Diatomaceous Earth: From Insect Control to Detox

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Sherri (Rockford, Il) on 08/17/2011
5 out of 5 stars

DE is great, the itching was horrible and got rid of my mites/scabies in a day, was wonderful! Can't express enough how amazing this stuff is for this and other health benefits.

We take food grade DE found it at our local garden center. Just to list a few other things it helped us with...

More energy, great poops, husband has hair growing in areas that were receeding, his hair does not look as grey, He no longer has a big belly, he has lost weight, no lower back, shoulder or knee pain, have not had other pains he was taking handfuls of ibuprofen for on a daily basis, no longer taking allergy med's, no more antacids and we eat spicey foods daily, skin and nails look better and grow fast!

We do not have the morning smokers cough either.

Give it a try, the itching will stop and you will be soooo relieved and you'll love the other benefits too:)

We are currently taking 1 to 2 Tbs of this daily and have been for 4 months now, we mix it with V8 Splash (stir well) and drink it down in a shot, rinse glass with cold water and drink what remains in the cup.

Posted by Alice (Odessa, Texas) on 02/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Diatomaceous cured my scabies : After being diagnosed w/scabies and given Permethrin, which made me very ill, I tried Neem, tea tree oil, kerocene! all kinds of things till I remembered I had Diatomaceous Earth DE fossil Shell Flour ( food grade ) in my house ,I used to use it on my cats for fleas until switching to a topical for less trouble.I decided to completely dust my enviroment and body w/ it to see if that worked! DE kills mites of all kinds by acting like ground glass inside them destroying their innards, but is safe to humans and pets, make sure you get the FOOD GRADE and not the one for pool filters which is dangerous! Get a large winter type sock with loose weave, fill it w/ the fossil flour and walk your house patting it, you will see it clouding and falling to the floor, use on furniture and any places you freguent often, like your PC. I dusted my comforter on both sides good, to keep from washing it all the time! Same for pillows although mine are in sealed garbage bags. Last try to keep yourself dusted from scalp to soles of feet for at least a week,a ll crawling sensations will disappear along with biting, from here on in I'm keeping my house dusted as the fine film blends in on carpet and furniture, in case of other types of mites. Neem is still a good shampoo additive, one dropper full to your handful of regular shampoo,well Good luck to all.

Side Effects
Posted by Janet (In) on 08/06/2018


I suspect you are pushing out toxins. I did. DE groups on FB discuss this often.

Bone pain joint pain, excess toxins, from environment and from medications.

I tried many things during the time I used it. To ease the problems I tried, clay, Ted's alkalinity drinks, lecithin and cilantro.

Not much helped. My face and neck was a large red lump. Think makeup or perfume area. Over a lifetime I can only imagine how toxic those things were.

It took 2 months plus for it to settle down.

If you do this to lower cholesterol, keep in mind your brain needs it to function. We were successful at doing it by using Ted's alkalinity drink. Lecithin and cilantro, 2x a week.

You can literally see your toxic load leave and feel it. It depends on how you want to go about it. If your joints are especially painful, there is excess calcium and possibly mycoplasma pushing out. Being displaced by the silica.

Horsetail herb is another choice to get silica. Not as dramatic as DE.


Posted by Arveca (Kansas) on 03/09/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Try the D.E. as a face scrub. Works better that way for acne. Also start with small dose for internal use 1/2 to 1 teaspoon..work your way up to a tablespoon. Anything can be overdone.

Posted by Jazz452 (Uk) on 10/09/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Yes DE does work for parasites, sure they will scatter they hate it, but they need to return to the gut to breed and if you keep taking the DE they won't return. Problem is you need to take for at least 90 days consecutive, well worth it.

Posted by Zennish (Florida) on 03/06/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking diatomaceous earth to regrow hair and detox toxins and heavy metals, but noticed an effect on my strongyloides parasites infection I thought you might need to know.

When I take DE, I start to cough, but it's not a die-off cough, it's the same cough I get when I have what I call a "hatch-out" of new strongyloides about every ten days that migrate to my lungs. This is a cough straight out of the lungs, not from dry throat or sinus drainage.

I'm not breathing in the dust. I am very careful about that. I wear a mask when I'm handling it, and I put my dosage into a spoon, put the spoon into the water, and let it become completely saturated before I stir it, still wearing the mask. I drink the cup of water with the DE, then immediately follow up with another cup of water, which I also use to swish around my mouth and wash any residue left there into my stomach. There may be a tiny bit that is inhaled in this process, but not enough to cause the cough.

I think this new cough is caused by strongyloides dying and depositing their eggs, which hatch out in massive numbers and migrate to the lungs. The more DE I take, the worse my cough gets. It's a vicious cycle. Kill them in the digestive system (I'm hyperinfected), and they multiply and just get worse. Then you kill those and the cycle starts all over again. I keep thinking that if I just keep taking the DE every day, killing the adults and juveniles, it will eventually help, but I wonder if I'm just fooling myself.

So this is my experience. Hope it helps someone.

Posted by Om (Hope, Bc, Canada) on 11/18/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Few years ago a small miserable looking cat was brought to me. She had been on death row but rescued in time.

Her coat was sparse semi long and neither grey nor brown, age unknown. Recently my interest in DE was aroused once again and hear what transpired.

I found she had mites badly so I applied Ted's mite treatment twice and with success. But winter approaching I lightly dusted her coat with DE. In a few weeks I noticed not only there were no more mites, but her coat was full and thick. Actually, it did not take that long. All my pets had been given DE mixed in their wet food for about two months and their coats look healthy and shining.

Next is me. Their testimony says it all. I will use it internally and externally for sure. Make sure it is food grade. I bought DE at an agricultural feed store. It is also online.

The testimonies on this item are awe inspiring. I am well pleased.

Namaste, Om

Posted by Tamara (Dallas, TX) on 11/10/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using DE for three weeks now.. U have to drink alot of water as it is very forming...I use it to assist with parasites.. When I feel them worming around, I take two tbsp with water and in about 20 minutes, they slow or stop. Afterward, I grind two garlic cloves for more peaceful nights. At times, it brought the worms out and made them run for the border... but I have noticed my skin is clearing. I don't itch anymore either. I also used pineapples(fresh) coconut oil, flakes, water (all of coconut) to start the process of elimination of worms.. I will continue to take D/E as it has many health benefits I am told. No side affects, only if you don't drink enough(lots) of water.

Posted by Dakina (L.A., California) on 07/24/2013

To Saraaa from Paradise, Narnia on 6/24/13 -- My heart goes out to you. I felt that way when starting my health journey many years ago. For some reason, many people get introduced to the holistic path through detox. Having tried every experiment out there for various issues over the years, I came to understand that the so-called "healing crisis" isn't necessary or even good for you. From what you describe, I would like to suggest you skip over all this and go straight to an acupuncturist for your issues. Now, everyone says "oh acupuncture is great" – as if it were some generic thing you can just go down the street and there it is. But the reality is, you need to find someone really good or you won't get the amazing results promised with Chinese medicine. Specifically, you need to find someone really, really good – someone who has done it for a looooong time (like 30 years) and has true mastery of the art. And you do that by looking them up online and looking at their bios or their background. If they just graduated a couple years ago, say no thanks. They should be working with a mentor at that stage. If they are directly from China and have practiced for a long time, that is a really good scenario.

On rare occasions, I have had American-born acupuncturists who were excellent, but they had also been in practice for a loooooong time, were on the board of the acupuncture college, etc. So find someone who has mastered their craft and get better NOW. There is absolutely no reason you should be suffering this way. Also, sodas with caffeine can cause acne, so if you're drinking soda, STOP. As for detox, it is a good idea once in a while, but some reason people can get really carried away with it and it all sounds really good – you'll just go through it to the other side kind of thing, and you'll be great on that other side. But the body isn't a garbage can that you can just purge out all the icky stuff. Be aware that detoxing can harm organs and systems in the body (very hard on the spleen especially) – people will tell you it's just "die off" or just "detox" or "healing crisis". Your body doesn't need that. You are having real symptoms and you need to know what is going on and get relief. Chinese herbs and acupuncture address the unique patterns in your body, the imbalances that are causing these symptoms. And the knowledge is 5,000 years old and backed up far more than any other medicine available. When you're having lots of painful and extreme things going on with your body, that is NOT the time to do experiments (such as detox). Hope this helps. There is no reason you should be suffering like this!

Posted by Ray (France) on 02/07/2015

Distilled water is dangerous for the health. It should be used only for mixing other substances such as H2O2, but never drink as regular water because it leeches minerals out of the body and the body becomes dehydrated and will attack your kidney and heart to start with. DE works very well on many kinds of parasites. One should study about water or about anything before posting an opinion for it's dangerous for other people who believe you. I'm very happy with DE that works not only for me but my dogs and horses. I read several articles about Neem oil that it shouldn't be used by pregnant women. Is it true?

Loose and Fragile Skin
Posted by Phdebolt (Mi) on 07/29/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I started having problems with my skin.

It was becoming thin and would tear and bruise very easily. The first couple days of taking a teaspoon had my stomach feeling rough. But after a week that was completely gone. I think it was clearing out my colon. My bowel moment has been so much better. But the greatest thing is my skin no longer tears and the bruising is gone... I am amazed. My energy is alot better and also my sleep.... wish I would have been taking this years ago... I tell everyone I know what it has done for me.

Diatomaceous Earth Tips
Posted by Anon (Salem, Or) on 06/06/2018
5 out of 5 stars

DE will settle if not consumed immediately. Some people and pets will not take it down immediately, so mixing it well with food, to me, is a good solution. After all, one brand of bottled water has Silica in it, as do bananas, and I haven't seen any warnings about these products. However, do not overdo the water as the body can't tolerate more than 800 mls at one time. Moderation. If you eat bananas regularly without a problem, you're introducing your system to Silica. Adding some water now and then helps, too. Start slowly with DE. Some people go full out and survive, but it's not recommended. And some people never go beyond 1 tablespoon and get results too.

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Mrs. Betty (Colorado) on 04/15/2018
5 out of 5 stars

DE has really helped me very much in solving a few different issues with health. I leave a cup on the kitchen counter and add a little to food as I am cooking. It also made strong nails which I have never had before. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Side Effects
Posted by Art (California ) on 01/25/2017 1658 posts

In reply to Tassi (Berkeley, Ca),

I take DE to control my cholesterol and while I do not take it everyday anymore, I haven't had a problem with taking it over the years.....gastrointestinal or otherwise other that it could have a tendency to constipate me at high dose, low water intake and low magnesium intake, but given the nature of DE, that could be expected. According to the following study, it may not take as high of a dose as some people take in order to have positive effects in humans. As you can see they got good benefit with just 750 mg per day where as many people talk about taking multiple grams per day in the 10 to 20 gram range or more.

In the book that you refer to, do they give links to studies that confirm what they are saying about DE having no benefit for the gut? I'm curious because if it is bad for me I would like to know that for sure, but I have never seen studies on FGDE that have said as much. If they do list studies, could you provide the links to them? Thank you.


Eur J Med Res. 1998 Apr 8;3(4):211-5.

Diatomaceous earth lowers blood cholesterol concentrations.

Wachter H1, Lechleitner M, Artner-Dworzak E, Hausen A, Jarosch E, Widner B, Patsch J, Pfeiffer K, Fuchs D.


In this study a potential influence of diatomaceus earth to lower blood cholesterol was investigated. During 12 weeks we monitored serum lipid concentrations in 19 healthy individuals with a history of moderate hypercholesterinemia (9 females, 10 males, aged 35 - 67 years). Individuals administered orally 250 mg diatomaceous earth three-times daily during an 8 weeks observation period. Serum concentrations of cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglycerides levels were measured before study entry, every second week during the period of diatomaceous earth intake and 4 weeks after stop of intake. Compared to baseline (285.8 +/- 37.5 mg/dl = 7.40 +/- 0.97 mM) diatomaceous earth intake was associated with a significant reduction of serum cholesterol at any time point, reaching a minimum on week 6 (248.1 mg/dl = 6.43 mM, -13.2% from baseline; p<0.001). Also low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (week 4: p<0.05) and triglycerides levels decreased (week 2: p<0.05, week 4: p<0.01). Four weeks after intake of diatomaceous earth was stopped, serum cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglycerides still remained low and also the increase of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol became significant (p<0.05). Diatomaceous earth, a bioproduct, is capable of reducing blood cholesterol and positively influencing lipid metabolism in humans. Placebo-controlled studies will be necessary to confirm our findings.




Food Grade Vs Industrial Grade
Posted by Marya (Vermont, US) on 04/02/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I am reading a book on Diatomaceous Earth by Tui Rose called "Going Green Using Diatomaceous Earth How to Tips." She says that straight food grade DE is not sharp like glass, it actually works to kill pests through dessication, or dehydration. Industrial grade DE is heated and the heating process makes it sharper, like glass. If you are using food grade DE it is not glass and not the sharp edges that are killing the pests.

Stronger Nails
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc, Canada) on 12/06/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I always thought I had good nails but after taking DE only for a week, boy are they growing strong and long. Now I am waiting to see how my hair will grow better.

The testimonies of users are impressive.

Namaste, Om

Diatomaceous Earth Side Effects
Posted by Ashley (Florida, US) on 04/21/2015

My reply is probably too late, but you started off with way too much DE way too early.

You should've started at 1/4 tsp for a week, then worked your way up to 1/2 tsp for two weeks. After those two weeks, you can take 1 tsp daily. Try that for two weeks before going to 2 tsp daily.

Accidental Diatomaceous Earth Inhalation
Posted by Breanna (Sedalia,mo) on 03/07/2014
0 out of 5 stars

Hello! We were told to use diatomaceous earth in our house to rid it of fleas. I took precautions by wearing a mask when I put it all over our house, which is 4000 sq ft. I left it there for 3-4 days. During that time my 2 year old was running and playing all over the house and moved around all of the particles in the air. Well after that she started coughing and 7 months later she has been diagnosed with asthma. She was fine before this exposure. My concern is that she got this from inhaling all of that in our house. She is too young to have tests to check her lungs and her function but my concern is that she could have serious lung problems and have read that this can lead to tuberculous, cancer, and death. Do you know how serious this is? How many cases has there been. What can I do to help her! ? Thanks

Accidental Diatomaceous Earth Inhalation
Posted by Taram7 (Cincinnati) on 03/07/2014

From what I know, its not harmful if its small amounts and given time to clear out of the lungs... its the silica particles... but my question would be was it the Organic Food Grade DE or the hardware store kind? The first thing I would do is visit the place you bought it and write down all the ingredients. If they are not listed then you can contact the manufacturer- for stabilizers or anti-caking agents, etc. But asthma is inflammation- so anti-inflammatory herbs and foods would help and avoiding inflammatory foods. A quick internet search can pull these up for you. There are plenty of natural treatments for asthma. I am not a doctor, but my daughter had sports induced asthma for a while and it can flare up as side-effects of other things. But it its been 7 months at least and it was organic food grade DE and just minimal from breathing- I have always heard the lungs will clear it out with a good immune system and no side-effects.

Posted by Mary (Tomball, Tx) on 10/10/2013

Going on 6 months now GMO free only eat whole foods that are organic, my itching skin went away, I lost 25 lbs I feel 20 years younger, all the pesticides in our food is making us sick. I had back aches all the time with these 2 cyst in my lower back, back pain is gone and the cyst is way smaller, started on Diatomaceous Earth to see if it would help and so far I see that it is making my real thick and ugly toenails shrink back to normal. You need to get off white sugar and white flour they are fulled with pesticides only eat sugar cane sugar which is found mostly in organic foods. 80% of the food in the grocery store is poison to our body, but look for the Non gmo list on the internet and start getting your health back.

Caution: Food Grade
Posted by Bo Jangles (Texas, US) on 02/23/2015

Muriatic Acid is dilute Hydrochloric Acid.

Caution: Food Grade
Posted by Sj (Tn) on 10/20/2015
1 out of 5 stars

How much did your friend use for curing stomach cancer? I have someone in the family going through treatments for it and would like more info. I've just recently started using myself (not this particular brand) and am feeling the benefits after just a few days! Thanks

Caution: Food Grade
Posted by Sheila (Cheshire) on 07/19/2017

If you use food grade, I've read that this is not harmful to inhale - though obviously take precautions and don't breathe it in deliberately!

Posted by Laura (Asheville, Nc) on 09/14/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I have fibromyalgia and have been taking Diatomaceouls Earth for almost 2 weeks. It is definitly doing something positive for me. First I noticed a huge change in my foot problem that has plagued me for 4 years. I have woke up stiff, but that is different too. I don't know how to describe it except that the stiffness is not to the bone and all encompasing as before. I am so hopeful that I may continue to improve. If it is possible different factors contribute to Fibro for different people, I guess different results could be experienced from individuals also. My experience would lead me to suggest, try it and see how your body responds if you suffer any joint or fibro pain. Good luck to you all!

Posted by Palma (Navarre, Florida, Usa) on 08/11/2011
5 out of 5 stars

To ALL who have problems, and posted here for help.

I have purchased FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH for internal parasites (husband, myself, and two cats). And we also use it to "dust our carpets, beds, and even plants. It works by dehydrating the parasites, and works on most all types, including tapeworm.

Besides killing parasites, it has good health benefits for humans & pets, and is safe for children.

For adults: At bedtime take one heaping Teaspoon in 8oz warm water, then follow with another half glass water.

For children and also for small pets dosage is 1/2 teaspoon in 8oz warm water followed by additional half glass of water. I would do this for 30-45 days. Tapeworms will often come out in pieces. Can sprinkle directly on pet's food and mix it up if they won't drink the water.

The website I purchased from also sells a duster container which the DE can be poured into to easily dust beds (also kills bed bugs) and carpets. Dust lightly on carpets, as it can clog vacum if sprinkled too heavilyI would suggest a GOOD QUALITY intestinal/colon cleanse after 45 days, though not necessary. We purchased Dr Natura colon cleanse. A bit expensive, but very good.

As for the Diametrous Earth, we bought from Wolf Creek Ranch website. They also give detailed information on dosage and other uses. It has stopped my itching in areas of my body. Avoid getting it in eyes. Can also be lightly sprinkled on pets fur to kill fleas etc. I offer the two brand names as I know their quality, but there are other good ones out there, I am certain. DE MUST BE PURE FOOD GRADE.

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