Vitamin C for Pyometra - #2 Most Popular Remedy

Vitamin C
Posted by Frappsy (Philippines) on 01/20/2023

WOW! I thought I'm alone in this kind of dilemma. My 10yr. old fur-baby, had vaginal hyperplasia on her last heat period. Fortunately the tissue protrusion went back inside her vulva after her period but there was a part of the tissue that was irritated and infected that resulted to pyometra. She lost her appetite, very lethargic, brown blood spots, and just wants to hide under the bed. I normally gave her multivitamins with vit. c cause this miracle vit. c cured her kennel cough before, so I tried increasing the dosage mixing it with water and refined liver (she will only intake fluid at this time via syringe) and I noticed she's getting better, compared to taking in antibiotics which she gets more lethargic. I hope Vit. C will do wonders again for her too, cause I'm not ready to let her go yet... she's my baby, my bestfriend and my confidante.