Discovering the Health Benefits of BHT: New Research and Findings

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Posted by Tyler Vincent (Canyon BC) on 04/10/2020
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Quoting your article, "Some may be concerned because BHT is man-made. Not everything that is man made is dangerous. Indeed, plenty of “natural” substances can be highly toxic." Apparently, BHT has been found to be created by fungi that grow on olives. See: So... its a natural compound, humans found a way to synthesize it, just like the fungis did.

Replied by Swfowkes
(Cupertino, California)
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There have also been close to ten reports of BHT being found naturally in plants. I added this to The BHT Book just for its shock value. But I have my doubts. Tertiary-butyl groups are extremely rare in biological systems and the potential for environmental and laboratory contamination needs to be considered. For example, BHT could be found on plants from the spraying of pesticide or herbicide on agriculture fields miles away. Packaging materials (like the cardboard and plastic liners used for corn flakes) might be used by scientists to collect samples without realizing the contamination. Regarding olive oil, if the samples were collected from olive-orchard containers that previously held oil preserved with BHT, it would show up the next year or two as a trace contaminant despite any fungal contribution. BTW, thanks for the citation! I had not seen it before.

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Posted by Byhisstripes (Lagos) on 04/05/2015

Oscar, you are a life saver! Having read your story and your remarkable recovery and the hundreds that has benefited from you rich counsel ...I say thank you.

i was diagnosed with HBV 2012, I've been on milk thistle, carrot juice and lots of leafy greens and veggies and lots of dandelion tea. My enzymes have been significantly low and the viral loads has been less than 1500 over the years.


  • Very dark brown urine
  • Loss of Muscle mass
  • Digestive challenges
  • Weight Loss:from 80kg in 2012 to 69kg now (underweight)
  • Fibroscan read 8.0 late last year
  • cervical spondylosis

Please I need advice, would you recommend BHT for me?

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Byhisstripes from Lagos: I wish to begin my response by asking you :

1. How old are you ?

2. Are you male or female ?

3. How tall are you ?

The reason I ask these questions are to establish if you are under weight or not. Also fully 90% of all people over age 65 do have some degree of spinal degeneration.

But this dark urine is often but not always a sign of liver failure. There are other conditions that can cause dark urine. You really need to see a qualified MD [ Medical Doctor ] to get a qualified diagnosis.

But having said all that: I do not know of any reason you can not a least give the BHT treatment a try and hope for some improvement.

But do so with care and caution. Start and stay with NO MORE than 250mg of BHT per day and perhaps less. You should start with the lower dosages and find a dosage you are comfortable with and always lower the dosage if side effects occur.

On the upside of using BHT: I weigh about 200 pounds and have been taking 350mg of BHT with water on an empty stomach since 1997. As I stated so many times the BHT treatment as discussed by me did CURE me of both hepatitis B and C.

What I have NOT discussed previously is that: This BHT treatment has at the very least stabilized a spinal condition called scoliosis or curvature of the spine. This condition in me is a result of that old gunshot wound that caused so very much damage to my right side. Lost my right kidney and most of my liver along with the loss of and damage to the muscle tissues and even part of one rib.

The good news is: My spine has NOT gotten worse and is seems at least somewhat better than it was back in 1997. This is because BHT prevents so called " so called cross bonding ". In non-technical terms: BHT prevents stiffening up of scar tissues as you grow older. Or any and all tissues scarred or not. So it just may help you. I surely do hope it can help you. It seems worth a try. If it does not help you can always stop taking it for sure.

And for sure you should be doing theraputic exercises to help with the cervical spondylosis. Everyone NEEDS to do some exercise to remain or get healthy. Also drinking adequate amounts of purified water is very helpful for just about everything.

Also if hepatitis B is the cause of liver problems: The BHT treatment works best WITHOUT milk thistle and or supplements other than a standard multivitamin and mineral supplement . Vitamin C in doses of up to 500mg to as much as 1,000mg of vitamin C per day seem to not screw up the BHT treatment. Whereas many other supplements do screw up BHT`s ability to deactivate lipid coated viruses including hepatitis B.

So, in conclusion: If you choose to give the BHT treatment a try, keep it simple for best results. If the BHT works for you, you should see a rapid improvement in a few weeks or months. If NO improvement is experienced in 3 months the treatment is likely to NOT be working. Of course I hope it does work. But if does not work you need to look into OTHER treatments....Oscar

Replied by Byhisstripes

Many thanks for your prompt response Oscar, I'm a 43years old male with 5'10 ft in height.

It's very unlikely I have other ailment other than HBV as I have blood work done every 3 months to monitor my well being including liver enzymes.My last Fibrosis scan though read 8.0 which may indicates scarring.

I feel good inside of me and still ride average of 50 km cycling weekly The only alarming symptoms is loss of muscle mass and underweight. Which may not be unconnected with digestive challenges.

I can only hope the BHT will be of help.Thanks for your time and kind assistance

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Byhisstripes from [ Lagos ], Thank you for replying. I never hear back again from most of the people who ask questions of or to me. Please stay in touch with the EARTH CLINIC and ME by way of the EARTH CLINIC about all this.

On the upside: You are 5 years YOUNGER than I was when I first began using BHT to treat hepatitis C and B back in 1997. Being younger ALWAYS helps. There were and are reports by people who made remarkable recoveries from hepatitis B and C with the BHT treatment as discussed by me. I did have a very damaged liver as I stated.

What is left of my liver is now where my right kidney used to be. " The patient`s liver now resides in the renal fossa " is what a radiologist`s report does state.

So you have a lot going for you as compared to me when I first started my BHT treatment back in 1997. Just so you know: Within ONE MONTH of starting said BHT treatment my" liver function test panel " results were all but one in the NORMAL ranges. Also I tested NEGATIVE in that one month for hepatitis C with the hepatitis C RNA test.

It was years later that I tested NEGATIVE using the Hepatitis C and B antibodies tests. It takes some years to truly CURE one`s self of hepatitis B and or C infections using BHT as discussed. One person did test negative in less than one year, but that is NOT the usual pattern with the ANTIBODIES tests. You can and will be negative with the HEP B and or C RNA tests and still test positive with said antibodies tests.

Those viral load counts are a test of the blood ONLY. Said tests do NOT mean your liver is not infected. Even doctors seem to screw the meaning of those viral load count tests up.

From everything you have said to me: I do think the BHT treatment as defined by me is well worth a try for you.

Please do keep this EARTH CLINIC forum updated with any and all results. Wishing, hoping for a DRAMATIC improvement for you. Let this forum know WHATEVER happens. That is the ONLY way people have of knowing what works or does not work....Oscar

Replied by Byhisstripes
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Grateful Oscar, I've ordered BHT and hopefully I should have it before end of month.

To be able to monitor BHT's effectiveness, I was at the Lab few days back and got the following results:

  • Electrolytes, Urea&Craetinine
  • S-sodium 138
  • S-potasium 4.3
  • S-Chloride 103
  • S-C02 32
  • S-Urea 4.6
  • S- Creatinine 93
  • S-Calcium(Total) 2.39
  • S-Calcium(Corrected) 2.27
  • S-Albumin 45
  • S-Total Protein 71
  • S-Globumin 26
  • S-ALB/GLOB Ratio 1.7
  • S-Total Bilirubin 7
  • S-Conj Bilirubin 2
  • S-Unconj Bilirubin 5
  • S-Alk Phostase 39
  • S-gamma GT 24
  • S-ALT 39
  • S-AST 33
  • MDRD >90
  • Prothrombin time 10.0 sec
  • Control Time 11.3
  • INR 1.0

I will feature my result after one month of BHT.

Thanks All.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Byhisstripes [ Lagos, Nigeria ]. I have NO idea what that long list of blood test results means. What did the doctor who ordered those tests tell you the results indicated ?

It does seem to me your doctor is concerned about conditions including liver function but also some other condition or conditions.

You ordered the BHT. Once you get it and start taking the BHT I hope I can help you.

Are you also infected with MALARIA ? Many people living in Nigeria are and that is why I ask you that question.

But do NOT get discouraged even if you are. We had one person infected with both hepatitis B and malaria who made a remarkable recovery with the BHT treatment. As you no doubt know: Both diseases are common in Nigeria and surrounding areas.

Please do take whatever drugs and such your doctor is prescribing and when the BHT arrives take it as discussed by me. If you tolerate the 250mg of BHT well it might be advisable to increase the dosage to two 250mg capsules of BHT per day or every other day.

I do pay attention to your postings. But this long list of blood tests makes me concerned that some condition other than but including hepatitis B is being looked into by your doctor.

What is your doctor telling you ? ...Oscar

Replied by Byhisstripes

Thanks once again Oscar. She's concerned about being underweight hence the need for liver function, calcium and kidney test and they all came back good. Yes, so much malaria here but I'm not infected.

Thanks so much, Oscar.

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Posted by Jt (Phoenix, Arizona) on 12/02/2014

Newbie who just found this site. I've read through Oscar's statements on his view of taking BHT with water but previously I had read Steve Fowkes book which referred to dissolving BHT in oil. While I accepted years ago that everyone's body is chemically different (Edgar Casey) which takes into account different reactions to substances. The ingestion methods between these two approaches has me questioning which is better?

So I was wondering if any others have used BHT and what method was used.. water or oil?

Additionally, with food or no food? As well as what vitamin supplements to stay away from when using BHT and any adverse affects which may have been recognized?

Well for now I'll be scanning the posts to expand my knowledge by others first hand experiences.

Thanks, JT

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Posted by Stacy (Plano, Tx) on 10/29/2014

Hello, will BHT work for non-viral hepatitis complicated by end stage cirrhosis?

My father has end stage liver cirrhosis caused by Primary sclerosing cholangitis. and has recently been seen at the Mayo Clinic and they said his male score is 24 and not sick enough to get a liver. He has ascites and fluid that is now in his lungs and he's having to get it removed daily which is painful. IL hospital put a tube through his back to remove fluid that sits above his heart that's extremely painful, in which Mayo Clinic said would need to be removed and to consider A shunt. He has Non viral hepatitis, colitus and a large hernia above his navel which they said cannot be removed until he eventually can get a liver. Thank you.

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Posted by Pete (Sydney, Australia) on 03/21/2014

What is B H T and where do I get / purchase it ?

EC: Hi Pete,

Please read the info on our BHT page here:

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Posted by Sasha (Campbell River, Bc, Canada) on 06/10/2013

Just wanted to say for the record, (and not to dampen spirits, that's not what I'm about) a few things about my Chronic HCV in general. I'm 29 and tested positive for Hep C at 16. Being Canadian (access to free health care) I've monitored my condition over the years. It has been all over the map, and my blood work results quite often don't match how I feel. It's very difficult to tell what helps and what doesn't. For example, for two years I was homeless, living in a tent, using drugs, and everything that goes along with that. My levels etc. Seemed to show a marked improvement in liver function during that time, which baffled me. All in all, I go by how I feel, and now that I've been drug free for over 2 years I feel alright. The 2 biggest improvements I made to my health tho, were quiting smoking (constant lung infections have stopped completely) and cutting out salt and sugar, especially sugar. Another important step for my liver and overall health was getting off all the prescription meds doctors told me I needed. My life is so much better without them. Everyone beware Quetiapine/Seroquel! It's being handed out like candy to the addicted, the mentally ill, and people with sleep problems (tho it hasn't been tested for sleep).

I am interested in this BHT, wondering if it helps HCV, or if it has ever cured it. I will research it, but any info from anyone who's been "cured" of HCV by BHT would be greatly appreciated. Enough accronyms for one night!

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

To Sasha from Canada, BHT cured me of chronic hepatitis C with liver failure. But for it to work you need to keep it simple. By that I mean NOT mixing it with other treatments including milk thistle and such. The dosage used depends on how much you weigh and other things. Start with no more than 250mg of BHT per day. If you weigh less than 130 pounds that may be plenty enough. Vitamin B12 helps in a dose of 1mg wich is the same as 1, 000mcg [ micrograms ]. Vitamin E supplements should be AVOIDED, not taken. Do NOT drink grapefruit juice with this treatment. Do NOT take lysine supplements. It has worked very well for many if taken as recommended. Check out this websites archives about it here:

Replied by Art
(Vancouver Bc., Canada)

I can attest to the fact that since I quit taking Milk Thistle, the BHT 350mg per day is working better. My Liver Function Tests have returned to near normal values, they were in the 300 range. I would also like to add that people who are taking Coconut Oil for the Monolaurin content need to be cautious as it can build up plaque in the ateries. I have since reduced my intake and am not feeling as sluggish. The simple use of BHT 350mg plus 1-4mg of B12 and Vitamin D3 500mg are helping as well. I also take Chanca Piedra 500mg with breakfast and it has drastically reduced the pain I have in the lower right lobe of my liver. I do take Oxycontin 10mg 3x in the night for pain for another condition and am surprised that my Liver Enzymes are near normal range and the GGT is 23.

This BHT is wonderful stuff, but I am noticing that the people with Chronic Hepatitis are having trouble compared to Acute Hepatitis but for the most it just takes longer to heal.


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Posted by Alicia (Syracuse, Utah) on 10/17/2012

Hola, Oscar he leido tanto acerca lo bueno y lo malo del BHT, muchos efectos secundarios, en todos los que leen el foro, yo compro mi BHT en Link Life, Lot 041223, exp. May 2015, como tu sabes yo no he tenido efectos secundarios, solamente al comienzo un poco dolor de oido y reduje mi dosis dramaticamente, y los resultados han sido muy bueno, yo sugiero a todos aquellos con efectos muy malo que escuchen a su cuerpo, no quieran curarse de un golpe y poner tu cuerpo en riesgo, vale la pena tardarte un poco mas pero seguro, como yo solo tomo 250mg una vez al dia y mis resultados en el primer test fueron increible, yo espero que para diciembre los resultados salgan muy bien. Recuerden tu cuerpo reaciona cuando algo anda mal , por eso es mejor reducir la dosis hasta que tu no sientas nada extrano y que te moleste, eso es sabiduria, es mejor decir tarde pero seguro, buena suerte a todos, con mis mejores deseos.

Hello, Oscar've read so much about the good and bad of the BHT, many side effects in all who read the forum, I buy my BHT in Life Link, Lot 041223, exp. May 2015, as you know I have had no side effects, only a bit early earache and dramatically reduced my dose, and the results have been very good, I suggest to all those with very bad effects to listen to your body, not want to be cured of a coup and put your body at risk, tardarte worth a little more but surely, as I only took 250mg once a day and my results in the first test were amazing, I hope the results come out for December very well. Remember your body reacts when something is wrong, so it is best to reduce the dose until you do not feel anything strange and bothering you, that is wisdom, it is better late but safe to say, good luck to all, with my best wishes.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Alicia, Thank you so very much for your continued dedication to helping others with the BHT treatment for hepatitis C. I very much appreciate your efforts and have posted this latest helpful information over at the BHT CURES GROUP.

Now Alicia, It would be very helpful if you can once again post your all important test results as you did once before. Those are among the most dramatic results ever posted. Sincerely, Your Friend, ...Oscar

Replied by Alicia
(Syracuse, Utah)

Hey, Oscar con mucho gusto vuelvo a poner mis resultados, pero no se si tu quieres los que yo puse en Agosto que es el unico que tenido, hasta Diciembre que voy a tener los nuevos resultados, asi que si tu quieres los viejos dejamelo saber y con mucho gusto vuelvo a publicarlos, ha me olvide decirte que mi BHT yo lo compre en Amazon. Mis mejores deseos.

Hey, Oscar I would gladly go back to get my results, but not if you want the ones I got in August which is the only one that had, until December I'll have the new results, so if you want the old let me know and would gladly go back to post, I forgot to tell you is that my BHT I buy it on Amazon. Best wishes.

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Posted by Alicia (Syracuse, Utah) on 08/13/2012

Hola, Oscar he leidos casi todos los comentarios acerca de BHT, y no he visto a nadie que sienta como hot flas repentinamente, esto me esta pasando a mi y siempre tengo calor, es esto normal o deberia preocuparme, gracias.

Hello, Oscar I read almost all comments about BHT, and I have not seen anyone suddenly feel hot flash, this is happening to me and always I have my heat, is this normal or should I worry about, thanks.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Alicia, Lower the dosage of BHT taken any time adverse effects are experienced. This dosage issue is different for each person and may change over time for each person. Whenever adverse effects are felt LOWER the amount of BHT taken....Oscar

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Posted by Alicia (Syracuse) on 07/16/2012

Hola oscar, cuando una persona va a camino a una recuperacion completa de HC, o sea el virus no es detectable, por cuanto tiempo mas una persona debe seguir usando bht, o puede discontinuarlo, cual es tu sugerencia. gracias.

EC: Hello Oscar, when a person goes to a full recovery way of HC, ie: the virus is not detectable, but how long a person should continue to use BHT, or may discontinue it, what is your suggestion. Thank you.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Alicia from Syracuse, I am NOT a doctor. I still take BHT 6 years after I was told I have no testable indication I ever was infected with hepatitis C and B. I take 350mg of BHT per day. I do so because I have good reason to think it will protect me from many viral infections. What you do is up to you, not me....Oscar

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Posted by Susan (Syracuse, Utah) on 07/13/2012

Hola Oscar, estoy muy preocupada, cual es la manera correcta de disminuir la dosis de bht, estoy ordenando capsulas de 200mg, si tengo que disminuir la dosis cual es la manera correcta, para que todas la veces sea la misma medida, cuanto es 180mg en cucharaditas, si es que tengo que disminuir mi dosis, una dosis baja tiene el mismo resultado, yo quiero este virus fuera de mi cuerpo, mil gracias.

EC: Hello Oscar, I'm very worried, what is the correct way to decrease the dose of BHT, I'm ordering capsules 200mg, if I have to lower the dose which is the right way, for all the times is the same extent as is 180mg in teaspoons, if I have to lower my dose, low dose has the same result, I want this virus out of my body, thank you.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Whomever, If you wish to you can open these BHT capsules up by gently twisting and pulling the two ends apart. Then tap out a small amount of the BHT and push the capsule back together.

But this may not be necessary. One 200mg capsule of BHT per day is likely to be a safe dosage for most adults. You do want enough BHT to destroy those viral particles. You have to find a dosage you are comfortable with. I think 200mg of BHT per day is not too much for most adults, but if it is for you, you can open those capsules up like I just described. I want to see you get free of this disease very much and the BHT seems to work very well for many people....Oscar

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Posted by Joe (Anonymous) on 05/31/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi. I don't have hep C or any health problems but I have been intrigued by all the BHT posts and thought I would try it for its antioxidant properties.

It's been 4 weeks since I started taking one 350 mg cap first thing in the morning either with water or ACV. I knew it was working because right away I broke out in small pimples and my skin got "greasy" and more oily than usual. This is what happens to me when I first start fasting, so I knew I was detoxing. Everything went back to normal after a week and now my skin is REALLY nice and soft and getting better everyday. The rough soles of my feet started to peel off (how weird! ) and so did the rough dark patches on my elbows. My skin also smells nice, almost like that of a baby!

The most shocking thing is my digestion. For years I have been emptying by bowels twice a day (with this "urgent" feeling) and suffered from extreme gas no matter what I ate. The gas is now COMPLETELY gone, and although I'm only going to the bathroom now every other day that is completely fine by me because the cleanup is not messy and I don't feel constipated at all... and I eat extremely healthy (vegetarian with lots of raw foods and the occasional fish, nothing fried, lots of brown rice, no processed food, etc).

Just thought I would share. This has been such an interesting and unexpected discovery to me! Take care everyone and good luck!

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Joe, Yes, I do NOT even mention the other benefits of BHT including maintaining youthful appearing skin because I think people will think I am full of crap. I am now 63 years old. Within the last year I have been ID`d two times when buying alcoholic beverages. This was after I had dyed my hair that is grey now. Anyway, I laughed and told the sales persons: You HAVE to be kidding me. No, they said, I need to see your driver`s license. I showed them my driver`s license and bought my beverages. Now this only happens when I dye my hair. I think I look at least 40, but I am 63. And NO, I never had any sort of cosmetic surgery or treatments and do think those sales clerks must have had bad eyesight.

Anyway, yes: This BHT stuff will go a long ways in maintaining youthful appearing skin. It prevents free radical damage and cross linkage in skin tissues and that underlying fat layer of said skin tissues. The preservation of oils and fats was what BHT was engineered to do in foodstuffs and fuels and rubber. Things that have a high hydrocarbon content. It works in non-living entities and living entities with said high hydrocarbon contents. It is GREAT stuff. GET BACK and GET SOME!!! ... BHT ...Oscar

Replied by Anon

wow this sounds amazing, wish to see pics of your youthfulness ;p Will EC allow user pics (library) at some point?

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Gee whiz anon from anon, You are so very protective about who you are. Perhaps you can understand why myself and Joe do NOT want our faces plastered about the internet. Think what you wish to about BHT. I really do NOT care, ...Oscar

Replied by Victoria
(Atlanta, Ga, Us)

How long have you been taking BHT?

Replied by Zark
(Emerald City, The Land Of Oz)
5 out of 5 stars

Mouth Ulcers Gone :-D

I used to have a lot of trouble with mouth ulcers, this was an ongoing issue for 10years or more. Anytime I bit my lip or cheek, or even just a minor abrasion to the lining of my mouth, and I would be guaranteed to get a mouth ulcer. Tried the usual antibacterial type remedies such as topical peroxide, iodine, bicarb, salt, rinsing with alcohol. That stuff didn't work for me though. In the end my ulcers turned out to be caused by a virus (maybe a strain of HSV), and a potent anti viral called BHT worked for me - from what I read it only works for lipid-coated viruses (fortunately the majority of viruses are lipid coated! ). I took about 500mg of BHT twice a day and that fixed it. And by fixed I mean I'm practically cured, as I don't need to take a maintenance dose of BHT to keep the ulcers away. 500mg worked, but maybe 250mg would be fine too, but I know that taking 1000mg in one dose was too much for me to handle as I would get some pains in my tummy (possibly liver struggling to metabolise it).. That only lasted an hour or so.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Zark, recently I've been having luck with Papaya Leaf Tea for Canker Sores (mouth ulcers).

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Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky) on 03/22/2012 2073 posts

If I might add a post for the theory of BHT's effectiveness. First, I have never been diagnosed w/ Hepatitis nor liver disease BUT I have good circumstantial evidence of Liver dysfunction which could very likely include Toxic or Autoimmune H, Primary Billary Cirrhosis, Fatty Infiltration. Only a few days of 250mg BHT I experienced noticeable overall improvement in health condition, but it seemed to kinda flatline at this as no more improvement was noted 2 or 3 wks latter... Until one day I developed a headache (which I usually associate w/ a dominance of whatever kind or kinds of pathogen that would be circulating in the blood). Well I had discontinued BHT for maybe 4, 5 days prior to the headache. Instead of the usual amping up of the antimicrobial herbs, I decided on 500mg BHT (at day 2 of headache) and got relief instantly. Given the complexity of my condition, there's certainly too much to properly unravel here to draw any valid conclusions; but previous antiviral herbs, lysine and sometimes added Colloidal Silver strongly suggest viral involvement (which is why I decided to try BHT to begin with). The rub is the "immediate" relief of the probable viral induced headache; which would suggest that BHT is possibly directly toxic to viruses. The name as well as the smell of this compound would also agree to this.

This possibility needs to be put on the "watch" tag of this biochem. Anyone with any input please post so we can learn more.

Replied by Art
(Tustin, California Usa)

The following link takes you to a free downloadable book that discusses many aspects of BHT including its effectiveness, toxicity, uses, dosing and relevant study links. It is very interesting and probably a must read for anyone who is taking BHT or thinking about doing so. It is in PDF format and you may have to scroll down just a bit once you get there in order to complete the loading sequence. It's not too long and fairly easy reading.


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Posted by Smashmum (Stafford, Staffordshire) on 02/27/2012

Please am worried about BHT, I googled it and it sounds more or less like poison. What evidence do you have to convince one that it will not leave one in a mess like the conventional treatment?

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Smashmum from Stafford, Well there are the different toxicology reports that have been done regarding the toxicity of BHT and that NOEL [ no-observed-effects-level ] statement that is the conclusions reached by that Canadian Health Organization that looked at well over 200 toxicology studies that were done here:

NOEL statement:

In view of the probable involvement of hepatic enzyme induction in the development of the hepatocellular damage associated with repeated doses of BHT, the Committee concluded that, in this case, enzyme induction was the most sensitive index of effects on the liver. A well-defined threshold was demonstrated at 100 mg/kg bw/day in the long-term study reviewed for the first time at this meeting, giving a NOEL of 25 mg/kg bw/day. Effects observed in the reproduction segments of the in utero/lifetime exposure studies were also taken into account in the derivation of this NOEL. The Committee used a safety factor of 100 to allocate an ADI of 0-0. 3 mg/kg bw for BHT.

And also this PHYSIOLOGICAL REVEIWS article that does show an average lifespan increase of between 22% and 31% for mice that were dosed with BHT over their entire lifetimes compared to mice that were not dosed with BHT.

In my opinion those two reports and the very extensive research that was done to create those statements [ hundreds of studies over decades of research ] is subbstantial actual evidence as opposed to some of the different opinions being bandied about that BHT is toxic.

If you take the time to actually read those toxicology reports you will learn that it is only when mice and other animals are given massive doses of BHT that toxic results occur. Massive doses of many things will produce toxic results including many Vitamins, sugar, salt most definitely, aspirin and on and on. You can overdose on most anything if you try to.

You do what you wish to regarding BHT. It is an alternative treatment that seems to work for many people for hepatitis C and some other very nasty viral diseases....Oscar

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Posted by Art (Vancouver, Bc Canada) on 02/24/2012

UPDATE: Upon taking 350mg per day at 3pm. Since 20/Jan/12 The first ten days I split the dosage morning and night on empty stomach with water, then I went to 350mg a day in the afternoon.

For the past four days at approximately 6am. I have been experiencing a feeling in my liver across my chest that feels like ants crawling around in my liver and it feels a little sore as well. Below is a post that Oscar made in the discussion where he explains how the BHT works and this is what comes to mind as I lay in bed .

( BHT once embedded in the different viral coatings are compelled to move about, wriggling and such very rapidly and thereby disrupting, liquidizing, destroying the different viral coatings. )

I do have to get out of bed to settle down and as I sit here typing I find my stomach bloating and pushing on my liver. As well I find it affects the nerves along the front of my arms. Of which I am taking B12 500mcg once a day to help with that.

Over all I feel better than I have over the past 10 years. I am more alert and not so tired and my memory seems to be improving a bit as I don't struggle as much with word recall. I find I have more energy but the will is lacking. Could be I have gotten used to putting it off till tomorrow. This year I am not tiring as much while doing my chores and my face doesn't get as red as it did. My urine and stools have been normal for the past year, but there were times in the past where my stools were light but my urine looked normal. I try to eat right cutting out all sugars, whites and junk food.

I am going to go every second day on 350mg in the afternoon on an empty stomach as usual and see if things calm down.

Blessing to all, Art 1a.

Replied by Art
(Vancouver, Bc Canada)

In response to what I posted on 24 of Feb. I had posted the result of what happened that night because it frightened me so much but I didn't want to give up. I must have had a bad reaction to some thing I ate for supper, scratch pork stir fry with VH Sweet and Sour Sauce.

I have felt better since then, I could even say better than I did before. Lately when I lay in bed I have no pain around my liver or gall bladder area which I had for ten years and my breathing is normal. I did miss one dose the day after but since then I went back to one 350mg a day in the early morning hours and have had no problems since. So I don't think it was a reaction to the BHT. I wanted to post back because I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about the BHT. The nice thing is you can miss a dose or two and it doesn't have a negative affect on you.

I will not be able to get another blood test until Apr. As my doctor orders them every four months. I will post back with the results. Art.

General Feedback
Posted by Gran (Swat, Kpk, Pakistan) on 02/15/2012

Hi sir, I'm Gran from pakistan. I am HCV patient and treated with interferon. My pcr report is clear (non detected) but my kit test is positive and no company gives me job because in medical report I am medically failed. That's why I am very tense. I am very happy to read your discussion about the hcv treatment. Can with BHT tretment my kit test become negative? If yes, please inform me about the duration of treatment and doses in which name BHT is available in Pakistan. I am 26 yrs old and my weight is 64 kg.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Gran from Swat, Well, the interferon treatments worked for you as well as they can.

Now BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] can NOT uninfect an infected liver cell the same as the interferon treatments. But with daily dosing with BHT eventualy there are NO infected liver cells because every cell in every person`s liver is a new cell about every year or so. And with daily dosing with BHT you prevent any uninfected liver cells from becoming infected. This does take years [ at least 2 years ] of daily dosing with BHT. And eventually you will test negative with this KIT test. This test, tests for hepatitis C antibodies. Those antibodies tests are going to test positive until ALL your liver cells are no longer infected. That does take years of daily dosing with BHT.

The really good news is you are not going to get really sick. You are not going to have liver failure. Those interferon treatments did work.

Another forum member did say BHT was not available in Pakistan. I am not at all sure that is true or not true. You have to buy BHT through the mail in any country. Try VRP [ Vitamin Research Products ] in a web or google search and see if BHT is available in Pakistan or not. There are many other retailers of BHT also. See what you can find out regarding the availability of BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] in Pakistan and let this forum know what you find out. Is BHT available in Pakistan or not? ...Oscar

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