Vaccination Side Effects in Pets

Distemper (Dogs)
Posted by Jane (Somerset, Pennsylvania) on 06/04/2008
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My four year old bichon received the distemper vaccine last year and started having seizures that lasted up to an hour. The seizures lasted about one month. He continues to have seizures when he hears loud noises or becomes extremelly upset. THIS WAS NOT AN ISSUE PRIOR TO THE VACCINE FOR DISTEMPER.

Distemper (Dogs)
Posted by Jackie (Mansfield, Pennyslvania) on 04/12/2008
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Molly, a rescue puppy, (lab/rotty mix) was 10 weeks old when we got her. Already had 2 distemper vacs from the shelter. At about 12 weeks (12 pounds) took her for healthy puppy checkup. Dr. said she was very healthy. Then he gave her a third distemper.

He turned toward a cabinet (didn't know what he was doing), turned around with a huge needle. As I was asking "what is that?" he injected her. Then informed me it was her rabies.

I would have waited if he'd given me an opportunity to say "NO, not yet". At 7 months, called to make an appointment to have her spayed. Was told she was ready for a booster distemper. Told them I wasn't going to give any more.

Then was informed that they wouldn't/couldn't take her in without the booster. Against my intuitive "knowing", I let them give it.

That's when she began acting goofy: licking/ chewing her paws constantly, chewing at her belly, licking the air, very exciteable, displaying symptoms of separation anxiety. Her npples were swollen (maybe from the chewing).

Got homeopathic detox meds from the Pet Medicine Chest. Gave her two two-week sessions. It helped temporarily.

Talked with another homeopath who said it was her immune system. Got two bottles of Transfer Factor. It took both bottles (2 months) before I began noticing the improvement.

She seems to have recovered almost completely, except she still licks at the air when she gets excited.

Her diet consists of some commerical kibbles (Beniful) supplemented with home-cooked stew containing either organic chicken or ground organ meats (raised locally, non irradiated - heart, tongue & liver). Also brown rice, 16-bean mix, fine ground carrots, yam, home-grown broccoli, celery & home-canned green beans.

I freeze it in 1/2gallon glass jars.

To that, at feeding time, I ad: raw wheatgerm, brewers yeast, Vit C, MSM & cell salts, diatomacious earth, cod liver oil. She and her 12 year-old sister, Mariah (Old English Mastiff) are beautiful, healthy, sleek coated.

Molly will have her 3rd birthday end of this month (April '08). She's never had another vaccine of any type. Had a titer run at the vet about 4 months ago and she's STILL PROTECTED against distemper.

She'll NEVER had another vaccine until the Rabies titer tells us she needs it.

Distemper (Dogs)
Posted by Kim (Granger, IN) on 01/02/2008
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My wonderful dog Dusty was almost 10 years old. He had been healthy except for some recent arthritis. I took him in for his annual checkup. They gave him his distemper shot. By the next day he was humped over, wouldn't eat and couldn't have a bm. Within 3 days he was on an IV and on the 4th day he couldn't even stand and we had to have him put down. His platelet count was 6, his red & white counts were both extremely low. He was bruised all over and had a huge lump at the place of the shot. The ultrasound showed that his spleen was dimpled and the vet believes he had tumors in his spleen. I don't know if he already had cancer, and the shot set things into motion, or if the shot caused his death, but I am mad! If I had known this would happen, I would NEVER have had him vaccinated that day! I miss him terribly. He was the best dog I have ever known and we will never forget him.

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