Rejuvenate Your Body with Healing Detox Baths

| Modified on Mar 25, 2024
Calcium Bentonite Clay
Posted by Cheryl (Highland Park, NJ) on 07/06/2023 10 posts

You can undergo chelation therapy for a small fortune, or you can do this simple bath, once, twice or three times for a fraction of the cost but excellent results.

Buy at least 5 pounds of calcium bentonite clay. Some references will suggest up to 10 pounds, and this is a good idea for large adults. Children may only need 2 or 3 pounds in the water at first. You can get this from the Eyton's Earth website or you can find it under the label Aztec Secret in some health food stores.

1. Run water as hot as you can safely stand it. You will have to block off the overflow drain so that the tub can fill as deeply as you need it for this soak.

2. Dissolve 4 pounds of the clay under the running water, up to 9 pounds if you're a larger person. (If your tub is one of those older, larger ones, you will need an extra pound or two of clay.)

3. Get into the tub, slink down and let it fill until it is over your shoulders. (It's ok if your knees stick out.)

4. Mix the last pound of clay with water until it is like a goopey clay mask and smear it on your face, neck and all around your head. Yes, even in your hair to cover the scalp. Of course, don't cover your eyes.

5. Soak in the tub for at least 20 minutes. It is best to stay in until the water cools.

6. Before getting out, rinse off your head and neck and then go under the shower. Stand and rinse your body before stepping out of the tub.

7. Drain the tub. You don't have to worry about clay in the pipes. Bentonite will actually do some scouring on its way out. Just be sure to rinse the tub out thoroughly when the water has drained.

8. Drink a glass of good water before the bath and take one after the bath also. Afterwards, you want to lie down and rest or sleep for a while, as you may feel tired or woozy. Cover up. Don't get chilled.

You will notice when you get in the bath that the clay is a light sandy color. You will notice when you get out that it is now gray, even a dark gray or black-ish, depending on how much heavy metal has been pulled from your system.

This bath is a necessity for children these days, as they receive so many vaccines which are formulated with a heavy metal base. Research has linked heavy metals, especially mercury (which can lodge in the brain) to ADD/ADHD and autism disorders, and aluminum to Alzheimer's. Also, never allow mercury, gold, aluminum or any heavy metal in your or your children's teeth.

Most adults have absorbed heavy metals and toxins from anti-perspirants, processed foods, cooking in aluminum, dental work, etc. We all could use at least one of these baths, if not a series, to get our health back on track and toward a higher level of wellness.

Borax, Epsom Salt, and Baking Soda Bath
Posted by Mary (Charlotte, NC, USA) on 05/28/2023 1 posts

Hi Danielle, I just heard about this bath and a recommended recipe when I listened to this podcast today: Cynthia mentioned: 1C of each magnesium flakes or epsom salt, and baking soda + 1-2 teaspoons of borax.

Where did you get your proportions? And, any other feedback about this detox bath?

Thanks, Mary :)

Borax, Epsom Salt, and Baking Soda Bath
Posted by Danielle (St. Petersburg, USA) on 05/06/2023


Borax, epsom salt, and baking soda bath

ok I used 1/4 cup borax, 1 cup both of the others. The water was fizzy before I got in after mixing together. I felt great while in the bath. Did some meditation. When I went to get up and rinse off and get out was slightly dizzy but quickly recovered.

Now the odd thing I noticed: pins and needles in my skin after drying. Some were a bit painful. Ya know like a painful itch. now I just wanna eat and sleep. LOL.

Posted by Victoria Ann (United States) on 03/20/2023

I know this was posted several years ago, but I wanted to chime in for those might read this now or in the future. Many superfoods can be extremely high in an anti-nutrient called oxalates. Oxalates do tremendous damage to the body. A well-researched book was just published in 2023 by Sally K. Norton called Toxic Superfoods. Check out her website and/or please buy the book. My body was breaking down and I was very sick and nothing worked until I started lowering the oxalates/superfoods in my diet. Now I am 85% healed. And no, I did not have any kidney stone issues at all — once in the blood, science has proven that oxalates can travel all over the body and do body-wide systemic damage. It may be the reason behind your mystery symptoms.

Detox Bath Side Effects
Posted by Nicole L. (Philadelphia, PA) on 02/24/2023

What I've learned is that everybody's detox symptoms are different. Just because one of them coughs up blood and mucus doesn't mean that something bad is going on. And you are telling me to go see the doctor. That's the LAST place that I want to go. I will not go to the doctor, but instead I am going to do natural remedies. Like I said earlier, everybody's cleansing process is different. You can't question other people's symptoms and tell them that it's not a typical detox reaction. You don't know that particular person. Obviously something needs to be taken out of my system, which is why I cough up blood and mucus and have dark urine. I'm sorry, but I question anybody who questions my symptoms and tells me to go to the doctor and depend on them giving me pharmaceuticals. I don't think that you are for natural healing, but depending on Big Pharma.

Detox Bath Side Effects
Posted by Nicole L. (Philadelphia, PA) on 02/24/2023

And also, I am doing detox baths so I can get rid of the COVID vaccine that I took. I was injured by the vaccine.

Detox Bath Side Effects
Posted by Nicole L. (Philadelphia, PA) on 02/24/2023

There were a couple of people who use borax in their detox baths, and they said that their urine was darker. Somebody replied to them and said that it's a part of the detox reaction and it's taken toxins out of their body.

Detox Bath Side Effects
Posted by Skeptik (Lakeside) on 02/22/2023

Why are you doing the detox baths?

You might use just 1/4 cup of the bentonite and 1/4 cup of the epsom salt for now. Make sure the bentonite is not the pool grade variety.

1 teaspoon of tea tree oil seems like way too much.

Coughing up blood and dark urine do not appear to be a typical detox reactions. You should probably consult a specialist immediately.

Best wishes.

Detox Bath Side Effects
Posted by Nicole L. (Philadelphia, PA) on 02/22/2023

Hello, this is Nicole, and I have been taking detox baths twice a week for a month and a half faithfully. I use 1 cup Epsom salt, 1 cup borax, 1 cup baking soda, 1/3 cup of bentonite clay, 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil, 1teaspoon of pine needle oil, a little bit of dandelion root in powder form, a little bit of apple cider vinegar. Like I was saying earlier, I was taking detox baths with these ingredients for a month in a half, and I think by the 4th week, I am starting to feel some symptoms. My urine is darker than usual. I was coughing up mucus and blood, my bones were aching, I felt fatigued, etc. Is this the normal part of detox? I know that during detox, you will feel worse before you feel better. Please help me

Hydrogen Peroxide Baths
Posted by Dort (Brooklyn, NY) on 07/23/2021 3 posts

Use Good Ventilation When Removing Contaminants From Bath Water

When Removing any contaminants from bath water... Remember to ventilate the room very well as the contaminates will now be in vapor form, you don't want to inhale the contaminates anymore than bathe with them.

I personally wait 3 to 5 minutes before getting into the bath and allow the ceiling fan to do its job after adding the removal potion and departing quickly.

I love Hydrogen Peroxide baths (which will also remove contaminates). 1 8oz. cup of 35% FG to a full bath.

Magnesium Hot Baths
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 07/20/2021

HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here, and my '54 classmate lived in Hot Springs, ARK. and yet never took the detoxing baths, that I urged him to do. Once upon a time the whole world went to Hot Springs to do the magnesium hot baths. It was a neutral zone for the dreaded mafia and no family battles took place there. They went there to get well. All the bath houses are now gone except for one or two. We once went there to take the natural baths. When you went through the program, you ended up limp as a dish rag and you sleep that night. Their massage was not like you thought. It was about pulling your blood away from your heart and pushing it back. No one beat on your muscles. You cannot imagine the relaxation you feel and you slept like a baby that night. Too old to travel, but thinking about going back to Hot Springs to experience that joy one more time.


Sea Salt, Epsom Salt + Baking Soda
Posted by PB (NC) on 03/09/2019

I have been using dead sea salt, pink Himalayan salt and Epsom salts and baking soda (equal parts of each) since last spring with wonderful results. I soak 20 minutes or longer sometimes 3-4 times a week. I add essential oils, lavender, rose and store them in a huge glass jar in the bathroom. I noticed it has helped quite a bit with my fibromyalgia and arthritis. Sometimes I will use bentonite clay aka Montmorillonite for other baths. I found a little book on amazon called "Not Just a Room With a Bath" by Dr. Keith Souter published in 1995. I found it helpful. It lists the different things that can be added to a bath and what the benefits are as well as bath remedies. I am still searching for that perfect bath book that lists everything for every aliment!

Posted by Lori (Onalaska, Wi) on 10/12/2017


I am currently using Ancient Secrets Bath Salts from the dead Sea. That has been the last three weeks. Before that I was using a Celtic Sea Salt bath brine fluid. I really think the eye goop that I notice after my detox bath may have started to occur about two months ago when I gave up commercial shampoo and conditioner for diluted baking soda and diluted apple cider vinegar. Since my eye ability has decreased so much I wonder if I have a more serious problem.

Posted by Lori (Onalaska, Wi) on 10/11/2017

I was wondering if you could shed some light. I have recently made many changes to my health care. Most are natural with the addition of superfoods. My eye strength has plummeted in recent years. Since I started taking detox baths (soaking in salts for about twenty minutes) I have noticed stringy goop in my eyes when I am done bathing. I have to swipe my eye with my finger to remove it. Another relevant change that could have some affect is that I quit commercial shampoo and conditioner and replaced it with diluted baking soda and diluted apple cider vinegar for hair cleansing. I also use it on my skin. Do you have any intelligence to share on this issue? Thanks!

EC: Hi Lori, can you please clarify what you mean by "salts"? Pure epsom salt? Sea salt? Epsom Salt combined with other ingredients?

Epsom Salt and Baking Soda Bath
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 11/14/2016

When we have a long weekend, I find that little ones can be extra cranky on Mondays. (It helps to have more patience when you remember this, too! )

Today at 5 pm my 5 year old was melting down. He was crying and fussing about I don't recall what. It wasn't time for dinner yet and he had had a snack a bit earlier, so I didn't think he was hungry. (A good protein snack is really helpful for hungry and cranky little ones, just as an aside.)

Anyway it was too early to put him to bed and besides, he would need dinner.

So, I gave him a bath. I put about a half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of Epsom salt in the tub and added some bubble bath. (Nutribiotic makes one that is good. Regular bubble bath can cause UTI's.)

He soaked and played for a good half and hour and forgot about his troubles. I dried him off and dressed him and he was good to go until dinner and long after. I forgot about his earlier grumpies until I was telling my husband about the day.

A baking soda, epsom salt bubble bath would probably help a cranky adult, too. :)

~Mama to Many~

P.S. Do not leave small children unattended in the tub!

Posted by Newtoonquine (Uk) on 08/07/2016

Hi, both my boys, 9 and 3, had molluscum contagiosum. I've been using Dead Sea salt baths and it worked within a week for the 9 year old but hasn't for the youngest so I'm going to try Apple Cider Vinegar next. Thought you might like to know that Dead Sea salt is an option. I bought in bulk from Amazon as it is very expensive in small batches.

Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 04/14/2010

An interesting recipe I saw yesterday on a BBC program (Grow your own drugs):

Chamomile Bath Milk

NOTE: For the coconut cream, buy either tins or blocks of creamed coconut and follow the instructions to make it up into liquid form.

30g dried chamomile flowers (or 60g fresh)
500ml sunflower oil
20 drops of lavender essential oil
100ml coconut cream

1. Mix the chamomile flowers and sunflower oil together in a glass heat-proof bowl. Cover and place the bowl above a pan of simmering water. Simmer gently away for 1 hour, being careful the pan does not boil dry (make sure there is no gap between the pan and bowl), then leave to cool.

2. Once cool, strain the oil and discard the spent flowers. Stir in the lavender essential oil. The resultant chamomile and lavender-scented oil also makes a brilliant soothing skin and massage oil that will keep for up to 1 year.

3. To transform the floral oil into a dispersing bath milk: whisk the oil 1 tablespoon at a time into the coconut cream, making sure the mixture is thoroughly combined between additions of oil. You should end up with a rich milk, about the consistency of double cream. All you've got to do then is bottle it up.

USE: Pour 100-200ml of the milk into the bath. Can be used for adults, also children aged 2-16.

STORAGE: Keep refrigerated, and use within 1 month.