Discovering the Health Benefits of BHT: New Research and Findings

BHT Vs Monolaurin
Posted by Bob (Maryland) on 02/21/2021

I do not understand why monolaurin is not included in the list of products for use against covid. I have been taking 9gm per day for the last year. It strips the lipid envelope of viruses in much the same way as bht. I don't know if one is better than the other or not.

When I began taking it, the Herx reaction was brutal, and I had to stop. After I recovered, I re-started, but increased the daily amount more slowly. I still had a bad reaction. Finally, I took just one pellet and increased by one pellet per day, until I reached the 9mg level. That is three scoops of the brand I use. I choose to work up to that amount simply because it seems to be the maximum dose among people who use it.