BHT, The Virus Killer: Dosage, Uses, Side Effects

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 05/12/2017
5 out of 5 stars

BHT does slow down aging. I ran out of BHT about 1 month ago and can see and feel the difference in how rapidly I am aging. I am now 68 years old. And as you get older the aging process speeds up as all of us elderly people know all too well.

It has been proven many times over that BHT extends the freshness of all foods greatly. Also products such as tires and other rubber products. Also fuels such as gasoline. Myself and many others believe this is the result of BHT`s ability to squelch free radical reactions. It does so by adding a hydrogen atom to a free radical such as OH. and H. that both occur when water is split. I believe that when BHT emits hydrogen atoms it does so in pairs. If this was not true the BHT molecules would become free radicals. So when BHT emits 2 hydrogen atoms closest to each other on the BHT molecule a carbon to carbon bond occurs between those carbons, satisfing the octet rule resulting in a stable molecule.

That BHT is an excellent preservative in non-living substances is NOT in question. BHT`s ability to do so in living organisms is still debated.

I will close this posting by stating that even though the BHT available for sale is made artificially, it is EXACTLY the same compound found in nature so to speak. In fresh water algae, salt water plants that occur along the shores. A growing number of such plants continue to be found.

In my opinion: BHT does slow down aging in the way I just described. I just ordered some BHT. I will try hard to never run out again.

My Best to All,