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Curaderm Reviews

Posted by Bev (OH, USA) on 09/07/2021

My husband developed squamous cell cancer on his bald head. The dermatologist wanted to make an appointment to have it cut out. I found Curaderm while researching the internet for alternative treatments. I applied it to the spot, following the directions that came with the cream. There were also some videos online that I found helpful. The lesion opened up and the cream burned in the beginning as it "ate" the cancer. But my husband was patient and willing to use it. It took about 8-10 weeks before it began to heal but eventually it did. The length of time is determined by how much cancer cells are in the skin. Some time later, the doctor's office called and ask about my husband and scoffed at the idea of a cream healing skin cancer. So my husband went in for an exam. The doctor was certain she was going to find cancer but after taking 4 skin samples, she had to later admit that there was no cancer. He never returned because unlike cancer that is cut out, no cells were missed. It was totally eradicated. He never had any more "suspicious" spots for the doctor to test.