Home Remedies to Create Euphoria!

ACV, Baking Soda, Cayenne Pepper and Hot Water
Posted by Freelife (Ocean City, Md) on 10/13/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I am 38, have mild to moderate depression and anxiety. Have taken all of the prescription remedies (or so they say) like Zoloft (which calmed me down, but also had the side effect of hair loss). I have also tried other herbals like Kava Kava (doesnt do a damn thing for me, at any dosage), Poppy Tea (does create euphoria, but takes hours and is easily overdosed on which gives you an upset stomach and dizziness. Also, Poppy carries with it, large amounts of fiber which can wreak havok with your digestive system and stomach. I know by experience), 5HTP and L-Tyrosine(5htp raises your serotonin, but decreases your dopamine. Which is why it is important to take L-Tyrosine with it, as L-Tyrosine raises your dopamine, but decreases your serotonin). This combination actually works, but it is tricky to get the time of day to take it just right as it will make you tired... but you will only sleep for an hour or so. You can think of the 5htp/ L-tyrosine mixture as somewhat of a anti-depressant. It actually works better than any prescription anti-depressant I ever took and gives you a natural feeling of well being(not too high or too low).

ACV, BAKING SODA, CAYENNE PEPPER AND HOT WATER - I just tried this mixture(luckily I had everything I needed at the house). Truthfully, the Cayenne pepper isnt as hot as many other peppers, so users should know that this is very tolerable. I probably wouldnt drink it if you have an ulcer, but it is fairly mild and this is coming from me... Who stays away from anything hot, as far as food is concerned.

5:30am - I took about 5 decent size sips so far.
5:35am - Starting to feel a nice warmth from my stomach, up to my mouth(which I attribute to the cayenne).
5:40am - Another large sip
5:45am - A few more large sips, I feel a relaxed feeling coming over me(not euphoric, but a nice warm kind of sedated feeling. Like you would attribute to something like a massage at a local spa with hot oil).
5:55am - I must mention here that I have a pretty high tolerance to anything that boosts endorphin activity. So it may take a while for me and maybe a few glasses.
6:00am - Finished my first glass of this mixture.
6:20am - Still relaxed but no euphoria.

I am going to guess that what I feel now is what I am going to feel in a half hour. I am going to try this mixture before bed for a nice relaxing sort of tea, maybe add some passion flower powder. Unbelievably, the taste of the mixture is actually pretty good. Effects may vary by person. Do I find this mixture worthwhile? I am not sure, I will have to try it a few more times to see if the effect holds up. What I felt though, was a mild relaxation take place which may be a nice bedtime treat for those out there needing to take the edge off.