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| Modified on Mar 25, 2023

Alfalfa - it's got a funny name, and we mostly associate it with livestock forage, but this simple legume in the pea family of plants is a genuine superfood. Alfalfa is rich in several vitamins and minerals including potassium, phosphorus, biotin, folic acid, iron, and calcium as well as vitamins A, C, E, all the B vitamins, and vitamin K4 with the addition of a rather large portion of protein for a plant source. However, various isoflavones in alfalfa may offer the most exciting health benefits.

Alfalfa is also known as lucerne and has the scientific moniker of Medicago sativa. It is a flowering, perennial legume favoring warmer climates. Most of the plant is used nutritionally and medicinally, including seeds, leaves, and sprouts. Alfalfa sprouts (easily grown at home and ready to eat in 3-4 days) and alfalfa powder have become the most popular forms for use as a nutritional supplement. However, when growing sprouts always be careful about cleanliness and cross-contamination, as salmonella or e. coli infections are always a concern.

Discover Alfalfa Sprouts & Alfalfa Powder Benefits for Health!

Those previously mentioned isoflavones perform roles as antioxidants and phytoestrogens within the body, fighting cancer and other bodily damage - with strong indicators in the prevention of breast cancer. However, the best evidence for alfalfa supports the use of alfalfa seeds to lower cholesterol by blocking cholesterol absorption, with a positive effect on total cholesterol and LDL levels. Alfalfa supplements are also used for urinary health, digestive health, diabetes, arthritis, and other health conditions. However, it should be noted that long-time, continuous dietary intake of alfalfa sprouts can cause a lupus-like syndrome.1



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Posted by Paul (San Francisco) on 01/26/2020

Interesting. Don't think it's a placebo effect. I gave it to my wife for her tendonitis, and on day two her mucus (allergy) symptoms disappeared as well. Cheeses normally cause an excess mucus production in her and even after eating a pizza she was totally clear.

Posted by Louisa (Va) on 03/06/2018

I started taking alfalfa for my joints. I noticed that my chronic allergy symptoms disappeared! (I tend to have a runny nose most of the time.) I wasn't trying to fix the allergies so I don't think this was a placebo effect.

I was taking 2 tablets several times a day. Alfalfa is a pretty cheap supplement to take. The pills are a little hard to get down, I will say.


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Posted by Ag (England) on 04/18/2012

Alfalfa is a great immune system booster and if the boils you previously had, had been contracted by bacteria getting into your skin via a cut and your immune system wasn't strong enough to fight it, then that's why the alfalfa is working for you now! Alfalfa is a wonderful plant.

Posted by Janet (Poynette, Wi Usa) on 11/28/2010

Years ago I used to have recurring boils. I started taking alfalfa tablets daily and have never had one since.

Replied by Obeybunny
(Santa Ana, Ca, Usa)

What was the dosage of alfalfa tablets you used? 2 a day? 5 a day? 1 once every other day? Taken on an empty stomach? Taken while eating a vegetable- only diet? Do you continually use alfalfa tablets to this day or did alfalfa cure your boils permanently with one use? Sorry, I don't mean to pry, but a friend just got a bunch of alfalfa sprouts for Christmas and wanted to know what she could do with them. That's why I want to know what the effective dose is.

Thank you

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Posted by Jemster (Wisconsin) on 07/19/2013

I've suffered from chronic fatigue last 3yrs and had miserable infections along with it. Can't see doctors anymore due to wasting my money on them before with no luck. I no longer can work and still try to recover on my own. I take DHEA and it has boosted my energy levels a lot. But only downfall is my brain fog is still happening every single day. I heard Alfalfa is good for pituitary gland and can nourish the body back to health. Perhaps this could help me too? I've tried a lot of things from Vitamins to herbs to meds. Nothing has helped but DHEA after 3yrs but there is still NOTHING helping my brain fog. Not even aceytl l cysteine. Not a healthier diet or more exercise. It's like I'm cursed and I should die off soon. But I'm going to try Alfalfa anyway and see what happens. Do you have comments on Alfalfa helping adrenal fatigue???

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

Coconut oil helps the brain utilize glucose.... Start slow if you use it , it regulates blood sugar, fights fungus / bacteria/ microbes / virus

Drinking water half an hour before eating or drinking nutrients helps the body process the nutrients and hydrates the body and brain

Lecithin helps with memory and also B-12

Magnesium helps with almost everything because food is deficient in it becaue of the soil depletion and fertilizers cause the plants to be unable to take it up from the soil... there are many types , try an epsom salt bath and see if you feel better.

Low vitamin D can cause multiple health problems

Low progesterone in women can also cause a lot of health problems as we age... Dairy and meat and poultry have hormones in them throwing our hormones out of balance and hormones affect the brain.

Replied by Rex
(Sarasota, Fl)

Dear sir,

Please don't lose hope. You are on the write track. Put good things in your body and take bad things out and you will begin to do better.

1. Detox and 2. take healthy bacteria. Don't give up. Be resourceful and you will have victory!!!
There is some cheaper ways to detox if you can't afford to spend. Go on juice fasts!!! (be reasonable so you don't get discouraged) Start with a few days of a juice fast if thats all you can take. If you have discipline to go 4 days then go 4 days. Juice organic carrots, beet, celery, garlic, and add other vegies too if you want. Do a colon cleanse first, then a kidney cleanse, and then a liver detox. Don't give up. You will have victory!!!

Consider trying to find a holistic doctor to do a glutathione IV therapy. Do one glutathione IV and you may find huge results in it if is toxic related. Also, another IV therapy practice suggests Vitamin C IV for Chronic Fatigue Syndrom. They say that this type IV is having effective results. (learn to adminster IV's on your own for a much cheaper method)(must be bold for this and do it very safely).

Consider infared sauna for detoxing if you can find one and afford it. But sitting in a hot attack can help you sweat a lot too. Be resourceful. (becareful) brainstorm, research and have hope. There are many ways to detoxify. Use more than one. Use more than two ways.

I also had major brain fog at one time, and I so happened to read Jordan Rubens book Patient Heal thyself. This is probably a major answer for you. By going to the doctor you mayhave killed a large amount of the healthy bacteria in your gut. (They do not warn us about these things)!! I may have experienced the same brain fog.

I started taking somthing called homeostatic soil organisms. Also known as, healthy bacteria. I took a huge amount. I purchased a large bottle of 240 tablets and took 8 a day. I felt funny for several days, but I kept taking them. My brain fog was one. My body came back into balance and the good bacteria was responsible.

I've also personally experienced memory loss at a young age. I read an article in Life Extension magazine on Magnesium Threonate and how it was helping old people to have better memory within 21 days. I started to take it and my memory improved in 2 weeks time.


Posted by Karl (Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada) on 01/08/2011

Could the use of Alfalfa tablets, benefit someone with gout, or could a gout flareup be caused by the iron content in the Alfalfa or in any other iron rich food source, if a person were to have to much iron in their body. Thank you, healthy248(at)gmail(dot)com

Replied by James
(Boise, Id)

Please note that alfalfa promotes blood clotting.

Hair Growth

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Posted by Candy (Riverdale, NY) on 07/07/2008

I used Alfajuice (manufactured by Solaray) supplements along with carrot and lettuce juice for about 6 weeks and I have noticed a increased growth in the length of my hair. The side effect is weight gain.

Kidney Stones

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Posted by Kathy (West Salem, IL) on 11/15/2006

I took Shaklee's Alfalfa for my kidney stones. I had 3 large ones and Dr was set to blast them.Did a Cat Scan to locate them and was shocked to find them gone. He gave God the credit but I did drink lots of water and took 20 4 times a day of Alfalfa. Had read that someone else had done this and it worked for them. It worked for me too. For the bleeding I had in my first experience I have learned that Magnesium relieves that. I drank lots of water too. It cured 3 stones that the doctor described as bigger than a 50 cent piece. I really like the idea of the lemon juice and olive oil. But I tried that and like others it did not work for me. But appreciated knowing this to share with others that might find it works for them.

Replied by Tom
(Washington State)

The lemon and olive oil is for gallstones, not kidney stones;)

EC: Not true. To date, 389 Earth Clinic readers have had success with lemon and olive oil for kidney stones. Here's the page, recipe, and reader reviews:

(Illinois, USA)
487 posts

It doesn't appear to matter which stones you have and, in truth, reality has no regard for what people believe they know.

Replied by vr

thanks for posting this info! I've read lime + alfalfa works good too.

Kidney stones ugh :(

Replied by Victor

I just had kidney surgery on my left and right kidneys.

Replied by KT

I was in excruciating pain from kidney stones because I could not void. After I took 2 T of Lemon Juice and Olive Oil. I got instant relief and was able to urinate. KT


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Posted by Izzy3 (Vero Beach, Fl) on 02/05/2010

Morgellons cure

A woman named Daisy Baleen claimed she was cured by alfalfa tablets and sun detergent, she also said she took alfalfa internally, however hers is the only case I have ever read on the net that has spoken of success with this, has anyone on the forum or at Earth Clinic ever heard of ANYONE else who has been cured or helped by taking Alfalfa, I'm afraid to use it due to having the insect type morgellons, and we all know bugs LOVE alfalfa !!!

Replied by Diane
(Tulsa, Ok)

Just curious, I've seen this claim of Sun Detergent & Alfalfa curing morgellons. . . I doubt it and tried it and really didn't notice any difference. Have others tried it. . . If we could take a little poll and put this one to rest as to whether it works or not. . . . Would be useful. Maybe I didn't do it right or maybe it is not that effective. . . . Thanks for your replies

Replied by Lisa
(Pierre, Sd)

I sincerely believe that bathing for hours in Sun laundry Detergent w/bleach and at least 25 alfalfa tablets saved my life. Before I tried this I was lifeless. I had no strength, couldn't stay awake and the lesions and swelling was getting worse! Nothing that the doctors prescribed was helping. It took a few of these baths before we noticed that there were no new lesions and the old ones were finally healing, so I continued with the baths for about 3 more weeks. I don't feel this cures you 100%, but I have not had anymore lesions for 2 years now and have gone back to work full time.

Replied by Karlisha
(Jacksonville, Florida)

I saw this remedy as well. I have had morgellons for almost five years now and with a lot of scarring and down to only a dozen "sores", I desperately tried this remedy (alfalfa and Sun detergent) and it made it extremely worse. I'm back to the days it all began. I'm happy this worked on the lady but on me, it definitely DID NOT. I do know that somehow, with me, it is connected to my nerves and anxiety. The less stress I have, the better they get but I am SO tired of these things, I can't wait for something to get rid of them once and for all!

Replied by Morgellons
(London, England, Uk)

I have started using Alfalfa in the bath with 1-1. 5kg table salt. Loads come out of me mainly white and brown tiny ones, the feeling this gives me is amazing. I remember my first experience with Alfalfa an orange blob came out of my legs this left me in disorientated for a few minutes I couldn't believe my eyes. Even today white big clumps leave my body now mainly the back of my legs. Grape seed extract(Liquid) 10-15 drops in water 3 times a day kills pathogens. Internal cleaning am a big fan of so far have done the Parasite next on my list is the Bowel. Using Jason shampoo and conditioner helps. If anyone has got any questions or would like a chat feel free to add email me sweetiepie212121(at)yahoo(dot) co(dot)uk am also on facebook.

Replied by Tim
(Orlando, Florida)

I have been taking supergreen herbal tablets from health food store and also alfalfa tablets for the past 2 weeks-BIG DIFFERENCE. Try to eat alkaline foods-no animal protein-learn to eat tofu. I also take whole food vitamin supplements daily and drink water with freshly squeezed lemon slices in it-make a big jug of it. Keep your body alkaline and you will see a big difference.

Replied by Linda
(Oak Ridge, Tennessee)

I think the bugs are taking things into the body for their nest. Have you ever seen an ant carry 7 times it weight well these bugs can do the same thing. People are seeing things at the mouth of their sores and I thing it is the bugs trying to take things into the body and the stuff gets tangle up in the shin at this point, so when people see it they think fibers are coming out of the body when it is really the stuff the bug tried to take into the body, but I might be wrong. I also think they are smart they will get together two or three of them and move things sometimes people think they look like lint but they curl up into a ball and are in under the lint or inside of the lint. The only time you can see them is after they just drunk your blood and they are red at this point while other times you can see through them.

Non-GMO Alfalfa

Posted by David (AK, US) on 06/07/2014

Are there sources of Non GMO Alfalfa tablets?

Replied by Darah
(Morrison, Colorado)

Shaklee Alfa is definitely NON GMO! Darah Velesbir Shaklee distributer ZD11695

Side Effects

Posted by Foundations4health (Houston, Tx) on 10/08/2011

In response to alfalfa causing lupus. It was my understanding that an amino acid known as L-canavanine is known to cause lupus like symptoms in those who have not been diagnosed with lupus. It has also been known to cause flare ups in those who have been diganosed with lupus. Alfalfa seeds and sprouts have high levels of this amino acid but the leaves have far lower levels.

So, it is not that alfalfa causes lupus but that a protein in alfalfa has been know to cause lupus like symptoms. This amino acid can be found in other foods.

I would say that the health benefits of alfalfa are well documented and favorable when used in moderation. If you have been diagnosed with lupus, an alternative to alfalfa might be the best route for you.

Replied by Dano
(North Carolina)

L-Canavanine is only found in alfalfa sprouts. The mature plant does not contain it. It is likely used by the sprouts as a defense against animal predation.