All, and Send some My way as well!!!


John Mark Carson Jr., MD., PMHD-BC.,

CMC, Main: ER Attending Physician, Specializing in Psychiatry

CMC, First Step: Attending Psychiatrist, Detox/Long-Term Opiate Replacement Therapy

Pain Management of the Carolinas, PLLC: Medical Director, Addiction Medicine

BS., Brain and Cognitive Science: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MD., Yale School of Medicine

PD-BC., Health Psychiatry, Behavioral Medicine: Harvard School of Medicine

PD-BC., Sociology, Addiction Medicine (ORT): Yale School of Medicine

Ginger, Cayenne

Posted by Sylvia (Miami, Fl) on 01/27/2016

I have noticed that when I drink strong green tea with both ginger and cayenne, I do get a mild, mellow burst of euphoria. I usually use a little lemon or lime in it, and I drink it hot, sweetened with xylitol. I actually get a sense of wholeness and balance. Ginger + cayenne works better together than either alone...that goes for pain relief as well as the mood elevation.

Replied by Val
(Rose hill, ks)

Does the ginger have to be fresh or is powdered okay?

Kava Kava

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Posted by Denise (Crescent City, CA) on 01/20/2019 50 posts

I'm taking Kava Kava (the Natrol brand) at 200mg at about an hour before bed at night. I am taking it for sleep because I wake up 3-4 times a night. I've just been taking it for about a week, less than, and I didn't realize it, or what it might be..but..I am having some feelings or a sense of well-being lately. I never felt this way at all except when I took a pill for neck pain. It was Tramadol and I didn't like the other side effects so opted out of taking it. I then found EC and started really looking for alternative medicines to help me with different things. I can't be sure it's the Kava Kava, but I am sleeping so good, still waking up only 2 times, but when I get back in bed, no race-brain and falling right back to sleep. No groggy, ill feeling in the a.m. either, in fact, I get kind of excited about getting up. I know someone out there is laughing.

I'll keep you posted if you're following.


Replied by Lilac
(New England, USA)

Thank you so much for posting this. I also don't sleep so well, and since I have kava kava, I will try it. Nothing helps my mood better than a good night's sleep.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Misty (Indiana, US) on 11/14/2014

I am a big fan of nutritional therapy to correct disease/disorder, including mood problems. Just correcting a deficiency can create elated feelings.

Niacin is probably my favorite thing to take when I'm feeling blah. Just take about 100 mg or more of niacin (not niacinamide or flush-free niacin - you want the flush). If you can only find the time-release kind, open up the capsule and chew the beads. Reduce dosage next time if the flush lasts more than an hour. Niacin may be taken multiple times a day. The flush may be uncomfortable at first, but I've learned to love it - it's like I can feel my blood delivering delicious nutrients all over my body.

Iodine therapy also helps if you are deficient. Bromide detox is a pain, but salt loading helps, as does taking it slow.

Magnesium is also a good one to make sure you're getting enough of if you're feeling blah.

Mood Cure by Julia Ross is an excellent resource that includes a recommended list of vitamins and supplements for varying degrees of stress, depression, or just blah. I highly recommend it.

DoctorYourself.com is also a great resource for DIY nutritional therapy.

I will also add that there is no high like ketosis high. Fat-burning rather than sugar-burning gives this constant energy and euphoria that just doesn't quit (once you get past the detox - salt helps). I love a good fat fast. Though if you're not overweight, paleo might be a better option.

Pink Salmon, Green Veggies and Blueberries

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Posted by Rachel (Baldwin, WI) on 12/06/2007

re: euphoria remedies -- I have found that after eating pink salmon, followed by green veggies and then 1/2 cup of blueberries, I get extremely happy, almost giddy. The first time it happened, I didn't realize that it was from what I ate and forgot about it. Then on another day, I ate the same thing and it happened again; and found that it repeatedly works for me. I don't know if it would work for everyone, but for me it is a depression cure!

Replied by John
(Los Angeles, California)

I had grilled wild caught pink salmon along with lightly cooked spinach with a lot of garlic and mushrooms for the last two meals and feel abnormally clear and sharp. Enough to make me look it up and find this post. Wondering if there really is a link or if it's coincidence?

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

I get a similar feel-good feeling when I eat salmon sashimi. I don't think its a coincidence. DHA one of the omega 3's high in salmon, strengthen mitochondria in brain cells.

Replied by Jin-tei
(St. Clair Shores, Mi)

:) Works for me as well.

Replied by Leslie

I eat smoked salmon on toast, heated up, in the morning with mustard. This may not be to everyone's taste, but I definitely get an amazing rush from it!! Better than caffeine! It doesn't last a long time but the feeling is indescribably euphoric!

Replied by Jerrad
(St. Louis, Mo)

I also have experienced the Salmon, Green Veggie euphoria... I remember one time I ate a good sized portion of Oven Roasted - Wild Caught Salmon, with a healthy portion of Brussel Sprouts dashed with ACV & Macadamia Nut Oil, fresh cracked pepper and Sea Salt and about ten minutes later I felt invincible, like I could run through a wall and not even slow down... I decided not to run through any walls and just enjoy the happy positive buzz!!! I've also experienced this buzz several times after this and I am excited to try the 1/2 cup of blueberries added to the mix and see if it further enhances the mental focus and inspiration!!!