Pets: Wound Remedies

Green Tea, Calendula Ointment, Silicea
Posted by Susan (USA) on 07/21/2007
5 out of 5 stars

This remedy combo was passed on to Earth Clinic from Jane of Los Angeles (a friend's friend). Her dog had surgery to remove a cyst from a spider bite (they think) and the area with stitches was not healing after 1 week.


1. Brew green tea. Let cool. Put some on a cotton ball and wipe off the wound area. Let dry.

2. Put on a thin layer of calendula gel or cream. Do this twice a day.

3. Get silicea 30c. Put 5 little pellets in a juice glass. Add a little distilled water. Stir vigorously for 30 secs. Won't dissolve pellets. Take a teaspoon of the liquid and give it to the dog orally on an empty stomach. Best time to give it -- distilled water with dinner. An hour later give the silicea and take up food bowl so they don't eat after taking the silicea.

Do the silicea remedy just once. Should see the wound close up in a day or two.