Cure for Warts! The Banana Peel Home Remedy

Banana Peel Feedback
Posted by Mountain Gal (Young Harris, Ga) on 09/29/2014

I tried the banana peel and it works!! Cover and tape at night. Takes several nights. My plantar warts were so painful I could not bear weight. I prefer using home remedies.

Application Tips
Posted by Mike (Longview, Tx, Us) on 09/18/2011

Hi This is Mike,

I wanted to let y'all know that I have tried the banana peel on the wart and all the other medicines on the over the counter and on the doctors side they did not work for me. I am not saying that it didn't work, but not for me. I had to go to the doctor and actually have them remove it they had numbed my hand then burned it off that's the only way I actually was able to have it off but it feels so great having it off finally after 10 to 15 years.

Application Tips
Posted by Precious (Lagos State) on 01/19/2018

Hi, please I have warts too... A big one and 2small mean I should just apply only the banana peels and I will be free from this mess?....cos am actually scared

EC: Yes, apply the inside layer of the banana peel to a wart.

Posted by Yeah (Lodon, England) on 12/08/2009

its working the banana peel and im about 1 week into it the size of my warts have halved at least and im seeing results this is great thanks

Application Tips
Posted by Rajalakshmi Swami (Pune, Maharashtra, India) on 05/23/2009

Hello, This is Rajalakshmi Swami from Pune, India. I read with interest your write-up on "Application tips" for plantar warts. I am having a chronic wart on the sole of my left foot, under the third toe for the past 30 years. After reading about the banana peel as a permanant cure for plantar warts, I have been applying the peel for the past two months but there is only 10% effect. As you have said, the banana peel does not seem to work for all plantar warts. Then I read youre feedback on this and became interested in trying out white vinegar application. I have a few questions to ask you:

1. What should be the exact concentration of the white vinegar? (The one that i found in the local market is 3.75 ml. of acetic acid in 100 ml water.
2. I found the non-fruit white vinegar. Will this do?
3. When should it be applied?

I would very much appreciate an urgent reply.

Application Tips
Posted by Lynnbb (Ann Arbor, Michigan) on 01/19/2010


I must make a comment on your application tip. If you think it doesn't matter how it is applied, then why didn't it work for you? I have been seeing mine reduce in size every night that I remember to put a piece of peel on my wart. Sorry it didn't work for you but you didn't do it right.

Please don't give advise when you didn't get a good response, that doesn't help anyone. We have been cutting a bit of a very ripe banana and keeping it on with a bandaid. We have only done it over night because it is too hard to do during the day. It is working!


Application Tips
Posted by Aaron (Wauwatosa, Wi) on 04/16/2010

Rajalakshmi Swami (or anyone who knows how to send this to them),
Check this success story that I got off of the web

Name: Emily
Location: Michigan, United States
Date: April 01, 2010

I CANNOT believe this actually works. But it does! I'd tried everything, including having my doctor cryo my wart off, but instead it just got bigger. To the point where my tiny plantar wart on my heel/instep had become a massive almost quarter sized beast.

Here's my recipe for success. I did this every night after I got home from work:

Take a bucket or large mixing bowl, fill with water as hot as you can stand it (I'd run it as hot as it can go). Take a measuring cup or eyeball to add two cups of AC Vinegar. Soak your foot for an hour. I'd sit on the end of my bed and watch the TV for an hour.

Wash your foot. Take a cotton ball or folded up piece of toilet tissue, soak in vinegar. Put on top of the wart, then duct tape it to your foot. Cover over with a sock. Go to sleep.

The next time you go to repeat this process, before you soak your foot, take a nail file (emery board) and file off the dead wart. You'll it's dead because the sucker will turn black. The vinegar is eating the wart and pushing it out of the foot, and you're basically filing the dead wart off.

It took about four days for me to feel any kind of discomfort, but, it will hurt to the point of tears after you start to get down to the root of the wart when sleeping with the vinegar taped to your foot. Try taking an aspirin before you soak your foot so that you're comfortably numb by the time the pain hits.

Despite the pain, I did not skip a day. I filed the wart even when it hurt. Exactly one week and a half to the day, my wart "fell off". I was filing it, and it started to chunk off revealing red skin underneath. Underneath the wart had turned white, and the middle didn't have any black skin left. I took a pair of nail clippers and just clipped it right off revealing pink, non-wart skin! I'm wart free for the first time in my life! And all it took was a few gallons of vinegar.

Application Tips
Posted by Rob (Northeast, Usa) on 01/06/2015

I find it so interesting that a banana peel can cure plantar warts! This could be some indication of potassium deficiency I suppose.

I didn't try this when I figured out how to get rid of plantar wart that I struggled with for 2 years prior to having any success, but somewhat natural methods worked for me as well. I covered the verrucas in duct tape every day, soaked it in epsom salt water each day and eventually used salicylic acid pads and got rid of it in a matter of weeks.

Good luck! -Rob

Banana Peel Feedback
Posted by Alice (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 04/09/2009

I think the banana peel is excellent for drawing the black dots out of the plantars wart. It seems to work like a poutice. My 9 year old daughter had the plantars wart frozen at the doctors surgery at least 5 times to no avail. I also spent $30 on the over the counter freezing method and that was a waste of time and money. I decided to do some research of my own and quickly found this website. We diligently applied the small squares of banana peel to the wart at bed time covered with a bandaid and a sock. After the the first night I was amazed the next morning when I saw how much of the black had been drawn out of the wart. I continued with this method for about a month and then finished the treatment off with some compound W. We are very pleased to say the wart has gone. The banana peel was amazing, but I do think the compound W is required at the end.

Banana Peel Feedback
Posted by Mallik (Columbus, OH) on 04/02/2009

Warts cured with banana peel: I was skeptical about the banana peel as a patch to my wart on right foot. Just had a liquid nitrogen freeze method, and boy that was PAINFUL!! My doctor said we need to repeat atleast 2 more times and he was still not hopeful that it will be gone. I was unable to even walk properly before and after the freezing process. It took 3 days after the freezing, for me to walk properly. So could not imagine the thought of doing this 2 more times of the same.Read this banana peel and thot, what do i lose? It aint any chemical that might affect me adversely, its a simple banana peel!, so went home and applied a small piece of peel, and put a tape across it and slept. Did not feel much differnce in first two days, but i still continued for a week, boy that was magical, my pain was almost gone and i was able to run on treadmill normally. Encouraged by results i did for another 10 days and the wart is gone including the mark! Now sometimes i have tough time finding if it was right or left foot! lol. Thanks to the banana peel advice, it works very goood.

Banana Peel Feedback
Posted by Tracey (Scotland) on 03/07/2009

I discovered 3 little warts on the knee of my 7 year old son a few weeks ago. I checked on Earth Clinic and found the wart remedy. A few weeks later and the warts are gone. My son is delighted and I would definitely recommend this for anyone with warts. Simple and painless. Thank you EC

EC: You didn't say, so we're guessing you tried the popular banana peel remedy for warts. Please let us know if you tried something else!

Banana Peel Feedback
Posted by Paul (Sydney, NSW) on 03/01/2009

Banana Peel for Plantar Warts Worked! After two attempts with more persistence the second time - after being inspired by the testimonials here the Banana peel cure has worked a treat for me.

Initially, I was very excited to discover the Banana peel cure for Plantar warts that has seemed to have worked for so many. I'd had my first and only Plantar for about three months on the middle of the sole of my left foot. Previously I'd tried acid prescribed from my GP which hardened the skin - which i scraped with a scalpel but to no avail.

When i tried the Banana peel first - changing daily - i was on holidays and in the surf daily, and it didn't seem to work well.

On the second attempt, I was more persevering and instead of daily changed weekly using a combo of the duct tape. Also I ate more Bananas (about one a day) which I don't do previously as i wonder whether this may be part of the cure.

This is about my third week now and i must say no more pain. My food still looks a bit shabby with peeling skin etc but no pain or stony lump that characterized the wart. I'm confident its 98% cured. Will post again once its 100%.

Here's the method i followed:
1) Cut a small piece of fresh banana peel about 2cm square
2) Put it with the inside bit, the bit where the banana is, against my foot where the wart is/was
3) Rub it around a bit
4) Seal it to the sole of my foot with medical fabric tape (bandage-like duct tape)
(note i covered it with two pieces of tape broader than the peel so as to seal it - which was pretty much watertight)
5) Wait one week, remove clean, dry and repeat from 1)

Banana Peel Feedback
Posted by Paul (Sydney, NSW) on 03/30/2009

I can now report this worked 100%. All i can say is wow! And thank you!

Rose Food
Posted by Tiffany (Asheville, North Carolina) on 07/30/2013

I was wondering what I could do with the 5 banana peels I had left over after making banana bread and went online and saw the posts on Earth Clinic about banana peels for warts AND how they are great rose food because of their high potassium! We have lots of rose bushes at our house. Yea! I baked the banana peels on 350 for about an hour until they were crispy (could have down it faster with the broiler, but didn't think of it in time). Then I put them in my morter and pestle and ground them down. Finally, I took a few tablespoons of the ground banana peels and dug them a few inches down into the dirt around all of our rose bushes. Cool!

Posted by Kmcou (Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines) on 02/18/2010

I have tried putting banana peel overnight on my nephew's finger with wart growth measuring 2-3 cm overnight. after several days of using it, the wart was gone.

Posted by Jean (Oshkosh, WI) on 05/20/2009

Banana Peels are removing warts. Three days ago my son's torso warts were irritated, inflamed, and spreading. I tried salyic acid on them and he screamed in pain, cleaned acid off. We had the doctor freeze his original 3 warts last fall, the procedure hurt and the warts spread. I read an article about banana peels in one of my favorite publications and had discussed it with my 7 year old a couple of weeks ago. As he recovered from the acid incident he agreed to do the banana peel. We cut a quarter sized piece of peel and secured it over his 2 original warts using an adhesive bandage. The next day one wart was completely flat and the residue from the wart was on the peel. We changed the dressing applying a new section of peel large enough to cover 4 warts. The next day the other original wart was completely flat. We are now working on a wart closer to the armpit. My boy is comfortable wearing his banana peel to school, is feeling no pain, and the rest of the family is astounded that this is even working as quick as three days in.

Banana Peel Feedback
Posted by D (Los Angeles, CA) on 02/17/2009

Had plantar warts for 5 years I know how you guys feel. I first had them burned off with electricity. Came back burn it off again. Got bigger. Then went to another Dr and frozen it off turned all my skin black! After 3 weeks thought it was gone skin look all pink and smooth then 2 weeks later came back. Went to another Dr and froze it and used 80% acid then went back and froze it again then used acid. One day at work I google around to see other kinds of treatment and then found this site. I was sceptical but after all the reviews I decided to give it a tried. First night I taped a (ripe) yellow banana skin with duct tape and slept and kept it on all day and went to work. At night took it off my skin was black. I thought it was from the banana because it had turned black too. Did the same thing for 2 more nights. I decided to let it rest for 2 days. After the second day of resting the dead black skin started to fall off and I could see red pink skin underneath. After one more day I put another banana skin and taped it. At night the banana turned black but not my skin after the dead skin fell off. Right then I knew it wasn't the banana skin that made my skin turned black. It was the wart dying. Boy was I happy. I wish I knew about this treatment earlier and not spending all the time and money on the Dr not to mention the pain, time off from work, stress, and scared of going anywhere bare foot like swimming with friends. I want to thank God for letting me find this site.

Banana Peel Feedback
Posted by Katrina (Washington, DC/USA) on 02/11/2009

I have some flat warts on the back of my hand. I tried taping banana peel on it and sleeping with it for 7 days straight. The results are that the warts are still there. There are now more of them. On top of that, the area where the banana peel was now has some horrible eczema. I'm now treating the eczema, which I didn't have before, with aloe vera.

Banana Peel Feedback
Posted by Chase (Oklahoma City, Oklahom) on 01/21/2009

I had almost given up on my warts. I got them about 5 years ago, on my right hand, about 4 of them. The only one that really bothered me was this one on my first knuckle. It started out really small but grew and grew to about the size of a large pea. So after about 4 years I finally tried getting it frozen, which worked out HORRIBLY. The pain of it wasn't bad, it was just a really annoying, bothersome, pain. After getting it frozen 3 times, it would turn brown and fall off, only to come back bigger than before, and after my last treatment the wart recruited some back up, and now there are a few odd-shaped warts around the first one. So I really just gave up. I'm very self-concsious of them and it really depresses me. I have really close friends that see it and call it gross and stuff, in a joking manner, but they don't realize how much it really hurts my feelings. Anyway, my aunt who is a nurse, tells me to try this bannana peel thing, and I thought, "I'll try it but i doubt it will work". So first I googled the rememdy and found this site, and I'm very optimistic. I just started it today and its been about 6 hours and the warts are already turning a clear/white color, like their dying. I really hope this works as for me, it will be a HUGE self-esteem booster.

Banana Peel Feedback
Posted by Karina (Sydney, Australia) on 01/14/2009

I'm from Sydney, Australia. When I was younger my mother used banana peel on my wart that I had on my left hand. She would cut out a small square big enough to cover the entire wart and then placed a bandaid over it to keep it in place. We would change it half way through the day and before I went to bed at night. The results were FANTASTIC. I recommend it to anyone who is has a wart because it is also pain free. No one ever believes me that it works because most people think it's really funny to wear banana peel around-- but what works better than nature itself?

100% effective!

Banana Peel Feedback
Posted by Monica (Langhorne, PA) on 12/09/2008

My 9 year old daughter developed two warts: one on her toe and one on her finger, both near the nail. I decided to try the banana peel remedy. The one on her finger came off in three days. The one on her toe, which had been there for several months came off in five days leaving a little sore indent where it had been. She has no pain at all. Amazing!

Banana Peel Feedback
Posted by Suzanne (Westlake Village, California USA) on 11/03/2008

My husband is a doctor who tried 3 times to freeze the wart on the bottom of my foot. But it just made it bigger and more sore. In the past year I've used salicylic acid, burning and scraping to no avail. I've been in pain most of that time. Three days ago I read about the banana treatment. My husband laughed at me and said, "maybe you should try magnets, too." But I did it anyway. I used duct tape to hold the banana skin to my foot. In 24 hours that wart was dying. In 48 hours I was pain free. My foot is finally healing. I am so grateful. Even though my husband makes a living by burning warts off people, I told him it would be malpractice if he didn't recommend this treatment to his patients. It's easy and fast.

To the few people for whom this treatment didn't work, maybe what you have is not a wart. Have your doctor check to make sure it's not a mole or a cancerous skin patch.

Banana Peel Feedback
Posted by PlantarBeGone (Suffolk County, NY) on 09/22/2008

The plantars keep coming back and spreading despite the bananas. Too bad. I got my hopes up. :(

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