Discovering the Health Benefits of BHT: New Research and Findings

Posted by Swfowkes (Cupertino, California) on 12/08/2015 46 posts
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Carol, coconut oil is one of the most stable of oils. It is mostly saturated oil (the least peroxidizable oil there is), with some mono-unsaturated oil (pretty stable), and about 2% di-unsaturated (more reactive, but less than tri- tetra- and penta-unsaturated oils). So if you want oil in a capsule, coconut oil is a good choice. But coconut oil does not have a strong taste that most people need to hide.

Any oil can be poorly protected and go rancid over time. You can somewhat protect yourself from this by taste-testing the oil in the capsule. The first taste test is to puncture the capsule with a knife or the tip of a fork prong, squeeze the oil onto your tongue, and slide it back to the rear-center of your tongue. This is where the rancidity taste buds are located.

The second taste test involves examining your gag reflex. Rancid tastes trigger a gag reflex, so you can pay special attention to your gag reflex in response to brushing your teeth with the squeezed-out oil. If there is no aggravation of your gag reflex, and you cannot taste acridity, the oil is relatively safe.

I hope this helps.

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 11/10/2012
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Dear Carol from Clearwater, In my opinion it is NOT advisable to be using oil capsules of any type. There is the rancidity issue. All vegatable oils tend to chemically react over time. For instance the oils can react with whatever the capsule is made of.

Also it is important NOT to take the BHT at the same time as any oil. People achieving the best results with the BHT treatment take it with a gulp of water on an empty stomach.

I use olive oil and I mix one capsule of BHT in with the bottle oil to prevent rancidity. I do the same with any cooking oil I use. This prevention of rancidity is one of the original purposes BHT was used for. BHT is an excellent food preservative. That is what BHT is officially approved of for by the FDA....Oscar

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 10/08/2012
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Dear Danny Lee, Phillipines, I just posted this message over at the BHT CURES group and this answer is the same for your concerns:

I started a new topic posting to try and minimize confusion in this group. Now from what you have stated you are a thin person who weighs 110 pounds. You have both genital and oral herpes. The good news for you is: The different herpes viruses are the most thoroughly investigated of all the viruses when it comes to BHT. BHT is a proven and effective treatment for both oral and genital herpes. You are concerned about adverse side effects and need to be. Start out with small doses of BHT. Start with 100mg of BHT per day and see how you feel with that. That may very well be all you need to deal with your herpes infections. If that does not work you can always take more and if adverse effects are experienced you can always take less of the BHT. Now this BHT is sold by a number of different online retailers. It can be purchased in bulk or in measured capsules. The measured capsules come in 200mg to 350mg capsules. These capsules are easy to pull apart to get a smaller dosage. You will need measuring spoons. They come in sets that include fractions of a teaspoon. You want to start with the 1/16th of a teaspoon measurement. That is 1/16th of a teaspoon. 1/16th of a teaspoon is somewhat less than 200mg of BHT. So use about one half of that. If you can find a 1/32 of a teaspoon measuring device that would be better yet. That should be about 100mg of BHT.

Now the people reporting the best results take the BHT on an empty stomach with a gulp of water. Wait at least 30 minutes before eating. You can always take more of the BHT as time goes by if you wish to if no adverse effects are experienced. Most people have no adverse effects at the doses I am discussing with you. Also, for thin people such as you: Taking one tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil may be helpful. This oil should be taken at least 2 hours after taking the BHT. Do NOT take the oil and the BHT at the same time. Doing so screws up the treatment. If you have questions I will do the best I can to answer them... Oscar

Also, as far as I know the BHT is available online in the Phillipines through the mail. I think there is at least one other person who lives in the Phillipines and has been able to purchase the BHT online through the mail with no problem. Trying to help, Oscar