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Posted by Michelle (Frederick, Md) on 06/23/2018

I had a mosaic/cluster plantar wart for almost 5 years. I didn't try to get rid of it for about 2 years, as I read that it would likely go away on its own and it wasn't really painful. But, instead it grew and spread even to other members of my family. At that point, I tried salicylic acid (gel and pads), using multiple brands, as well as two treatments with cantharidin (beetle juice) administered by the podiatrist. The latter was extremely painful, and I needed crutches for a few days after each treatment. All in all, the doctor and over-the-counter treatments probably cost me over $300 and a lot of frustration and pain.

Ready to give up, I read about the banana peels. I kept fresh banana peels on the wart 24/7 for about 4 days and then changed to nights only for the next 3 days. I would change out the peels every 12 hours and always ate the banana that I used to get the peels. Well, whatever I did, it worked! I noticed within 3 days that good things were happening to the looked more dried out. And, then I started to see beautiful fresh pink skin start to appear where I'd not seen nice skin in years. It was the coolest thing ever. Three weeks since I did the treatment, I have no sign of wart and my foot looks perfect. It was a truly amazing thing and made me a believer in at least trying "natural cures" before some of these other things, at least for plantar warts!

Posted by Daniel (Lynbrook Ny) on 11/04/2015

After 3 weeks of banana peels on my 1/2 inch wart now I'm wart free!! Didn't really believe it but I was out of options, dermatologist tried everything for a year but only made it worse, I mean isn't it unethical from the medical community to deviate patients into their methods that don't work instead of guiding the unsuspected public into a cure that really works and knowing that banana peel really works not provide the guidance a professional should provide? To me its an outrage, for all of those who don't believe in banana peel think again what has worked for your wart so far? Give it a chance, you wont regret it, to all of those bloggers out there thank you for posting your experiences if it wasn't for you guys I'd still have that disgusting thing on my finger.

Thanks again and good luck to those who are willing to try the banana peel!!

Replied by Personal Info
(New York)

I never believed it would ever work. I tried it and now my 1 inch wart is gone.

Replied by Debra

I've been going through painful treatments for 11 months, every 2 weeks, for nitro freezing on my foot.

So upset, I will try anything at this point. Banana peel starts tonight. Thanks so much.

Replied by Urch

Please I need to know if it is ripe or unripe banana

Posted by Kmcou (Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines) on 02/18/2010

I have tried putting banana peel overnight on my nephew's finger with wart growth measuring 2-3 cm overnight. after several days of using it, the wart was gone.

Posted by Yeah (Lodon, England) on 12/08/2009

its working the banana peel and im about 1 week into it the size of my warts have halved at least and im seeing results this is great thanks

Posted by Alvin (Sto Tomas, Batangas Philippines) on 07/03/2009

I started to noticed wart under my foot on May 2008. I went on wart removal(by burning it) a month after. But the wart came back right after the wound had healed. Tried to search the net for alternative solution and I found this site. It gave me hope and I promised myself to add my testimony in case my wart disappear. My wart is gone for 6 months now and my conscience is haunting me because of the promise I made... Now here it is.

ripe banana peel
duct tape (choose thick one w/c can be found in hardware store not 3M brand)


Clean the wart or after you take a bath and dry the affected area.
Cut a piece of banana peel with the same size of your wart.
Put the banana peel on top (or bottom in case its under your foot) of your wart with the inner part of the peel facing the wart.
Cover it with duct tape. As much as possible, cover the wart as if no air can penetrate.
In my case, the duct tape normally stays for 3 to 5 days. I have to clean the affected area again and put new peel and duct tape. Do this for 2-3 weeks until your wart become fluffy and white. The affected area will expand because the moist of banana peel has been absorbed by your skin. After 2-3 weeks, remove the duct tape and banana peel, soak your foot to hot water for 2 hours. The hotter the better. Well, in my case, I went to a natural hot spring near the mountain here in the Philippines. It was an overnight swimming with rum and friends. The next day, I had a hangover but noticed that my wart turned dark (underneath the skin) and felt hardened. We call it "langib" a dried blood on top of your wound when it starts to heal. Then after few weeks its gone.


Posted by Leslie (New Castle, PA) on 06/17/2009

My son had a huge wart on his thumb. We tried the over the counter liquid, that didn't work. Went to the dermatologist and they tried freezing it, then they tried using a laser to get rid of it. Nothing worked. I found information on your website to try banana peel and I am happy to report IT WORKED! At night we took a piece of banana peel and put it on the wart, flesh side down, and put a band aid on it to keep it in place. He did not wear it during the day. We did this for about 2 weeks and the wart is completely gone! (I froze the banana peel to keep it fresh.)

Posted by Worried Mom (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 06/07/2009

Hi, I have been trying the banana peel method on my daughter for about 10 days and it seems to be working! She has about 20 flat warts on each hand. The doctors would not listen to me and told me to be patient, that they would go away after 2 years maximum. Well, she's had them for five years now!!! I have really been encouraged by your posts and I am going to keep trying for another few weeks. We just tape the banana peel over the back of her hand, duct tape, and put a sock over it.

Posted by Rachel (Sligo, Ireland) on 06/06/2009

I have had about 35 warts on my right hand for the last two years! My mum and I tried everything we could to cure them. When my Mum found this website, we were desperate to get rid of my warts by now and would try anything so we said we'd give the banana peel a go.We rubbed the inside of the banana peel on my warts and stuck smaller pieces(1/2 inch squares) on with band-aids and left it on over night.To make sure they stayed on, we put on a glove and an elastic band over the glove. After about two weeks all my warts were gone! We know other peple who have warts too and we recomended banana peel to them.

Posted by Jean (Oshkosh, WI) on 05/20/2009

Banana Peels are removing warts. Three days ago my son's torso warts were irritated, inflamed, and spreading. I tried salyic acid on them and he screamed in pain, cleaned acid off. We had the doctor freeze his original 3 warts last fall, the procedure hurt and the warts spread. I read an article about banana peels in one of my favorite publications and had discussed it with my 7 year old a couple of weeks ago. As he recovered from the acid incident he agreed to do the banana peel. We cut a quarter sized piece of peel and secured it over his 2 original warts using an adhesive bandage. The next day one wart was completely flat and the residue from the wart was on the peel. We changed the dressing applying a new section of peel large enough to cover 4 warts. The next day the other original wart was completely flat. We are now working on a wart closer to the armpit. My boy is comfortable wearing his banana peel to school, is feeling no pain, and the rest of the family is astounded that this is even working as quick as three days in.

Replied by Lisa
(Sioux Lookout, Ontario Canada)

I have never heard of using banana peel for warts until I came on this site. Another cure for seed warts is rubbing a onion on it. My neighbor had one on her foot and my daughter had one on her foot and my neighbor told me that someone had told her to slice a onion and rub it on it 3 or 4 times a day and each time to rub it with a new slice and that in a week or so the wart would go away. I started doing this to my daughter and in about a week or so the wart was gone.

Some time after that I took my son to a dermatoligst and I was telling the dermatologist about the onion and how it got rid of my daughters wart and he said no that don't work the wart just goes inside of your body when you do that. My intuition or gut feeling was that he was just saying that because he was afraid that I might tell other people about it and knock him out of some buisness. I would have never believed that the onion would work until I tried it myself and seen the wart go away.

Replied by Monique

Hi, Our son had over 50 warts on each foot that we tried for a year to have removed. Nothing worked - not compound W, weekly vists for a year to a podiatrist who painfully scraped and put cyrogenic freeze on his foot each week, $300 in skin cancer medicine that caused him nosebleeds it was so powerful. He had clusters of warts that deformed his foot - it was to the point that I thought he was going to lose his feet and this kid played hockey 6 times a week.

Finally after turning to the internet, we started doing banana peels and duct tape every night - I set it up in our calendar to remind us. A couple of times early in the process we quit after a couple of weeks but finally I was so worried about his feet that we decided to do it and keep doing it because we really had nothing else and with this it seemed to stop it growing at least. I guess I was expecting faster results and completely taping his feet every night was a lot of work.

We did two other things:

I also tried to limit sugar in his diet which is really hard for an 11 year old who plays sports every day of his life and is so active. Something about sugar and the immune system.

We also seperated his socks (I had purchased triple what a person normally needs) and I put them thru a sanitize cycle when I had a load (2 hr wash with bleach).

The end of the story is that our son's feet are completely clear - wish I had before and after pictures because the results are truly amazing. His feet were so bad he would not let me take pictures but I really wish we had. Nothing short of a miracle if you ask me.

Good luck - I had to post this testimonial in case it helped someone else. It took a few months but it really did work. We used fresh banana peels since he loves peanut butter and banana for breakfast (we put it in a baggie in the fridge in the am to use at night).


Replied by Aanal
(Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India)

Hi, This is Aanal from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It seems very interesting and helpful. My husband is suffering from almost 30 warts on his right foot since last 3 months and he is in very painful condition. I am trying salycylic acid and other OTC drugs but it has no improvement. From today I will use Banana Peel. Would be very happy if it will beneficial.. Will keep posting if have any queries.. Thank You :)

Replied by Tom
(Raleigh, Nc)

I had 3 plantars warts show up on my feet at once just about, 2 on 1 foot inbetween 2 toes and 1 on the ball of the other foot. I picked at them for MONTHS, I even used sand paper and a razor blade and cut them off and they just came right back. Embarrassed wearing sandles

I finally went to the Podiatrist, He put on on 60% Sialic Acid paste, This stuff burned the crap out of me, The bandaids I used to keep this stuff in place would slip off or move and then the paste would pretty much kill all the skin on my foot and do very little to the wart itself.

Finally went to a different podiatrist and He put me on Formaldehyde 10% in a roller, Went on easy and dried pretty quick so no need for bandaids, I only applied it to my right foot warts 2 times a day because I had no faith in it at all.. 1 week later NOTICEABLE difference. 2-3 weeks later They where completely gone, And the wart on my left foot disappeared also. Im assuming it built up my bodys immune system!

Ask for this stuff!!!! Worked great I searched the internet and NEVER heard anybody talk about this stuff when getting rid of warts and I feel like people should know.

Replied by Sras
(Perth, Wa Australia)

Does the banana peel have to be the same size as the wart? Mine are all quite small and in about a 2cm square area so it's hard to cut lots of little banana peels. I just put a big chunk over the whole area for the first time, should I take it off?

Replied by Amber Medina
(Ridgway, Co)

When I was a teenager (about 20 years ago now) I had plantar wart that spread all over the bottom of my foot. My parents took me to the doctor and he said that there were different things I could try but it would be painful and more expensive than what he was about to suggest. He was hesitant a little but then told us that he read in one of his physician journals about the banana peel treatment and wanted to know if we were interested in trying it. He said he had never done this with a patient and had never actually seen it work. My parents agreed and I just started putting a piece of peel on the bottom of my foot and then I put a big Ziploc bag on my foot to keep it in place. Once the banana peel started turning black and mushy I just took it off and rinsed my foot. I did this in the evenings. After day 1 it already started looking better and I think it was just a couple weeks before they were all gone. It's worth the try for sure...

Posted by Ingrid (Irvington, NJ) on 05/17/2009

A few months ago I noticed a cauliflower shaped wart on my upper ear which appeared to grow over time. I've used this website for natural remedies in the past couple of years so I knew if there was a remedy that worked I would find it here. Anyway, a few days ago I decided to try the banana peel on my ear. I applied and left on overnight and change the next day; each day the wart got darker and shrank by the 3rd day a huge piece of the dried wart fell off! There is only a tiny piece left and I've applied another piece of banana peel this morning and anticipate the wart to be totally gone by in a couple of days. I have other warts on my neck that I'm about to try this remedy on!

Posted by Katie (Skipton, North Yorkshire, England) on 05/15/2009

WOW THIS REALLY IS A MIRACLE. It really does work 100%. My daughter is 4 years old and was covered in warts they started as a small cluster in the crook of her arm within a month they had spread right down her arm. I took her to the doctor who said to leave them alone they would go within two years. After 4 months she was covered down the whole of one side of her body.It was hard to see any skin. After numerous visits to the doctor and specialists they were still growing but by now they were catching on things and bleeding and were very sore. I couldn't take her swimming or have any of her skin showing they looked so bad, children can be so cruel. I did try other things first like Wartner but they didn't work and just hurt, but then i found this site. Thank you to all who left messages or i wouldn't have tried this. I put strips of banana skin on the warts at night held on by very large dressings because there was so many and in the morning we washed the skin with lemon juice. At first they seemed to get worse and i did think what am i doing but i am so glad we persevered. Some nights her skin was to sore so we just had a few nights off then start again. Banana skin at night washed off with lemon juice the next morning. It took about a month in total some just disappeared others a white core came to the surface so i just pulled it out with tweezers they did bleed a bit but then i just again washed with lemon juice and they dried up.All the warts have gone.Today we have just returned from seeing the skin specialist who can not beleive her skin. Even the doctor could not deney it works he said he had heard of this before, so why not tell people! I have been told they will not come back now they have gone. You will need to use bio oil afterwards to help the skin to heal with no scars, but my little girls skin is back to being beautiful, only people with warts will ever understand the pain of seeing your child so upset because people will not play with her because of the warts. Please if for nothing else other than curiosity or your at the end of your tether try this banana skin wrap.Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave good advise i will be eternally greatful.

Replied by Lon
(Stanhope, NJ)

It makes my heart glad to read about how this little girl was healed. Being a mother of a chronically ill child; I can relate to the suffering and worry that was experienced. I will definitely recommend this remedy to thankful this site exists. As to the skeptics, we are under DR care, but this site offered us ideas to try that were less invasive and more effective for certain antibiotic perpetuated, spreading, painful, long term health issues.I never would have known to try these remedies if i didn't find this site.

Posted by Kcisaak (Orem, Utah) on 04/25/2009

Banana Peels for Warts: My son had clusters of about 20 warts on both feet. We tried everything from over-the-counter medicines to having the frozen (three times). Nothing worked and they seemed to be getting worse and more painful. The doctor said the next step would be having them surgically removed. Out of desperation, I looked online and found this remedy. My son and I decided to give the treatment one month. Well, after one month the warts weren't gone but much improved. We decided to alternate nightly the acid medicine from the doctor with the bananas and after two weeks, the warts are completely gone. I've been recommending this to everyone I know with a wart.

Posted by Twitter (Switzerland) on 04/22/2009

Banana Peel feedback: My husband has had a large plantar wart on his heel for the last 3.5 years. Recently we've started using Potassium Iodide for various ailments, and one day I decided to soak some cotton and tape it to his foot. Within 2 days he took it off and said it turned black. He had gone out of town so he didn't have the pot. iodide to keep applying. When he go home he started again with Pot Iodide and then banana peels for the last 3 weeks. It's mostly gone! He's going to persist a few more days because he wants to be certain, but it's amazing. he had been to the dr. at least 5 times to have it frozen and it never worked. Love this remedy!

Posted by Serena (London, UK) on 04/15/2009

After almost 6 years of embarrassing warts on my fingers and trying pretty much every solution in the book, it was finally banana peels - of all things - that saved me. When the first wart appeared on the middle finger of my left hand, I went to my doctor and he said I should just leave it because they tend to disappear on their own. Of course it didn't disappear. It multiplied. I ended up with bigger clusters of warts and they just kept getting worse. Over the past 6 years, I have tried each of the following remedies:

- Wartner (an over-the-counter wart freezer). Painful, but no result, even after multiple attemps.
- Omega 3 (Fish) oil directly applied to the warts and then taped over at night. It didn't feel like anything was happening, because nothing was. I tried this for about a month.
- Having them burnt/frozen at a skin cancer clinic. This was incredibly painful and I would often feel faint afterwards because the freezing was so 'deep'. Even though the warts would turn into blood blisters than hardened and then peeled off, they just came back as if nothing had happened each and every time. I had this done at least 6 times across the course of two years or so.
- Apple-cider vinegar dipped into cotton wool and taped over with bandaids at night. This felt like it was doing something, because my fingers began to sting and it made it hard to fall asleep. The warts would 'swell' and become very white, but even after doing this for a month, there was no real difference, so I gave up.
- For a long time I tried simply wearing bandaids on them 24/7, partly to save myself the embarrassment, and partly because I had read that you could kill them this way. It didn't work.
- Laser-treatment at a cosmetic surgery. This was by far the most expensive treatment, but at this stage I didn't care so long as it worked. It cost 100 for each visit, and I visited three times. It was effective for a new wart on my knee, but did nothing for any of the warts on my hands. After even the cosmetic surgeon expressed doubts that it would work, I turned to:
- Bazuka wart-remover (available in the UK). This was another over-the-counter remedy, and I had to modify the directions a little bit to make it work. Instead of applying it every night and peeling it off every morning, I found that if I left it on two days straight, let it get a little wet underneath the bandaid when I had a shower, and then peeled it off afterwards, that worked better. It does seem to have some effectiveness, but it makes your skin very dry and painful. It worked for one wart, but not others, and it was around this time anyway that I discovered:

THE BANANA PEEL REMEDY. By this stage I had all but given up. After years of expensive, smelly, painful and messy treatments, I figured I didn't have much to lose by turning to the ridiculous. I tell you what, I am SO glad I found this web-page with all the testimonials on it, and I cannot believe that I didn't come across it sooner.

It WORKS. It really works. I started cutting the inside of a banana peel (unfrozen) to a small wart on my thumb overnight first to see what would happen, and when it started to look different, I decided I'd try it on some of the others. I couldn't believe it when I started to notice a huge different almost immediately. They didn't turn black, as some people have had happen, they just SHRANK.

They are almost completely gone now. It has taken about 6 weeks, but I would say in another two or three weeks they will have disappeared completely. There is no scarring, there are no bad smells, it isn't the messiest of treatments out there, and it works really quickly.

Thank you so much to all the people who have left messages on this site. I am really very grateful. I guess most of you would understand how freeing it feels to finally be able to show my hands in public! I had to devise all sorts of ways of covering them up over the years, and it's hard to break that habit. I find myself trying to hide my hands, and then realise I don't really have to anymore!

Posted by Ginger (Golden, Colorado, USA) on 04/09/2009

I have had a wart just below my knuckle (on the finger side) for about 2 years. This wart was small but vey painful. I tried using the paint-on wart remover stuff for 5 weeks. Didn't work. I had it frozen twice. Didn't work. I was about to make an appointment to get it cut off when I happened on this forum.

I had nothing to lose so I cut a small square of banana peel and taped it over the wart (white part down) each night for 5 nights. I didn't think anything was happening (or it might even have felt a little worse) so I stopped. About three days later the skin around the wart dried up and fell off along with most of the wart. A few more days later, the rest of it dried up and fell off. Now it's difficult to tell where it was and the area is no longer painful.

I didn't think this would work at all but it worked for me. You have nothing to lose if you try it!

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