Discovering the Health Benefits of BHT: New Research and Findings

Hepatitis C
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 06/03/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Dear Lana [ Raleigh ], The good news I have for you is: There are NEW treatments available for hepatitis C right NOW. These new treatments are both safe and very effective. Surely your doctor has discussed this with you. Is that true or not?

You have tried the BHT for 2 years now and it is NOT working for you based on what your test results are showing.

It is possible the " valacylovir " and or the s-acetyl glutathione supplements are degrading the BHT treatment. I have no way of knowing about that.

You should be eligible for government assistance to pay for these newly available treatments.

If the BHT is working the way it is supposed to there would be no need for a herpes drug or that other supplement.

The BHT treatment does NOT work well with MANY drugs and supplements.

So it`s up to you. You can try the BHT without the two compounds discussed and see if you get a dramatic improvement in two months or less. If not go with the newly available drugs as prescribed. Or go with the new treatments right now. I want to see you get well with or without the BHT treatment....Oscar

Hepatitis C
Posted by Lana (Raleigh, Nc) on 09/13/2012
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OSCAR!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. Well, I started taking BHT in January 2012 and my viral load was way high, today is 9/13/12 and I went to the doctor for my annual bloodwork and viral load tests. The ast and alt are lower than they were a year ago, the viral load is 8 million units lower. I was hoping for virus free, but am still hopeful. I was taking one 350 milgram daily, now I am taking 2 in the morning...

An hour later I take Liver & Bile extract which is powder and has milk thistle, dandelion and other important ingrediants in it... That was purchased through iherb for 14 bucks... Hoping that next year things are even better. I am hopeful and feel good. I eat healthy for the most part and I rarely drink. My downfall is sweets, not all the time but when I start to eat them its hard to stop... Exercising more now too. Thank you so much for hanging in there with this. I had spent thousands on Liver Life which is 56. A bottle and I wasn't getting worse but couldn't afford it... Thanks to you I can have hope, health and not go broke... God Bless you and your work, Lana

Hepatitis C
Posted by Susan (USA) on 06/26/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Got the best news I could ever ask for today, my bloodwork results are in and I no longer have any Hep C antibodies in my blood and my liver function levels are all normal. Now this is after failing conventional therapies back in 2008 and almost losing all hope of ever clearing this dreaded virus. I feel fantastic and I have to admit that BHT absolutely cures Hep C type 1a geno types when all else fails and it does it for pennies.

Anybody that comes across this post, you owe it to yourself to try this wonderful substance that has given me and so many others back our lives after thinking all was lost!! BHT works!! Thank you once again Oscar for saving me and many others by sharing BHT therapy with the masses. Cheers!

Hepatitis C
Posted by Twodragunns (London, Ontario, Canada) on 05/27/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I've been doing 2 x 250 mg daily of BHT with a splash of water on an empty stomach since Feb 1, 2012 and after 1 month all my symptoms of chronic Hep C had completely disappeared. I've just ordered 3 x 350 mg bottles from Vitamin Research Products and plan to up my dosage to 2 x 350 a day as soon as I recieve my BHT order.

I can't believe how good I feel these days and I have to thank Oscar for sharing this invaluable information with everybody that will listen and I'm sure BHT is the answer for many. I failed tx with Ribiviron daily and Peginterferon 1 injection per week back in 2008 and was a non responder after 4 months. I have genotype 1a which is very resistant to conventional therapies and had all the classic symtoms, like brain fog, joint aches and low energy, but after 4 weeks of BHT, "I feel like kid again".

I just had a blood test (5 vials taken) and they're measuring my viral load as well as all the other measures they do. I will post the results in late June after I see my MD and get the results. To all the na sayers and crap talkers that give Oscar a hard time about the validity of this treatment, "get a life and stop with the B. S. Posts that are accusing Oscar of spreading false information about this very effective treatment". I can tell it's working Oscar because all my symptoms disappeared and it's been 4 months now and I feel great!! I'm out golfing everyday (which I thought I'd never get to do again) and I'm playing very well!

Thanks again to Oscar from the bottom of my big old heart for discovering and sharing with us all this treatment that seems to be helping very many folks that have either failed conventional tx or not wanted to do this because of the catastrophic side effects. I'm going to keep posting here about my recovery from this chronic disorder and provide my medical test results as well.

kindest regards, Mike from London, Ontario, Canada

Hepatitis C
Posted by Art (Vancouver Bc, Canada) on 02/27/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Kathy! I can relate to your husbands problems. I think the Peripheral Neuropathy is caused from the interfuron treatments and Vitamin B12 is the answer as it was for me. I myself asked about any new treatments 6 months prior and the stand in doctor didn't seem very helpful telling me there were none. Now that I have found the BHT I have my old life back again, old as in new energy over the last ten years. That pegetron therapy can really drag you down. It took away ten years of my life and now I have a lot more enrgy and my skin color is normal pink instead of a yellowish hugh. I have no liver pain as I did for ten years and can now eat Hawian pizza which used to give me great discomfort overnight. As for my Peripheral Neuropathy which caused a lot of burning in my legs, it is now subsuided at using 500mcg. a day of Vitamin B12. Now I can sleep comfortably. It is non toxic and you excret what you don't need in the urine. It is a better alternative than the Gabapentin an expensive poisen the doctor wanted to perscribe for me. Give it a google and you will see all the side effects it has. I hope this helps you. You failed to mention your husbands Genome Type.

Art 1a.

Hepatitis C
Posted by Drw (Upstate, New York ) on 10/16/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Remember that the MD's want to use Interfearon and Riblviron for close to a year, so using BHT for a month is not really giving it a fair chance

I suggest you take a minamum of at least 1 gram, and I took at least 3 caps @ 350 mg every day for 3 months. When my first Viral load showed up at 2 million I bumped that dose up to taking up to 6 of the 350 mg caps a day, about 1 every 4 or 5 hours along with the St. John's Wart and NAC and Sam-e

Do not give up... Take it for at least 6 months or more, and it will work. Dr W

Hepatitis C
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 09/28/2011
5 out of 5 stars

On the tuberculosus issue, TB is caused by a bacteria. Let me suggest to that writer, Colloidal Silver which I have been making myself for about 17 years and giving away free to friends and relatives.

CS will kill virus, coated with lipid, as well as the uncoated type of virus and will kill bacteria and fungi also.

One anecdotal I have of a friend, who is a college professor with a case of Lyme disease (bacterial). Four experts (MDs) tried to cure him with antibiotics and a multitude of other drugs but to no avail. After five months post infection, he was unable to leave his home for lack of strength and was literally concerned for his life. I convinced him to try CS. I brought my little generator to his house so he could see that the water solution I was making really had silver in it, and he watched as the silver atoms came off the negative pole in a light "cloud" until in eight minutes the two cups of water had a light saturation of silver. Then I diluted that mixture with 16 cups of pure water and there was his bottle of colloidal silver. He took twice a day, quarter glass, on an empty stomach. In five days his strength returned greatly. In two weeks he was teaching again. In one month he was normal. He kept up the twice a day quantity for six months to make sure the bacterial was wiped out. Then for another six months on half dose.

It has been three years and he is fine. He insists I always keep him supplied with the silver for colds, to gargle with, to spray in sinus for infections, for pink eye etc.

My point is: silver can kill a systemic infection, either viral or bacterial.

So to the person who had the TB question: try the CS. On the issue of Hep C or B I'd ask Oscar if he has any anecdotals on the effectiveness of CS on those. On any systemic infection, be it viral or bacterial, the use of CS is a long term process: At least six months. (By the way, neither I, nor any of my friends who use my silver, have had any issue with skin tinting blue. I use it almost at least three times a week, usually in sinus.)

Hepatitis C
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 02/08/2011
5 out of 5 stars

BHT's ability to effectively treat lipid coated viruses which include: hepatatitis C and B, all the herpes viruuses and the AIDS virus has been being reported since 1975. A lot has been published about it since then in different scientific publications including the journal SCIENCE. This stuff works. I self treated for hepatitis C back in 1997 using daily doses of 200mg per day with water on an empty stomach. I went from being symptomatic [ sick with jaundice, yellowed eyes, darkened urine, stomach pain, trouble digesting food and such to being well and free of any viral load in my blood in about 4 weeks. Like I said, this BHT stuff works and fast. I was tested and retested to confirm I had hepatitis C and was told I definately had it. Before I was ever prescibed any medication I began taking BHT and like I said I was testing negative using the hepatitis C RNA test within 4 weeks and was well. I never had any side effects. I still take it to keep from catching any of the lipid coated viruses. What BHT can treat it will prevent infection of.

Also, BHT is the most powerful anti-oxident and free radical scavenger out there as far as I know. That is not just my opinion. Dr. Denham Harman, the father of the free radical concept of aging did extensive tests with mice being dosed with BHT and achieved an up to 50% increase in the average life span of mice dosed with BHT. Some of his critics said all he was doing was preventing the mice from getting CANCER and that accounted for the life span increase. Well, if that is ALL he was doing I would say THAT is quite important in and of itself....Oscar