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Kidney Stones
Posted by Kathy (West Salem, IL) on 11/15/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I took Shaklee's Alfalfa for my kidney stones. I had 3 large ones and Dr was set to blast them.Did a Cat Scan to locate them and was shocked to find them gone. He gave God the credit but I did drink lots of water and took 20 4 times a day of Alfalfa. Had read that someone else had done this and it worked for them. It worked for me too. For the bleeding I had in my first experience I have learned that Magnesium relieves that. I drank lots of water too. It cured 3 stones that the doctor described as bigger than a 50 cent piece. I really like the idea of the lemon juice and olive oil. But I tried that and like others it did not work for me. But appreciated knowing this to share with others that might find it works for them.