Enemas and Colonics

| Modified on Jul 15, 2023
Triphala Enema
Posted by Sanjay117 (Titwala, Maharashtra,india) on 07/26/2011

hi everybody!

in sanskrit colon cleansing or enima is called as BASTI, instead of using coffee try following decoction:

triphala is a common medicinal powder available in ayurvedic drug stores

in one liter of water add 100 gms of triphala powder one teaspoon sugar pinch of mineral salt

(this quant is for asians, for hefty people this can be doubled! )

boil this well, cool and filter with very fine mesh strainer

add 2 drops of glycerine

take enima of this solution in the afternoon (temp of the solution should preferably be slightly above room temp)

but first thing is not to eat HOT AND SPICY FOOD from a day before!

this enima works wonders and in ayurveda this is called as half or sometimes complete treatment!

your energy level will go high and food absorption will be better!

for the first time you repeat this treatment every week for four weeks and then only repeat once or twice a year!

it should not be taken on a regular basis. also after enima, revert slowly to eating, starting from liquid food first and then rolling over to regular food


Coffee Enemas
Posted by Melly (Columbia, Sc, Usa) on 07/24/2011

After too many trips to too many Doctors I am trying a more natural approach. I have fibromyalgia, post gallbladder surgery dumping syndrome, compromised immune system, recurrent headaches and sinus infections. I had an allergic reaction, that my gastro Dr. Says couldn't happen, to Ipamadol/Isoview iodine dye, that caused nerve damage in my feet and a goiter on my thyroid gland. I am in menopause and am having night sweats but have not been able to use anything that doesn't cause side efects.

The holostic nurse pract that I went to suggested to begin with coffee enemas, but I am hesitant. One cup of coffee makes my heart race. I can't afford to do anything that will keep me from going to work, I miss too many days as is.

Does anyone have experience with either the enema or the Xeneplex?

Thank you!

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Robrt Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 03/20/2015

HI U GOD FEARING FOLKS DOIN, , , , , , , , ,

Got a wild hair up my ass. Dean Martin (Timh) has probably done this, but I (Jerry Lewis) have not. And that is to bypass your digestive system and implant good stuff into your colon that will not have to travel through your digestive system and be diminished along the way.

The only thing I have done is Coffee enemas and the world knows that works. I take oral probotics, but a recent test showed that I have very little good flora in my gut. You can do anal wheat grass as I'm a great gardner. I can insert my probotic in my rear. All this good stuff will not work if your bowels are lined with plaque that you have accumulated over a lifetime. You will have to clean that out first. That is a long chore in itself. Go to Holistic Horizions and buy Dr. Grey's book. It works.

Earth Clinic is a great site but the short coming here is what Hulda Clark expressed in all her books. You have to cleanse first. None of our great posters tell you that because it is hard and time consuming. Buy her book and do what she says. Then attack your health problem and you will find that it is a piece of cake.

I have totally run out of spit.


Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 03/23/2015

HI U OSCAR, , , , , , , , what in the world are you talking about? No where on this thread has feces implants been mentioned. I don't know you from Adam, but the word Quackery is a code used by by allopathics to discredit the folks who believe in natural healing. Presently the most famous is an Ivy League Psychiatrist who could not pass his boards and now makes his living testifying in medical trials as an expert. AYSM.

Go back and slowly read all the posts on this thread.


General Feedback
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/21/2014

Hi Silversurfer...Enemas are useful but they have their limits against candida if you are using nutritional supplements from the other end as well.

Also, from my own experience with the autistic group that I am helping at the moment, who take lots of supplements (MMS, Hulda Clark PP, MMS enemas), many of them suddenly hit a brick wall and make no further progress using these protocols. The explanation for this problem is a fairly long one, so bear with me.

In order to understand the above problems, first it should be realized that the adult human intestines is about 30 ft long with an absorption area the size of a tennis court.

This means that the intestines is quite long with a huge and efficient absorbition surface area that is mainly due to the internal convolutions or folds, villi and microvilli of the inner intestinal surface. This ability to efficiently absorb nutrients and particularly the length and area of the intestines can also work against the candida sufferer whenever they have a serious and extensive candida issues with added bacteria and parasite problems in the gut.

So here is my explanation.

Whenever you take any nutrient orally, for instance, borax water ? then how much of it is absorbed directly into the blood and how much acts in the intestines to kill pathogens? It is well known that borax is absorbed quickly and used up in the body. This applies to all other nutrients as well.

Given the above, then it is probably correct to assume that Borax will only ever act and have benefit on the first third of the upper intestines to kill pathogens but will not act throughout the whole of the intestines to kill candida, parasites and other pathogens. This will also apply to all other candida kill or parasite kill nutrients that are also supplemented. My belief is that these nutrients will either be absorbed into the blood, exhausted or neutralized after travelling only the first upper third of the upper intestines(the first 10 feet of the intestines).

But what about enemas? Unfortunately, exactly the same argument applies here as above. These enemas will only ever successfully act and be effective at killing pathogens and parasites in the lower third of the intestines(the last 10 feet of the intestines).

So what?s left? It becomes glaringly apparent to me that the middle portion of the intestines(the middle 10 feet) from a person with candida is the area that is both untouched and unreachable by both oral nutrients and by enemas. So this middle region of the intestines appears to be the hidden powerhouse for pathogens, candida and parasites, allowing these pathogens to freely breed and continue to pump their waste toxin poisons unabated into the body.

In other words -- the middle region of the intestines acts as an untouched and unreachable safe-haven for all parasites, fungus and pathogens.

The above description seems to also adequately explain why a person with serious candida issues hits a brick wall and can make no further progress no matter what they try because that middle region of the intestines is left untreated and untouched by any protocol.

A possible solution to the above problems is to use a nutrient protocol that:

* Only acts throughout the whole intestines against candida, parasites and pathogens

* Is not absorbed so quickly into the blood.

There are only a few nutrient protocols that manage to fulfill the above criteria and these are:

* Laxatives

* Bentonite

* Chlorella

This is why I also strongly favour the use of laxatives against candida. Both turpentine and castor oil also have laxative action. Simultaneously, turpentine and CO also kill candida and other pathogens and remove biofilms as well while, at the same time, castor oil will help to slow absorption and also help to spread the turpentine throughout the intestines quickly and evenly because of its laxative effects. This protocol therefore successfully acts to get rid of pathogens throughout the WHOLE length of the intestines -- including the middle region of the gut. If you don't treat and eliminate the pathogens from the middle portion of the intestines then this can be a major reason why candida never goes away or just keeps coming back.

Here's a doc that I wrote recently that, for clarity, describes in detail just the candida-kill and pathogen-kill protocols that I advise. This doesn't show the full candida protocol but just shows and explains in detail how to take Lugol's Iodine, Borax, Alkalizing and the Turpentine/CO protocols. You should take all these protocols if you have serious candida problems.

Hopefully this will help people to more understand these protocols a little better. See doc below:

Recommended Candida/Pathogen Kill Protocols.

These protocols will kill candida and other involved pathogens both in the intestines and in the blood, tissues and organs. It will also remove biofilms in the intestines. Also kills parasites, detoxes heavy metals and helps to boost the immune system.

Coffee Enemas
Posted by Timh (KY) on 06/20/2014 2063 posts

If I might add, as a once long-term Coffee Enema user, a "full strength" enema is proly too much for chronic use, watering this down will probably proof most effective. Coffee can deplete Vit- A from the body (this would cause a weakening of the intestinal walls or lining) so it is advised to increase preformed Vit-A foods or Cod Liver Oil supplements. Also, as the Colon is a major harbinger of pathogens (especially in disease states) put a few drops of Povidone Iodine in the Coffee Enema to eradicate the pathogens thus improving the detox power of the enema.

Coffee Enemas
Posted by Fiona (Tustin, Ca) on 10/14/2013

I had arthritis, acne, and ulcer. And all at the same time everything disappeared after I started coffee enema.

And I know arthritis, acne and ulcer are related. When you perform coffee enema, you can see slimy slippery thing float on top (when you have a cold you cough a lot of this slippery mucus) and this is the very toxin that our body try to get rid of.

This is fungus related disease. It can affect your digestive organ joints and glands.

And whenever I had food poisoning coffee enema does wonders. It never once disappointed me.

For some, coffee enema sounds like a lot of work. I use instant coffee. (pure coffee) So I just mix it with reverse osmosis water. And retention enema for 20 minutes.. (during this time you can watch tv or study. coffee enema is great for brain!! ) whenever I am slightly depressed or anxious I do this also and I always end up singing-meaning it had positive affect on my body, mood already.

I believe not one remedy works best all the time. In conjunction with herbs minerals and MMS, vitamins and coffee enema, I am so much better now.

I wish you all the same results.

Coffee Enemas
Posted by Steve (Nevada) on 10/15/2013

I had a similar experience recently with coffee enemas. For the past two months I had been waking up with waves of nausea in the morning. I had this feeling that my liver/GB was toxic after years of eating the standard american diet. I did a series of 3 coffee enemas over the course of about a week. I have not had any nausea since. They really work and can increase glutathione, the hormone that prevents aging, by up to 700%! They are not very pleasant to do but the payoff in health benefits is well worth it. Dr Wilson has some of the best info on coffee enemas I have seen:

http://www.drlwilson.com/articles/COFFEE ENEMA.HTM

Health Blessings,


Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 03/20/2015

Hi ORH...I don't doubt what you say about the need to cleanse the intestines. But I would perhaps suggest some other methods, with reasons.

First, I think Hulda Clark did a huge amount of good to turn people's attention to poor intestinal health as a significant source for disease. I also recommend her coffee enemas and Parasite Cleanse which are very effective. But I would dispute(and loudly) any claim that probiotics, used just on its own, will cure candida. Here's why.

Your intestines is about 30 foot long and has the absorbtive surface area of a tennis court. Now think of taking just 1/4 tspn probiotics. If your candida and bad bacteria infect the whole length of your intestines -- all 30 ft(think tennis court) -- then the result and outcome of taking such a small amount of probiotics will be exactly the same as for the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae. They put up a magnificent fight against 100, 000 Persians, but in the end they were all killed to a man. Same with probiotics vs. candida. I have also never read any testimonial where probiotics on its own has actually cured candida. Probiotics might help you feel a little better for a while but it will not make a dent if you already have candida so extensively throughout the whole length of your intestines.

Now to the second reason why probiotics dont really work. Probiotics only acts in the intestines to kill candida and bad bacteria. So it will not kill bacteria or candida in the blood. Remember that candida is dimorphic and that the fungal form of candida inhabits the blood, tissues and organs as a true parasite. So what usually happens when you eventually stop taking the probiotics, is that the candida comes roaring back to infect the intestines from the blood.

That's why its better to use probiotics when you have got the number down. Please don't mistake my motives here. I like probiotics. But if you have a disease like systemic candida then it wont make a dent. You have to get the numbers down first, then you can try probiotics. I'm using probiotics at the moment. I'm using Lacto-Pafi(made in the Philippines and also sold in the US). This is made from fermented soy and contains high lacto as well as high amounts of minerals and amino acids. Doesn't taste bad either. I'm just mentioning this in case your thinking that I despise all probiotics.

The method I would really favour, regarding intestinal health, would be the method that Dr Max Gerson and William Kelly used. And that is buy using laxatives and coffeee enemas frequently. Using laxatives acts to clear both caked faeces as well as poisons throughout your whole intestines rapidly. Max Gerson was only allowed to work on people with Stage 4 cancers where the doctors had given up all hope. Despite that huge handicap, Gerson still had a 50% cure rate.

You can also use oxypowders if you want to clear the caking of faeces and gunk off your intestinal walls. Oxypowder is just a combination of oxide and peroxide of magnesium. This generates oxygen slowly during its passage through the intestines which not only acts to kill bad anaerobic pathogens but also acts to strip and clean the intestinal walls. And if you do take oxypowder then, after a while, it is likely that you will dump some strange looking stuff that looks like a long black snake. That's the caking being stripped off the intestinal walls. I've read the testimonials. Oxypowder also acts gently to remove the caking. There are several makes that you can use -- Oxypowder and Colosan are the most well known and its quite an easy protocol to follow.

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 03/21/2015

HI U BILL, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , my post must not have been well written because I did not mention Candida. I do know that good gut flora works against Candida and is required for good health.

When I read Hulda Clark over ten years ago and got on this health kick, the first thing we got into were her cleanses. I did Dr Greys slow protocol and my wife used the best selling Oxy cleanse. Within a few days her protocol had released so many toxins that she went into a healing crisis and it took several colonics to get her over that. Now the problem may have been that because of her constipation that the toxins were not passed out upon release. In any case she switched over to the slow Holistic Horizions cleanse which worked wonders for her even though it took over three months.

You qualified Dr. Clarks work. Funny, the German medical folks have taken up her work full bore. Her theory that all cancer cells contain a micro organism is now accepted by The Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.. And the reason I am addressing my cancer with the GB 4000 Plasma Rife Machine as one of my several protocols. The cure rate is reportedly @ 98% as the EMF just kills the micro organism and the cell reverts back healthy. My protocol will also address my candida and a mold that I have.

You are one fella that I follow and have great respect for. At the same time I've also been half-way around the watermelon and and will go with my logic following much research. Thank you for your counsel as it is always considered.

Your Buddy=======ORH========

General Feedback
Posted by Fuzzysmooth (San Francisco, Ca, Usa) on 04/22/2011

I've been giving myself enemas once a week for about a month now. As someone who lives with slow digestion and somewhat chronice constipation, I appreciate the cleansing out. I always complete bowel movements on my own before administering an enema, so that I don't learn to rely on enemas. I do them when I have a block of time and nothing pressing to do later. Enemas are very relaxing for me, and the relief from tension or anxiety lasts a couple of days. I usually give myself the enema at the end of a hot bath, and when I'm finished take a long shower. I feel clean inside and out when I am done (and usually want to take a nap). I am still figuring out the exact tempurature of the water- as too hot or too cold means my body wants to expell the water immediately. I always add a pinch or two of salt to the water, so that I don't get too water logged. I am glad to have finally started giving myself enemas and taking care of my body in this way. The enema bag kit was cheap from the drug store, it's easy to clean, and easy to dry.

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn. ) on 03/21/2015

HI U BILL, , , , , , , SJS, and forgot to mention that for Candida in the blood I am doing Bob Beck's blood purification trick, along with Ozone ear and anal insufalation. I eat few sweets, but do have my afternoon martini, which I know feeds the little bastards.

In my last liver and gall flush followed by a coffee enema and Ozone anal insufalation, I passed about 6 or 8 large segmented candida. This tells me that candida has consumed me and causing leaky gut , etc., etc. We raise lots of fruit and berries at our little farm and I just can't give that sugar up. I'll fight them another way.

Also, the only pharmacy drug I take is Actos for my diabetes.

You do lots of good for folks on this site and I want to commend you for that. Your posts make me think. I fire for effect as all know.


Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 03/21/2015

Reading a lot , hoping it sticks. I read about charcoal capsules in many sites and these younguns can't stop the drink or the hangover. They found out if they take charcoal they get no hangovers. I wonder if ....

it would keep the sugar from entering where the buggers can eat it . You can have your drink and starve them too.

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 03/23/2015

Hi Oscar...I think that your fears about fecal transplants are unfounded. Obviously, if you decide to have a fecal transplant then you would go to a reputable health professional who would then fully test the donor's blood and feces for diseases like Hep B, Hep C, AIDS etc before transplanting the feces. This is really just common sense and is also part and parcel of the scientific method in transplant medicine to ensure safety to the recipient. What's more -- you should already know this fact. And if the feces and blood are indeed clear and healthy, then they would normally proceed with the fecal transplant.

Do you have a problem with this common scientific method for safety? Or do you think that it is inadequate?

Personally, I think that some allopathic health professional are pretty dumb -- but they not that dumb because they always, always test before they transplant anything into another person's body.

I've also read great things where people have been cured of many diseases of the gut -- including candida -- using fecal transplants from a healthy donor.

What you should also bear in mind is that your unqualified(no evidence) advice might just prevent a person from doing a fecal transplant. That could also mean no cure for his candida. And you'responsible for that. All because of your knee-jerk opinion about fecal transplants.

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 03/23/2015

I am glad you agree with me regarding so called " colon implants ". My posting was NOT a response in case you missed that.

I discussed the dangerous so called " colon implants ". I did NOT confuse it with all the coffee enemas and such. I was ONLY discussing people injecting other people`s poop into their colons and was clear about that....Oscar

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 03/23/2015

This warning about " colon implants " has gotten confused with helpful coffee enemas and other such stuff. That was never my intention.

My warning and concern is about people injecting other people`s poop into their colons. I always try and be very clear. I do not see how I could have been more clear about this.

I am happy to know that the other responder agrees with me about said dangers....Oscar

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 03/23/2015


Hi Bill and Oscar,

Saw this recently when I was researching this subject for a friend whose son has been given two years to live before the drugs he has been given for ulcerative colitis destroys his liver. It looks promising! Hope this may give an alternative, and the research continues to find uses for other diseases.

Coffee Enemas
Posted by Cindy (Usa) on 06/19/2014

Bill, will frequent use of coffee enemas deplete any nutrients from the body and can it aggravate candida? Your advice would be awesome. I hope to do enemas over the next few days or so to help detox my liver. Thanks

General Feedback
Posted by Helen (Orlando, Florida) on 04/06/2011


Coffee Enemas
Posted by Lynn (Anytown USA) on 07/15/2023

Organic Coffee Enema with Distilled Water sent me to the ER...

This is really embarrassing but if it saves anyone the horrible ordeal I suffered, it's worth it. First of all, I had done coffee enemas before and they worked just fine - well, even. I always use organic coffee and distilled water.

This time I used more coffee than usual, maybe twice as much? I don't even know why. Long story short, my blood pressure began a dramatic climb some minutes afterwards - up to 177/115. They could find nothing wrong with me in the ER and at the time, I did not even make the association with the coffee enema. Later that evening it occurred to me that this must have been the cause. My normal blood pressure is on the lower side and very steady. I guess don't make them too strong? If anyone else has experienced something like this, please reply.

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 03/23/2015


Yes these so called " colon implants " are some other person unknowns POOP. Why on Earth would you EVER wish to expose yourself to EVERY virus and or other infectious agent some total stranger has been exposed to ?

Hepatitis B, a viral disease is but one of a very many diseases any person WILL become infected with if said colon implant is from a person who is infected with hepatitis B. And, one of every four people alive today is infected with the hepatitis B virus.

And that is only one of a VERY many diseases you can become infected with when you get a so called " colon implant ".

Simply drinking infested water has been a constant source of disease spreading down through the ages. The diseases you can become infected with are so very many I will not even attempt to name them all.

So PLEASE stop with this " colon implant " non-sense. This is PURE and very dangerous QUACKERY!!! ...Oscar

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 03/24/2015

Hi Oscar...I'm not sure if anyone really agrees with you in this post stream about the dangers of "injecting poop" into the colon. Not sure who you are referring to.

I certainly don't agree with your viewpoint and opinions on this subject.

Please read my last post again. Carefully.

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 03/24/2015

Hi Timh...I did read about the fecal transplant pill awhile ago and I'm all for it. Interesting that it works on the same principle as the fecal transplant except that you take it by mouth with less fuss and expense than via the other end. This pill contains particularly beneficial fecal bacteria -- not probiotic bacteria necessarily -- and that's why the researchers are calling it an Ecobiotic.

As I've said, if this ecobiotic pill helps to cure candida and incurable C. diff as well as other significant gut problems then that's a useful invention which will likely help to end gut disease and misery for many sick people.

I have also found out that Ecobiotics is not so simple as probiotics. Here is some further description, in greater detail, on this interesting subject:

Microbial Ecobiotics -- The Body is not A Machine

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Art (California ) on 03/24/2015 2213 posts

Hi Oscar,

Could you post links to what you are saying about fecal transplants being dangerous? Everything I have read on the subject has been fairly positive and I haven't read anything that says that they are dangerous when used properly.

Here is a link to a recent case report that is typical of what I have read regarding fecal transplants and in some cases it has actually been lifesaving:


General Feedback
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/22/2014

...Just to further also add that research also indicates that supplemented turpentine or kerosene will not harm the beneficial microbiota in the gut.

General Feedback
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/23/2014

Hi Silversurfer...By all means take enemas. If you accept that candida has two dimorphic forms -- a fungal form and a yeast form -- then you must also take oral nutrients and enemas for direct absorption in to the blood as well in order to kill the fungal form.

The yeast or saprophytic form inhabits locally -- skin, intestines, vagina etc. The fungal form inhabits the blood, tissues and organs because it is a true parasite -- so nutrients like LI, borax and alkalizing will also be necessarily absorbed into the blood to actively kill candida everywhere else in the body as well. This is all part of the protocol. These two different forms of candida are also described at length in my book.

The big mistake most people make with their own candida treatments is to wrongly assume that candida just locally infects their intestines or uterus or skin. The truth is that if these people have had their 'local' problems for years or even decades then these local infections must be seen as direct routes into the body(infecting the blood) where their candida problem may have further developed into the fungal form -- the systemic or disseminated form -- which more or less infects everywhere in the blood, tissues and organs as well.

That's also why you have to use a multi-protocol -- to eradicate all forms of candida -- both the yeast form and the systemic fungal form -- from the whole body. And that's not so easy because if you don't kill or eradicate the fungal form in the blood -- then, even if you manage to get rid of all the yeast locally in your intestines or uterus or skin for a while, the fungal form still in the blood will come back in and just re-populate the intestines or skin or uterus -- and you have yet more reasons why your candida never goes away but just keeps coming back every time.

Therefore, one of the most vital questions to ask any candida sufferer is “How long have you had your candida problems?”. If the answer is years or decades then they will probably also have systemic or fungal candida in their blood as well and that's why topical approaches to their “local” yeast problems will never work.

General Feedback
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/23/2014

...Just to also add that I would definitely use the undecanoic acid as well. But it will probably suffer the same fate as any other oral nutrient and be used up within the first ten foot of travel down the intestines.

A better way of using the undecanoic acid would perhaps be to just to open the capsule and add it to the turpentine/CO remedy when you take it. The castor oil will simply help to spread it around more effectively in the intestines (like the turpentine) and this might give a more widespread, beneficial effect.

I'm currently waiting on a delivery of Boswellia serrata -- Frankincense powder -- from a good Ayurvedic source (http://www.indiaabundance.com/) which also has strong action against candida. I'll be testing that remedy soon.

General Feedback
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/23/2014

Hi Prioris...Its quite common to use a sodium bicarbonate mixture with psyllium/water to alkalize the intestines but, as you suggest, you can use other nutrients as well. And you're quite right, using psyllium like this as a sort of slow release vehicle that releases the ingredients that you add to the psyllium slowly thereby more more efficiently treating the whole intestines.

I also see no reason why you cannot mix nutrients like iodine, coconut oil, undecanoic acid or just borax water etc directly into the psyllium before you add the water. These nutrients will be absorbed and stored in the psyllium to later be released more slowly and beneficially throughout the intestines.

Other different variations, such as making one liter of tea from Gymnema sylvestre and just adding the following nutrients:

Borax(1/8 for women or 1/4 tspn for men)

1 tablespoon ACV

One squeezed lemon or lime

Vitamin C powder (3, 000mgs),

MSM (1/2 tspn)

Glutamine (500 mgs)

Add Sodium Bicarbonate until the fizzing stops.

You can also add 1 to 3 tspns of psyllium husks to this drink on a per glass basis whenever you drink it for a more longer lasting beneficial effect throughout the intestines. This is a highly effective drink against candida.

This drink is strongly anti-fungal(Borax, GS), repairs the intestines(MSM, Vit C, Glutamine), alkalizes the body, immune booster, reduces blood sugar(GS).

Drink this throughout the day on a 5 days on 2 days off basis because of the borax. This is a very easy way of taking these important nutrients. You know about most of these ingredients already but the Gymnema sylvestre(GS) is important and useful and well known to revert the fungal form of candida back to the yeast form which is much easier to treat. This remedy effectively shuts down and removes the more virulent fungal candida form mainly because of the GS tea. GS also removes sugar from the blood -- that's why it's also particularly useful for diabetics.

If you prefer you can also just subtract the borax from the above remedy and just add in Lugols Iodine(8 drops) and drink this every day for good effect.

The iodine form of this drink acts as a strong, wide-acting anti-pathogen(LI), helps low or hypothyroid problems(LI), immune booster(LI), repairs intestines(MSM, LI, Vit C, glutamine), reduces blood sugar(GS) etc.

Or you could simply drink the borax form and the iodine form of this drink on alternate days without problems for a wider beneficial effect.

Also please be aware that you should never mix borax and Iodine together in the same drink or take them at the same time.

I would also recommend enemas as you suggest, but I still believe that the turps/CO protocol is probably the only protocol that is able to spread the turps(or any other nutrient that will dissolve in CO) evenly throughout the whole area of the intestines. The trick here is not to keep increasing the turps dosage -- but keep increasing the castor oil dosage until you have a full and strong laxative effect throughout the whole intestines to quickly clear out the candida, heavy metals, parasites, other poisons, biofilms etc from this region. You should only do this full strength laxative protocol once a week.

On other days take the same dose of turps (1 tspn) with only 1 tablespoon of castor oil. I use this latter dose as my "quieter" maintenance dose once a week only. It tends to just loosen the stool. But you can use this version one on a day on, day off basis. Then I will occasionally use the full and strong laxative protocol (1 tspn turps, 3 to 4 tablespoons CO) to clear up any build up or problems in my intestines. This stronger laxative version is very effective and works quite well but I really wouldn't stray too far from a toilet if you are using the full strength laxative version of the turps/CO laxative protocol...

To clear out the colon/lower intestines area, have you ever considered colonic irrigation?

General Feedback
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/24/2014

Cindy...Any form of organic, pressed castor oil will do. I use organic castor oil made by Sweet Sunnah which you can buy on Ebay.

I always take the castor oil with turpentine now. Two ways to take it.

Take 1 tspn turps with 1 tablespoon castor oil. This will just loosen your stool(that's what it does for me anyway). This can be taken once a week or on a day on, day off basis. I call this the Gentle Turpentine Protocol.

Then there is the second method of taking this protocol which you can take for serious candida issues in your gut once a week. This is the full blown laxative version -- 1 tspn turpentine and 3 to 4 tablespoons(depending on your size/weight). If you decide to take this version then make sure you're on a free day and ensure that there is a toilet within easy reach. Take this version only once a week. Very effective at killing large amounts of candida, parasites, bacteria, removing biofilm etc and expelling them quickly -- all in one laxative protocol. Cleans and disinfects the whole intestines in one stroke.

Just to also emphasize that the above protocol is only useful for clearing the gut of candida and other pathogens. But you will still have to take other nutrients -- LI, Borax, Alkalizing -- to kill the fungal candida form in the blood, tissues and organs. If you don't do this, the fungal candida form will just come back and reinfect the intestines from the blood.

Just to also repeat, from the research, that turpentine does not kill the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

General Feedback
Posted by D.m (Ld) on 02/26/2011

I used water and coffee enemas. They seem to help with the detox side effect of h2o2 food grade, like headache!

Kills Parasites
Posted by Clare (Arizona) on 08/12/2015

Help!!!! I just started doing coffee enemas and today I expelled a rope worm! I am horrified. Does anyone know of a natural remedy that will KILL these??

Kills Parasites
Posted by Steve (Nevada) on 08/13/2015

There are many natural antiparasitics. Diatomaceous earth (food grade) olive leaf extract, neem, and black walnut tincture come to mind. A zapper is also a good tool to reduce parasites by microcurrent electricity.

Kills Parasites
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 08/15/2015 2063 posts

C: I will second S's post but would also like to note that when I did my first few coffee enemas I experienced much the same but it looked more like the filthy outer layer of my colon that got expelled rather than worms. But, of course it could be a combo of both as parasites reek havoc on the colon.

You may also consider adding one drop of Povidone Iodine to the c enema for additional benefits of anti-pathogen.

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Megan (Port Angeles, Washington) on 03/24/2015

Regarding fecal implants: I have a young relative who was very sick with Ulcerative Colitis and then hospitalized with a worsening case of C. Diff. It was a very grim situation. Her father became the fecal transplant donor. While the FT didn't cure the UC, it did cure a dangerous case of C. Diff. In her case, the fecal transplant was life saving when all other medicine was failing.

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 03/25/2015

Dear Art from California - I am responding because you MIGHT be my friend from BC.

I have NO faith or trust in either the medical establishment or the ALTERNATIVES community when it comes to QUALITY CONTROL. This is because of the infected blood transfusions I was given in 1968. Now there was NO test for hepatitis C back then. But there were tests for hepatitis A and B. I became infected with all three: Hepatitis A, B, and C. Whatever. Those blood transfusions did save my life back then. You go with what is available in an emergency situation. I had 24 blood transfusions in 1968.

I CURED those infections with BHT for what that is worth starting the BHT treatment in 1997.

After looking into these so called " fecal implants " it seems to me: You can get the benefits without the poop injections. There are companies selling the specific digestive bacteriums without the risks involved with a POOP TRANSPLANT.

If I was experiencing serious digestive problems diagnosed as a lack of said digestive organisms I would pay the money to have the required organisms introduced into my body by a for real medical doctor. These are NOT poop injections by some alternative medical practitioner.

MDs do have to cope with malpractice suits and are way more careful about such things. You can get the desired digestive microbes without the poop and all the rest said poop contains.

Just say NO to taking POOP from anyone....Oscar

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Art (California, US) on 03/25/2015 2213 posts

Hi Oscar, No, I'm not Art from BC......I'm Art in California.

From what I have read, fecal transplants can be effective when other methods such as prebiotics, probiotics, resistant starch and fermented foods are not. I have not read anything to date that has said that they are dangerous when used correctly and their use seems to be much more common than just three years ago. The number of case studies employing them is also increasing considerably.

I don't currently need one myself, but if I had a health condition that was not improving or was worsening using other methods, I would certainly consider it for myself . Art

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Cindy (Usa) on 05/10/2015

Would like to hear from Bill, please. I know this is an old thread but I have been thinking about it since I first saw the posting of it and I was trying to remember if a source for these implant pills was mentioned or not. If not, Bill, could you recommend somewhere reputable to get them? I thank you very much in advance. Do you feel this may also help in addition to following your protocol for candida?

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Trudy (Alabama) on 05/10/2015

If you haven't looked at ibsgroup.org, try that site for fecal implant information. They have a tab just for this--many people make their own capsules and do various other kinds of infusions. I don't think a dr will have this yet, but it's an up and coming procedure so maybe one day we'll have this option.

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Bill (San Fernando) on 05/11/2015

Hi Cindy...I'm pretty sure that there are no fecal transplant pills out yet and the reason is that they have not finished testing them. See this link. There are several Universities and small companies involved in this research but I reckon the major drugs companies -- all the usual suspects -- are just not interested in a pill like this because there is just no way that they could manufacture a synthetic fecal transplant pill equivalent -- so no patent licensing is possible and so no interest. But there are some Universities and smaller independent companies who are doing the research right now.

Detoxing with Enemas
Posted by Cindy (Usa) on 05/11/2015

Thank you Bill for your reply. I have also been reading of fermented urine implants, so maybe that will have to do for now.

General Feedback
Posted by Silversurfer (Washington, DC) on 10/21/2014

Hello again.

Again, this is a question directed to Bill. I was wondering what your experience has been with turpentine, iodine, and other special types of enemas. Have these therapies been effective in your experience? I think the iodine enema is a definite yes for me. I'm wondering more about the turpentine. Since turpentine is such a heavy surfactant and antipathogenic substance, would it not also have the ability to wipe out the rest of your gut flora, including the beneficial microbiota? If so, would it also be wise to enema with probiotics following a course of turpentine enema?

Do you have recommendations as far as enema usage in general? Would combinations of lugols, turpentine, and castor oil aid in these functions? What would the ideal methodology be with this type of usage?

Thanks so much for your work and knowledge!

General Feedback
Posted by Silversurfer (Washington, DC) on 10/22/2014


Thanks for a thorough response. I will definitely be instituting the turpentine/co into my protocols. I start slow with some of the other remedies, building up over time, and eventually add some of the harder hitters in. This is of course after all dietary considerations have been made.

So am I hearing from your response that you do not recommend enemas? Or that using them can be helpful albeit incomplete?

From my standpoint, if I can definitively ensure that I am keeping candida and other pathogens to a bare minimum in 2/3rds of the intestines, that is a big step. It may also alleviate other die off symptomology if done in stages to address parts of the intestines at a time while slowly increasing the mechanisms of action in intensity by adding new strategies to the protocol over time. My time frame would be probably be in ~3 week intervals to add something like turpentine to the mix.

For myself, I started with the protocol from your book, minus the turpentine, which I have lying in wait for the right time. I plan to begin using the turpentine this week. I already feel a lot better but I acknowledge that you are probably right in that the mid intestines is still probably housing pathogens. I have made great gains in the recent 4 weeks and I have no doubt that my progress will continue with the turpentine usage and enemas.

A little background about me. I told you before I am a nutritionist. I utilize detoxification tools a lot and I guinea pig myself for all of the protocols that I put together for my clients as well. That being said, I masked the root cause (chronic candidiasis) by clearing heavy metals and other toxins on a regular basis without digging at that nagging issue. All the while, I had less effects with some of my protocols which puzzled me up until now. This was over a period of years. Looking back, I ignored many symptoms that were glaringly obvious candidiasis. Maybe I was in denial.

Anyways, almost all of my symptoms have disappeared on your protocol (CHRONIC jock itch, anxiety, brain fog) even without the turpentine. Now, I plan to add the turpentine and castor oil to the protocol. I have been using undecenoic acid on and off during the protocol, which is an extract from castor oil. As a side note, I wonder what you think of undecenoic acid vs straight castor oil. I am planning on keeping this program going for another 2-3 months. I have been at it for about 4 weeks now. I have really been at it for longer since I did my old candida clearance protocol before hand which really only focuses on intestinal candidiasis. I realize now that that protocol was inadequate for complete clearance.

Anyways, thanks again for your valuable responses.

General Feedback
Posted by Silversurfer (Washington, DC) on 10/23/2014


Thanks for the added tips. I was not aware that boswelia had anti-fungal properties before this. I recommend boswelia on a fairly regular basis to my clients for pain and inflammation with good success. I look forward to hearing how effective it is as a tool for candidiasis per your observations.

So after reading through these responses, my question would then be what would the ideal enema program be to match the nutrients being taken orally in your book. If I was to use Borax, alkalizing formula, LI, CO, Turpentine, and most of the supporting nutrients orally, what would the best corresponding enema program look like? Options?

I am really wondering whether LI, turpentine, co, etc can be mixed into an enema and used safely and effectively for the lower intestines. And possibly followed up with probiotic infused enemas to replenish gut bacteria quickly.

General Feedback
Posted by Prioris (Florida, US) on 10/23/2014

Bill, this is a generic question. What about pre soaking whatever one is using with psyllium husk or similar and imbibing that. This would seem like something that would work against not only fungus but other pathogens. I do plan on doing my first enema ever today. I plan on using stuff like AMP and uvi ursi in alkaline solution. Enemas only hit half way up the descending colon. I need to disinfect my rectum and sigmoid. I can imagine that sludge buildup around that area would protect infections more.

General Feedback
Posted by Cindy (Usa) on 10/23/2014

to Bill: is there a particular brand of castor oil to use internally? and how much and how often? thanks in advance for your help

General Feedback
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/23/2014

Hi Silversurfer...Regarding Boswellia, it was Ted from Bangkok who gave me that tip in an email recently which is why I wanted to test it on myself. I received the Boswellia and yesterday tried 1/2 tspn of the powder in a tea which was the Ayurvedic recommendation. It tends to clump together and tastes a bit gritty like sand -- not very soluble or miscible in water. So next I'll try mixing it with turps and take it like that -- the Boswellia resin powder should be completely soluble in turps.

Regarding enemas, I really wouldn't try anything fancy, I would use the standard enemas on there own like hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, coffee enema etc. I must also confess that I haven't yet tried any enema yet, because I've never needed to use one. I would probably favour the coffee enema of Max Gerson which also helps to detox the liver so well. The sodium Bicarbonate enema is also a good one from the accounts I've read and there are even a few that use turpentine.

I would also never use or supplement LI together with turpentine in any instance as they react somewhat vigorously together which causes an exothermic (heat generating) reaction that might be explosive. Borax is also not chemically compatible when mixed with Iodine. please be careful what you mix together.

For a useful, full account of what you can use in remedy combos by Ted from Bangkok(who is a qualified biochemist) -- see this post stream on EC:

Safe Remedy Combinations

General Feedback
Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 10/23/2014


Iodine and borax should not be taken together? Does this apply to Iodoral and 3 mg. Boron? If so, could you tell us why. Is there anything else that should not be taken with iodine? Thank you.

General Feedback
Posted by Prioris (Fl, US) on 10/23/2014

From what I understand, colonic irrigation has to be done by someone with special equipment. It is aimed at doing more of the colon than an enema can do. I am aiming at infections in the rectum and around sigmoid portion of colon so enema should be enough. I need to repeat the enema daily until infection eliminated. Colonic irrigations I think of as one time annual thing and it would cost money.

Besides infection near sigmoid, I have also had tailbone inflammation for some years and I suspect that it is related to the rectum. I can experiment with different things also. That area of my body is one area I never dealt with.

Thanks for the confirmation about the psyllium husk stuff along with all the suggested recipes.

General Feedback
Posted by Meeya (Sunnyvale, Ca) on 10/24/2014

Excellent info! Can't thank you enough Bill!

Do you think one needs to do a pre-cleanse of any sort prior to doing both the Castor Oil + Turp intestinal flush, and the LI, Borax, Alkalizing protocols (for cleaning out the entire body)?

I'm not suffering from any major symptoms, and I'm not constipated. My biggest complaints would be cravings for sweets, and not having enough energy throughout the day. However, I recently came to realize that a fungus or something was lurking in my system when I started taking several supplements as outlined by you and Ted for IGH (Idiopathic Guttate Hypomelanosis, aka white spots)... had an extreme reaction that seemed almost like an allergy. Terrible swollen itchy red rashes that weeped on my face... no previous history of eczema. It's been about 10 weeks now since the rash first appeared and since then it has followed a pattern of flaring up, clearing up, and then flaring and clearing up again... with each flare up being less in intensity. The last flair up was quite mild, and now only 1 of the 3 patches flairs up... the other 2 are gone (for now anyway). What seemed to clear it up best this last time was topically applying Olive Leaf Extract. However, it's now clear to me that my body needs a more complete cleansing, and I think the Castor Oil + Turp intestinal flush, along with LI, Borax, Alkalizing will go a long way in cleansing my entire body.

My long-term plan is to follow your complete protocol described in "Candida: Killing So Sweetly" next summer (when I will have more time to commit to the process). But for now it would be great to take a month and do intestinal flushes on the weekends, and the full body protocols daily.

Please let me know if you think this is not the way to go... Otherwise, I'm excited to start the cleansing... and hope the die off / Herx reactions aren't too extreme as I cannot take any sick days! Thanks, and keep up the great work :)

General Feedback
Posted by Robyn (Melbourne, Australia) on 05/27/2011

If only we knew what was impacting our mcs the most. I have a liver profile that shows phase 1 too strong and phase 2 too slow and low. Did a liver flush as per Dr Huldas last week and was ILLER ILLER than usual next day. Should I continue? Also spent a year doing coffee enemas but my liver profile shows I cant clear caffeine properly. I know an enema isnt the same as drinking it but there must be some absorption because if I do it late it sure does keep me awake. Any thoughts? You can just imagine, if you cant clear caffeine what it must be like trying to clear petrol or perfume.

General Feedback
Posted by A Friend (Brazil) on 05/28/2011

Coffee enemas should not keep you up or stimulate you when done properly because they are not supposed to be absorbed into the blood stream.

Try one at a time: 1) decreasing the amount of water used in brewing; 2) decreasing the amount of coffee used; 3) decreasing the high of your enema bag/bucket so the mixture stays in your lower colon only.

General Feedback
Posted by Dan (Clearwater, Florida) on 11/19/2011

Phase I liver detoxification may be slowed down by ingesting grapefruit. This is sometimes a problem for people on medications as when not broken down at the normal rate, the drug blood-levels may become too high, so pharmaceutical package inserts sometimes warn patients to not eat grapefruit (the active ingredient of which is a substance called naringenin).

In addition, Curcumin (aka Turmeric extract) will both reduce Phase I liver detoxification and increase Phase II liver detoxification (reference, see: http://tuberose.com/Liver_Detoxification.html or http://www.gilbertssyndrome.com/detoxification.php).

General Feedback
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Usa) on 11/20/2011 2063 posts

D-Limonene (orange oil) stimulates both phase 1&2 detox. Sulphoraphane, found most abundantly in Broccoli sprout extracts is a major phase 2 booster and indirectly boost phase 1 thru glutathione protection.

Dr. Weil released an article stating that supplemental sulphoraphane was almost completely ineffective for detox. Only a few minutes of steaming the mature Broccoli heads was effective. But this contradicts many other studies that show that Broccoli sprouts are anywhere from 20-50 times glucosinolates levels compared to mature plant and are therefore much more effective antioxidants.

Personally, I must agree with the sprout extracts. For yrs I ate cooked mature cabbage and Broccoli with no noticeable effect. After purchasing and consuming the sprout extracts only a few months ago, I can easily feel the benefits.

General Feedback
Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 11/20/2011

You may want to try oil pulling as well. Oil pulling seems very helpful in being able to detox organs in the body. Coconut oil is good as it is also anti fungal and anti bacterial. Lots of info on this site under remedies on oil pulling.

General Feedback
Posted by Barbara (Lakeland, Florida) on 12/20/2011

Acording to research, green organic coffee is MUCH more effective than the regular organic coffee. (For me, there seems to be a much greater amount of gelatinous residue produced from the liver during the cleanse than with the regular coffee) See this article for more information. http://howtocoffeeenema.info/s-a-wilsons-therapy-blend

Although it is difficult to lie on your right side for an hour, it is very important to keep it a low flow, slow enema, as the article says. This keeps the enema in the lowest part of the bowel so it can stimulate the liver to release the toxins. If a coffee enema is given too high in the colon, it seems to me that it would stimulate you and not the liver. A word of caution though, green coffee enemas leave a terrible blue black stain. It can be removed with bleach, but I prefer more natural means of sanitizing so I use dark colors to avoid the stain.

I would also recommend making (or for those lucky stiffs still employed, buying) an enema board like the Coloma board. A board is SOOO much more comfortable and sanitary than lying on the floor or in bed to do enemas. I made my own enema board using pictures of enema boards from the internet as my guide. I used two wooden boards as a base and (for lack of a better word) a "cap catch" from a Styrofoam water faucet cover which I cut to shape and covered with several coats of a clay made from the pink spackling (4 parts to one of the white Elmer's type glue to make it harder and stronger). I then sanded it smooth and attached it with spray foam insulation. When the board was done, I spray painted it with high-gloss, dark brown enamel so it is easy to sterilize.

General Feedback
Posted by Gnar (Usa) on 10/01/2017

You do realize that the function of the GI tract is to absorb nutrients and other compounds, right? Just because you don't typically consume coffee that way doesn't mean caffeine isn't absorbed...

General Feedback
Posted by Lil (India) on 02/20/2011

Hi earth clinic,

I searched the internet and found a lot of health benefits for the enema and colonic. I'm very interested to try them and I need some feedback from earth clinic comunity. Their benefits and side effects. I Thought may be if you add a special pagefor enemas and colonics so every one can share his experience. Thank you!