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DE Contraindications

Posted by Petal (New Zealand) on 01/18/2022

Hi, I want to know if Diatomaceous earth can be bad if someone has diverticulitis?

DE Contraindications
Posted by Hot Wheels (Medina, OH) on 01/28/2021

Does anyone have diabetes 2 & takes DE? Does your doctor approve? What benefits have you experienced?

DE Contraindications
Posted by Drema (Charleston, Wv Usa) on 03/08/2013

If a person is allergic to shellfish could DE be a problem too?

Replied by Q
(Houston, Tx)

No, having a shellfish allergy won't be a problem with DE. I've taken it many times and I'm extremely allergic to shellfish.

DE Tips

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Posted by Anonymosaurus Rex (USA) on 08/28/2012

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is one of the richest sources of silica around, at ~80%. In comparison, Horsetail has ~4% (often touted as the highest source), and bamboo stalk has ~28%.

Silica is important for bones, hair, teeth, nails, ligaments and especially the skin. Silica is best absorbed with acid (stomach acid works quite nicely) as silicon dioxide must first convert to orthosilicic acid before it can be utilised by the body. Silica will convert to orthosilicic acid when in contact with water.

If you are making your own toothpaste, face cream, toner, nail treatment or moisturiser you should consider adding a small amount of DE as it will be very beneficial and is absorbed by your skin.

To supplement your daily intake of silica, here is a method on adding DE to water that I got from - Earth vs Horsetail Grass.htm (I am not afilliated with this site whatsoever, but this article is a really, really good read. If you are interested in Silica, DE or Horsetail I strongly recommend it.)

"...add a spoon full of food grade DE to a gallon of water and allow the DE to settle to the bottom. This may take a few days initially. Pour the water you intend to drink from the top of the container, but be careful not to disturb the DE on the bottom of the container. Refill the container with water and allow it to settle out again. Keep repeating this process. A spoon full of DE should last several years if it is not poured off in the water."

This method of adding DE will work especially well if you have a water urn/dispenser that has a spigot (tap) slight above the bottom - you can put a touch of DE in the bottom and it should supplement your water without any problems.

- Diatomaceous Earth must be food grade if you are considering using it for yourself, as many other posts have mentioned.

- DE contains ~2-4% aluminium oxide, so if you are avoiding all aluminium then do not consume this as a supplement. It should be known that orthosilicic acid reduced aluminium uptake in digestion as well as increasing the excretion of aluminium through urine. The DE water method above uses a very small amount of silica over a long period that it will minimize your ingestion of aluminium.

- Vegans/vegetarians generally should find DE acceptable, as it consists of phytoplankton (algae) but it is important to be aware of this just in case.

Replied by Trish

How much is too much Diatomaceous earth in a day?

DE Tips
Posted by Kari (Stephenville, Tx Usa) on 08/16/2010

Diatomaceous Earth is completely safe to use, as long as it's human/food grade and NOT pool grade. Most garden stores sell it as well as a plethora of websites. My only suggestion is to not put it on your carpet. Some people have a lot of luck with this, it mostly just made my vacuum cleaner sound [permanently terrible. It still runs fine, there's just a terrible noise when it's running and I can't seem to figure out the real cause (I've taken it apart down to the motor). Also, it's not healthy to breathe in ANY dusts, so wear a mask and remove your pets until the dust settles. Otherwise it's okay for you AND your pets to consume, it's okay to put some on your pets coat (although use caution, it can dry them out). It is a natural dewormer and will rid your animals of every worm EXCEPT for heart-worms. You need about 1 tsp for cats and small dogs, 2 tsp for bigger dogs... 1 tbsp for humans. It really has a lot of benefits. I strongly urge you to research it. I've found the best remedy for fleas is this... Make sure you've found a successful treatment for your animals. I had to switch spot-on treatments because the one I had been using for years was no longer effective. Then you need to treat the infected areas.. Best method for me? Frequent vacuuming. 3-4 times a week, every day if you can manage it. Make sure you throw the bag out or empty the canister outside. I also recommend NOT bathing your animals in chemicals... If you feel it's necessary to bathe them, try to use something like the original Dawn soap, and make sure the first place you get wet and put soap is around the neck... Fleas will always try to travel up to escape... You should never put soap or lots of water on your pets face, so treat the neck FIRST and get it good and lathered. If you wouldn't use it yourself, you probably shouldn't use it on your animals.

Deeper Sleep, Fewer Trips to Bathroom

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Posted by Suzanne (LV) on 01/31/2021

I started using Diatomaceous Earth a couple of weeks ago. Started with 1/4 teaspoon in a glass of water and now I am up to 1 teaspoon. I take a heaping teaspoon in half a cup of water and then drink another half a cup of water. I take it in the late afternoon.

I can't tell yet about my hair and nails growing more quickly like so many other people, but two benefits I can report right off the bat:

1. Deeper sleep

2. Fewer trips to the bathroom... from 2-3 typically down to 0-1. That's an improvement!

Side Effects

It definitely dries out my skin so I take omega three oil. Still need to work on drinking more water.

The other side effect is that my finger joints feel just a bit stiff. If I stop the DE, that stiffness goes away. Interesting. I am not sure why since DE is supposed to help with joints due to its silica content, right? Any thoughts on that? Thanks.


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Posted by Six (Phoenix, Arizona) on 04/20/2010

Thank you so much for this website! After searching the web for a cure to my decades-long battle with self-diagnosed eczema, I have found that diatomaceous earth has shown great promise! For years I've suffered from diagnosed neurodermatitis.

My skin would errupt in red spots that would itch almost nonstop, bleed, scab over, spread a bit and continue this pattern. The cycle would usually end with another trip to yet another dermatologist for stronger and stronger steroid medications (usually topical creams, but too often oral meds also).

Eventually the rash would turn from red to brown and begin to dry up leaving a very dark brown large area of discoloration. This would take months to clear up with the help of retin-a creams.

After searching Earth Clinic's site for more natural cures, I found several entries noting 100% pure diatomaceousearth to cure fungal infections. I had about 2.5 pound of this stuff on hand and decided to try it. Well, the reviews suggested ingesting it. I'd done that in the past when dealing with other issues. This time I was trying Borax and baking soda as suggested by Ted and didn't want to mix it up too much.

So, I tried applying the de topically, straight from the bag. It's a fine powder just like talc. It immediately soothed the itch, and after a few hours the redness had decres by 50%.

The eczema rash on my face has dissappeared!! My facial acne is history. The eczema is still on my neck but it is undercontrol and when I am diligent and apply it several times daily, it will go away. The dark blotches remain, and this is where I got into trouble last week, I began applying the retin-a much too soon and irritated my skin and the redness itch and rash returned. I'm back on the mend using the earth and will wait about one month after healed again before using the retin-a.

I hope this helps.


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Posted by Reba (Chicago) on 05/30/2018

DE will give you detox/die-off symptoms. Go lower with your dose until it becomes tolerable then slowly increase. I went 1 tsp right off the bat and I thought I was poisoned. Not true- just too much detox at once. I've been on DE for a week and now I'm at 1/3-1/2 tsp. While there are some detox effects, they're becoming less every day. Perhaps the antibiotic you're taking is also contributing to the way you feel. Not sure if it's recommended to take all of that together. Best of luck.

Replied by cromwell



I am all for DE, zeolite and bentonite but, for the first two - DO NOT INHALE! It doesn't come back out, and it is alien to your lungs.

I treat mine at arms-length until I can get it into water and, even then, it's fine enough to launch a dust cloud off of the water. Same with zeolite.

Get them into water, avoid that dust, then do as you might.

Replied by Wendy
(Dublin OH)

If you're using food grade diatomaceous earth, for anything, wear a mask! Then you won't breathe it in! In the warmer months, I use it at my door entrances and near the baseboards on the floor to control spiders and beetles. So, before I fill its plastic dispenser with the DE, I put on a mask, and plastic gloves and wear long sleeves so I don't get any of the DE on my skin or breathe it in. I put the bag of DE in the kitchen sink and scoop out what I need with the dispenser. After filling the dispenser, any DE that spills out is in the sink, and I can simply wash it down the drain. Then I throw out the mask and the gloves, takeoff the shirt and put it immediately into the washing machine to launder. Simple.

Replied by Wendy
(Dublin OH)

Another important suggestion, when preparing food grade DE for use: along with wearing a mask and gloves and long sleeves, wear glasses or protective goggles so the DE doesn't get into your eyes!

Posted by Rebecca (Phoenix, Az) on 07/06/2016

Started taking DE in morning (about1/8 teaspoon) and did not increase at all.Three days in I had nausea, headache and lower back ache which I understand is normal but then on 4th morning I had really cloudy urine with small amount of blood in it so I stopped. Anyone heard of this happening? Any advise or comments appreciated. Thanks.

Replied by Timh
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R: I once tried D.E. orally and experienced ulcerative colitis, so from your report, it appears that you have some "leaky gut" issues which is allowing those sharp Silica mineral fractions to go directly into the bloodstream where they are cutting into the kidneys.

For now take Slippery Elm or Marshmallow to restore Kidneys.

Likely culprit is either Parasite infestation or candida infection or both in the gut. Once these pathogens are removed your intestines should heal back to normal.

I now add D.E. with other minerals for daily footbath and experience the benefits of Silica this way.

Replied by Steve

Typical detox reaction from parasite die off. Drink plenty of water and stop taking DE for a few days.

Replied by Art
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Are you sure it was pure "Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth"?


Replied by Timh
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Steve: From my recollection, you have made many good post here, but I must disagree with you on "typical" die-off reaction, as it appears maybe "possible". I have had much experience with paras & die-off of all sorts but nothing as severe as these reported side-effects.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U Timh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the whole world is saying that you must have food grade DE. We buy DE from the co-op in 50 # bags that is destined for livestock. It says food grade on the bag. DE is mined directly and I think without any other processing. So what is the process to get mined DE into this so-called food grade condition?

We also buy our MSM from the farm co-op that is 100% pure. It was made for horses, but it's hard to get bettern 100% pure. Bentonite clay is mined. How do you get food grade clay? It just is or it is not. You can't make it so.

In freshman chemistry we had to make the compound, salt peter. I spread some on a few cookies. All know how this compound affects men. I was SJS because my roommate came in that night and naturally ate my cookies. He got sick as a dog. That taught me a lesson especially the next day when he put a knife to my neck and told me to never do that again. My lab made compound was definitely not food grade. Tex was about 6' 4'' and brought that to my attention.


Replied by Art
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There seems to be some confusion about food grade DE and industrial or pool filter DE. The pool filter DE is exposed to high temperature in the manufacturing process which alters it considerably, converting it to crystalline silica and making it not fit for human consumption and it is very important that people realize that fact as it will harm you if consumed and that is why I asked the question in the first place, to make sure,

Sarah, was actually using FGDE as opposed to pool DE or the DE that also has a pesticide in it. I have a bag of the pesticide type DE and it has a very distinctive smell to it........kind of like the smell of moth balls, but milder. In any case, a little safety here can go a long way! Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is what you should look for.

Here is a link that gives a detailed discussion on the difference between pool grade and food grade. Definitely worth reading for people who are considering consuming DE.

Here is an important quote from the link:

Crystalline silica is very dangerous and can be harmful to the health of humans and animals. For this reason, Pool Grade diatomaceous earth should NOT be used for any purpose other than filtration.


Replied by Art
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I forgot to mention that "Feed Grade DE", not "Food Grade DE" can have more heavy metal in it.

Another quote from that previous link:

What is the difference between food chemical codex grade (food grade) and feed grade diatomaceous earth?

Although these two types are very similar there is one very important distinction between them. Food Chemical Codex Grade (commonly referred to as “Food Grade") DE must meet certain specifications regarding heavy metal content. To be considered Food Grade, the diatomaceous earth must not contain more than 10mg/kg of arsenic and no more than 10mg/kg of lead.


Replied by Ali

Re: Cloudy Urine from Diatomaceous Earth

Cloudy urine may actually be a good thing. Many think that urine should always be clear, however when the kidneys are filtering properly, there should be fluid also coming out of the lymphatic system that may well contain expelled white blood cells & other detritus. That helps to keep the lymphatic system clear & flowing which is good. If the urine is cloudy it may just mean the body is detoxing correctly.

And small amounts of blood in the urine is not necessarily bad either. It may just be rogue blood cells being expelled from the lymph, or even a bit of blood triggered as parasites detach. Obviously, if it's a lot & doesn't stop & it or other issues get worse then the DE would need to be stopped & further investigation done.

I just wanted to highlight that these may simply be, like other issues we may be spooked by, such as nausea, headaches, odd pains, fatigue, etc, temporary detoxification symptoms.

Posted by Sarah (United Kingdom ) on 05/23/2016

Hi. I am hoping somebody can give me some advise or share their experience of taking diatomaceous earth please. I've been taking 1 heaped teaspoon a day and some days 2 heaped teaspoons to help detox for about 6 weeks. I had the same initial symptoms that are frequently mentioned in the first week. Headaches and a runny nose and then my tongue got a yellow coating which I still have but it is clearing up. I was fine except for noticing a few strange things that I cannot be sure about when I went to the toilet. Until this last week when I've become quite worried. It started with back pain during the night and then I had a slightly painful tingling prickly feeling on the palms of my hands and the souls of my feet which lasted a couple of days, now my joints are painful mainly in my fingers, wrists and knees. This is worrying me but I don't want to stop taking the DE if it is a harmless side effect of my body detoxing.

I should add that I considered myself to be in good health before I started taking DE but decided to do a detox as I changed to a vegan diet about 5 months ago.

Thank you so much in advance, Sarah

Replied by Timh
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S: This is a good example of "too much of a good thing". It is not wise to consider D.E. an end all for detoxification as there are many types of detoxification.

Anyway, you have gone beyond the daily limit of D.E. and so need to switch to other detox protocols. What exactly are you detoxing from, or just general detox???

For removing heavy metals, and environmental pollutants consider Detox Foot Spa and/or Detox Foot Pads. Steam Room Sweating or Saunas are good detox methods, as well as Mineral Baths. along with any of the above, there are herbs that hasten the removal of toxins in the body; one in particular is Dr Christopher's "Red Clover Combination", and maybe rotate with "Seaweed Complex".

You can easily replace the D.E. with Bentonite Clay as a gentle and effective chelator. Activated Charcoal is also used to remove toxins in the gut.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Sarah, maybe you are detoxed already and don't need any more?

Replied by Art
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Are you sure it is " food grade" DE? There is non food grade which is used for pool filters and is toxic. There is another type that has added pesticide for insect control and obviously should not be taken by humans.


Replied by Ali

I know it's been some time since this comment was posted but joint pains may well be part of the DE detoxification.

Over time calcium deposits around the body inappropriately. We don't always notice it until it's built up enough to trigger arthritis, etc. Silica is apparently part of the nutrients that are necessary to ‘orchestrate' calcium into the bones & teeth, etc, so it may be that the silica in the DE is pulling the inappropriate calcium deposits out of the joint tissue for transfer into the bones or anywhere else it's needed, which may trigger temporary pain.

Posted by Rose (Tulss) on 02/07/2016

I just started diatamaceous earth food grade 2 days ago and I'm experiencing slight headaches, muscle soreness in my shoulders, a little nausea, weak, had heart palpitations earlier.. I'm taking an antibiotic augmenting and cranberry supplement pills and probiotics so maybe diatamaceous earth causing me to feel kinda like under the weather head hurts, feel like it's starting to get stuffy ..I don't really know for sure..Anybody on here have those effects when they first started on it? If so how long did they last..

Posted by Michael (nw) (Oregon) on 11/20/2015



I started DE about 3 weeks ago. The first 2 weeks I felt fine, no side-effects, no apparent die-off, felt actually a bit better in ways. But into the 3rd week, I started becoming Dehydrated, constipated, gut aches, etc... I took one day off, drank a ton of water, started up again, two days later my bowels are doing fine, but now I have major gut tightness, not really bloated as much as just feeling VERY tight. After this afternoon's dose I felt ill/maliase, etc...

Can it take a couple of weeks to start having die-off symptoms? I've been doing other detox treatments, and probably don't have as much heavy metals and toxic to clean out as some people do which is why maybe I didn't have an initial reaction, but I do have a parasite, and possibly SIBO which I'm hoping DE will take care of.

I usually take 1tsp 2x per day. Cheers.

Posted by Rachel (Flagstaff) on 10/10/2015

I have also been taking DE for about 2 weeks and am feeling tried and breaking out and experiencing headaches and dizziness. I want to know if this is just part of the detox and if you're still taking it. Does it get better? Thanks! Rachel

Replied by Steve

Those side effects are fairly normal to have when detoxing with DE. Drink lots of water and perhaps take 2-3 days off to give your body a chance to clear out all the toxins and dead pathogens.

Posted by Tamie (Fresno) on 06/03/2015


I have no medical insurance and have always done what I could to "cure" my own ailments. I have high blood pressure, possibly thyroid issues (2 aunts an uncle and a cousin had thyroid cancer) eczema, and I have also experienced years of constipation and hemorrhoids with only 2-3 bowel movements a week. At times I have used enemas as a last ditch effort to remove the feces. I have been having severe chest congestion and phlegm suspecting that I have bronchitis or some other malady. My dad had recommended DE to someone for the bugs around their house and I decided to look it up myself. I read that it worked on the lungs and alleviated bronchitis. I also used drugs about 10 years ago. From what I understand through researching DE that drugs and other heavy metals will attach to fat and when you consume DE you go through a detox process. I have a lot of fat so this might take a while ... lol.

"DE detoxes mercury, cadmium, lead and other heavy metals; removes poisons from chemtrails, radiation and may alleviate the effects of GMOs. DE possesses antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties."

So ... I went to a local pet store and bought FOOD GRADE DE.

I decided on 1 tablespoon in 4-6 ounces of water each evening and I have given the same amount to my fiance who is a diabetic with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and hemochromatosis.

I immediately started going through the detox process.

My body aches, I have a dry cough, and we both have increased urination, and a slight headache each evening.

The bronchitis appears to be getting better as the severe congestion is gone.

A week into the detox I found that my body hurt too much and I decided to give myself a 3 day break. I just started back and my body is hurting again.

My fiance just started going through the detox and his body got real sore last night and he said he felt like he was getting the flu (a complaint of many DE users.) We talked about the issues we were having with detoxing and decided that we would stick with it as it must be doing something.

I did reduce my dose from 1 tbsp to 2 teaspoons and tonight I will reduce his as well. I have read that it could be that we are detoxing too fast. I really can't wait to get past the detox so that I can enjoy healthy blood pressure levels. We will know more about how well DE has worked on my Fiance when he does his next labs.

I am also hoping that DE removes the fungal infection from his toe nails. I am however, enjoying the regular bowel movements... I am hoping that the hemorrhoids heal up as I read that DE can normalize and reduce hemorrhoids. I hope this helps with your choice to use or continue with DE.

Posted by Smokeypokey (Ironwood, Michigan) on 06/13/2013

Hi. I just started taking DE about 2 weeks ago maybe. not sure exactly...

my integrative doctor suggested it. I suffer from food allergies that keep my body from absorbing nutrients and my hormones are being thrown out of balance. I have acne, which is my main consern right now. Also my hair sheds more than usual. Mood swings. Delayed periods. migraines.

So ive had my acne and other symptoms somewhat under control for about 5 months. I started breaking out and having the mood swings again before I started the DE. Well my break outs are getting worse and I feel terrible right now. More migraines. When will I start seing clearer skin? im out of town and trying to enjoy myself but I feel miserable and gross. My head hurts. I just dont feel right. I do get migraines from the weather changes and it is spring and thats the worst time for me with the migrianes. But if anyone can give me some advice or encouraging words that wud be great!!! Im so tired of this acne problem. I had it under control for a while and was looking forward to summer and enjoying my nice skin, but now im just sad and dont wana do anything...

Replied by Lottie
(Cornwall, St Austell, Uk)

Try to cut down on gluten, gluten stops the absorption of nurtrients and vitamins from your food.

Replied by Te
(Charlotte, Nc)

For the headaches and mood swings I use PMS Tea by Traditional Medicinals or some Organic Dandelion Root tea. I havent gotten the hair loss under control yet. Please let me know if you find something that helps. GB

Replied by Claudette
(Exeter, Missouri)

I am sorry for your present health issues. What you eat and rest is essential to healing. Depending on the severity of your condition, you will usuall feel worse before feeling better due to the detox effect. It is good to go to bed each night before 10 p. M. Your immune system starts to clean out and build up you body at 10 p.m. at nights. If your body is not given the chance to clean out and rebuild during sleep you will not get well no matter what you take or do. Water is very essential in flushing out the toxins and exercise a must. Here are the eight laws of health--water, fresh air, sunshine, good nutrition, rest, exercise, abstemiousness(keep away from harmful foods and habits) trust in divine power (prayer) and temperence in all things.

Replied by Saraaa
(Paradise, Narnia)

Thanks. I've been off gluten for over a year and I cut way back on dairy and eat very little grains. Doesn't seem to be helping all that much. I was doing a lot better for about 4 months or so, periods were starting to get more regular and skin cleared and my hair wasnt falling as much. I was happier and less stressed out. But for some reason it all fell apart. I knew I wasnt being super strict on my diet but I wasnt eating gluten still. I just dont know. Im hoping im going through a detox, but from what ive read others have had much faster results with DE than I seem to be having. I'm late on my period right now and symptoms are worsening. Hair falling a lot, face is breaking out terribly! And I'm emotionally insane feeling. Not literally insane. But very emotional and stressed out feeling.

I research a lot and can only find the good things DE does for skin. Why would it not be helping me? I just don't know why I deserve this. I never had acne growning up. It started when I was 25 and now I'm 30 and it's making me more and more depressed. I don't want to see people or go out anymore. I hate putting makeup on my greasy zit covered face. It just makes it feel even more gross and I dont think I'm fooling anyone with it anyway.

I hate this. I thought I had figured it out and was getting better and now im dealing with it all over again.

Replied by Dakina
(L.A., California)

To Saraaa from Paradise, Narnia on 6/24/13 -- My heart goes out to you. I felt that way when starting my health journey many years ago. For some reason, many people get introduced to the holistic path through detox. Having tried every experiment out there for various issues over the years, I came to understand that the so-called "healing crisis" isn't necessary or even good for you. From what you describe, I would like to suggest you skip over all this and go straight to an acupuncturist for your issues. Now, everyone says "oh acupuncture is great" – as if it were some generic thing you can just go down the street and there it is. But the reality is, you need to find someone really good or you won't get the amazing results promised with Chinese medicine. Specifically, you need to find someone really, really good – someone who has done it for a looooong time (like 30 years) and has true mastery of the art. And you do that by looking them up online and looking at their bios or their background. If they just graduated a couple years ago, say no thanks. They should be working with a mentor at that stage. If they are directly from China and have practiced for a long time, that is a really good scenario.

On rare occasions, I have had American-born acupuncturists who were excellent, but they had also been in practice for a loooooong time, were on the board of the acupuncture college, etc. So find someone who has mastered their craft and get better NOW. There is absolutely no reason you should be suffering this way. Also, sodas with caffeine can cause acne, so if you're drinking soda, STOP. As for detox, it is a good idea once in a while, but some reason people can get really carried away with it and it all sounds really good – you'll just go through it to the other side kind of thing, and you'll be great on that other side. But the body isn't a garbage can that you can just purge out all the icky stuff. Be aware that detoxing can harm organs and systems in the body (very hard on the spleen especially) – people will tell you it's just "die off" or just "detox" or "healing crisis". Your body doesn't need that. You are having real symptoms and you need to know what is going on and get relief. Chinese herbs and acupuncture address the unique patterns in your body, the imbalances that are causing these symptoms. And the knowledge is 5,000 years old and backed up far more than any other medicine available. When you're having lots of painful and extreme things going on with your body, that is NOT the time to do experiments (such as detox). Hope this helps. There is no reason you should be suffering like this!

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc, Canada)

Dakina from LA Calif. What a wonderful reply. I agree totally with it. Ayurveda too, thousands of years old agrees, that crisis should not be allowed in healing. It has to be gentle and knowledgeable. My own experience with TCM is very positive except I could not the herbals. Diet plays a major role. All the best. Om

Replied by Karen

Like Lottie said... Cutting back on gluten. I once ran into a lady at the produce store and she began to tell me her transformation story. She was so sick and the doctor suggested she test for gluten intolerance. He then put her on a gluten free diet. She said immediately she began to come back to life. It took the better part of 3 months until most of her symptoms subsided.

Allergies are the culprit in a lot of case studies that I read up on. Once you can eliminate the allergies then you can allow for the body to heal on its own. If you don't then it would be like putting watered down Draino into your pipes. It does some of the job, but not enough to unclog the pipes. Same with our health.

I also am going to a doctor who also uses natural methods. She tests all her patients to see if they have inflammation markers in their blood work. If inflammation is present.. You are open for a whole lot of diseases. Once you get this under control... healing is quicker.

Replied by Leticia

Dear Smokeypokey from Ironwood, Michigan-

Your symptoms sound alot like PCOS and therefore may not be alleviated by Diatomaceous Earth. You may want to look up the remedies for PCOS on this site.

What I found to help me personally was to go on a strict Paleo diet. You can also go on an organic vegetarian diet. There are lots of natural supplements that you can take. Exercise and detox also helps. Good luck and I hope you feel better!

Replied by Mary
(Tomball, Tx)

Going on 6 months now GMO free only eat whole foods that are organic, my itching skin went away, I lost 25 lbs I feel 20 years younger, all the pesticides in our food is making us sick. I had back aches all the time with these 2 cyst in my lower back, back pain is gone and the cyst is way smaller, started on Diatomaceous Earth to see if it would help and so far I see that it is making my real thick and ugly toenails shrink back to normal. You need to get off white sugar and white flour they are fulled with pesticides only eat sugar cane sugar which is found mostly in organic foods. 80% of the food in the grocery store is poison to our body, but look for the Non gmo list on the internet and start getting your health back.

Replied by Grace

Do you drink milk or eat any dairy products? I once read that dairy products can cause acne so I started paying attention to my body whenever I ate cheese, ice cream or milk. Sure enough, my face breaks out any time I eat any dairy products. I've switched to soy milk and all is well.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, Usa)

The only soy that is healthy for you is fermented soy. Make sure milk is a brand which is fermented.

Replied by Donna
(Escatawpa, Ms)

To Saraaa from Paradise, Narnia on 6/24/13

Based on your symptoms, try going wheat free, (gluten free), and research fully Lugol's iodine, (5 to 7 percent solution). I took 3 drops a day for 9 months and then went to 2 drops maintenance dosage. Try it to see if it won't clear up your skin and cysts, and stop your hair from falling out. Good luck to you.


Replied by Nicole
(Fayetteville, Ar Usa)

Hi! Don't know if you will ever get this, but the following have really helped my skin -

Beef gelatin
Diatomaceous Earth (Its full of silica, and a great detox)
Magnesium oil, magnesium citrate supplements, epsom salt bath (I've heard some people get migraines from a magnesium deficiancy)
High quality fish oil supplement
Or eat lots of fish

Hope this helps! - Nicole

Replied by Tony
(Missouri, US)

I am amazed of all the greater change in my life now on week 4. Make sure you drink water try to lesson sweets and you will feel like a new person.

Replied by Susan

Hello, I'm sorry to hear you're out there feeling so low. I hear you ....but I have raised a - many children....and I am going to let you in on a little secret and that is: quit the junk food ... deny it all you want ..pop sugar french fries - or at least cut down to very little junk food going to kill you internal and external ...

if you quit the bad the DE can start to do its job.....With DE you will go through a detox part of it out your system ... so it will get worse before it gets better ...and don't tell me you're not eating junk ..hahah your in that age group ...just be honest with yourself ....okay there is another factor if your on certain medication or any sort of liver malfunction can attribute to the acne if the last two are not the issue... it would than have to do with junk food or..milk has been noted as a cause of acne to especial if you have ADHA too...

also what are you cleaning your face with ....wash your hands faithfully and don't touch your face as it will irritate the acne ..well unless your cleaning it out and use an astringent to close the pours ..and don't mix chemicals like acne pads and astringents that would hurt you bad you use a steroid for medication on your face really is simplistic

If it's not caused by a medical issue.

All the best sweety and don't give up

Replied by Mal
(Fort Lauderdale, Fl)

Do a face mask and add Diatomaceou earth to it!!!

Replied by Renay

For the headaches and hair loss try pure black seed oil. You can get it on Amazon.

Replied by Anne

You may have copper overload? Try reading: why am I always so tired by Ann Gittleman. High copper can do all those things you spoke about.

Replied by Elly

Reading about all your problems I can see what I went through the past 7 years. My health just kept declining and begin getting life threatening health problems, when the source of my problem become apparent. I have Candida overgrowth that even my Dr ignored as significant when I mentioned it. I went on a Candida diet 6 weeks ago and started DE, Candigest and Colostrum 2 weeks ago. This week I finally started to feel better, had more energy, brain fog lifted, headaches finally gone too and my period is stabilizing among many other things. My advice is to you is get yourself tested for Candida or read upon it and start your own journey, because truthfully you can't loose by trying. Hope you will get better soon, kind regards...

Replied by Vc

Sounds like parasites. Billions of people all over the world are infected. There are many natural herbs and treatments. Some people take borax. 1/8 teaspoon in 1 litre of water. You should use very little. Search the benefits of borax. and get the testimonies. Countless people say it works. It is an old product and some people have been taking it for decades. They urge you not to take too much. Or you can try a combination of many herbs. I hope you choose a winning regiment. Just remember to drink lots of water. You must get the dead parasite bodies out of your body. Many people use coffee enema's. Organic coffee only. Checkout Gerson therapy. Many people swear by it. Be blessed.

Replied by Liz
(Kitchener, Ontario)

I think you are very wise!! I totally agree with what you write!!

Replied by Clarity
(Sebastopol, Ca)

You may have estrogen dominance! Try DIM. Best of luck.

Replied by Anon
(Salem Or)

Fuji water has silica, so do bananas. Do a temporary stop on DE until you've used the water and had one or two bananas a day for a couple of weeks. For you, DE may have been a shock to your system. If you resume, start slow, very slow. 1/4 tsp for a while. If things get worse, stop. Increase by 1/4 tsp at monthly intervals. Don't know if this will work as everybody is different. Some people never get past 1 tbsp and do just fine. BTW, what's in your tap water? Not all tap water is the same. Reverse osmosis or distilled may be a solution, too. Good luck.

Replied by Cindy VR
(San Diego, CA)

For the acne, try removing all sources of fluoride. Toothpaste, mouthwash, city water, etc. In her book The Hidden Cause of Acne Melissa Gallico traces the science that proves a huge percentage of ance worldwide is caused by fluoride. It made a massive difference in her health and skin when she was able to remove all fluoride from her diet and cosmetics. According to the reviews a lot of other people have had the same results.

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