Side Effects of Pet Vaccines: A Closer Look

Posted by Cheryl (Knoxville, Tennessee) on 08/08/2011

Three years ago, I took my 3-yr-old dachshund in for his vaccinations and grooming. He was actually going to be part of a TV commercial the next day. When I picked him up his eyes were watering and his face was swollen. They told me he had a reaction to his vaccines and they give him benadryl and a steroid shot. He was a little better by morning. The sad thing is after his vaccines he started to have monthly seisures! He had never had one before. And the look in his eyes changed.

Fast forward a few more years, when "Skipper" was six and he needed surgery to clean out his stomach after gettign into the trash and digesting too much junk. The vet said it was "not-uncommon" surgery and I would be find to take him home in the evening. He went on to say most dogs are back up walking around later that night. Well, that's not the case with "Skipper" - unfortunately, he had could barely move or keep his eyes opened. I let him rest and just stayed up with him. But by mid morning, he was gone. It was awful! I have had to say goodbye to pets before from old age and stayed with them when they were put to sleep, but I've not had to go through this. And I blame it all on the vaccines triggering the reaction, the seizures and thus, not having the strength he should have to go through a "routine" surgery!

I've since found out doxies are one of the breeds that has reactions to the vacccines. It's crazy we are insisting dogs get so many shots yearly - just to keep veterarians in business!

Posted by Sally (Poolesville, Md) on 05/09/2011

September 13, 2008 I took my airedale, Teddy, for a Bordatella at Petco in order to board him the following week. He received this vaccine about 6:00 p.m. And by 8:00 p.m. he suffered what appeared to be a seizure and died. There was no time to get him to the emergency vet (this occurred on a Saturday evening. ) It was overwhelmingly sad. I phoned the emergency vet to see if the Bordatella vaccine could have caused his death and they emphatically told me no way. I wonder to this day, if it was the cause as he was fine before that.

I have another airedale who turned 10 in October. He and Ted were best buddies.

My heart goes out to Rusty's mom and dad for their loss. After reading your article on vaccines I will certainly heed your warning about a blood test before vaccinating. Thank you for the info.

Posted by Aly (Hendersonville, Tennessee Usa) on 09/30/2010

Thank you, I'm sure your information will help other parents. My Whippet died in my arms last week after having a seizure. In your research have you found rabies given one week, the next week parvo to cause seizures and death? It happened with 45 min, he was gone. He never had rabies since he was from the UK and they don't have it there. We brought him over with us last October, and since his passing I have not stopped crying.

Posted by Brittany (Puyallup, Wa) on 12/07/2009

Distemper Vaccine

Hi my name is Brittany. My dog Daisy, a German Shorthaired Pointer, was recently put to sleep because her blood wouldn't clot. She was 7 yrs. and she has received the distemper vaccine before. Let me tell you about what led to her peaceful sleep.

She recieved her shot on October 28, along with a few other shots. When she got home she had started to break out in hives. She has always been allergic to things before so my mom thought it was just her fleas. A vet had once told us that she was probably allergic to fleas. So my mom put frontline on her and called it good in hopes that she would stop itching. Later on the 29th my mom found a bag of dogfood that she had recieved for free because one of my other dogs was due to have puppies soon. So she mixed the dog food in Daisy's food. That night Daisy had Diarreah horribly and had an accident on the stairs. My dad found it at about 3 in the morning and cleaned it up. He doesn't know or remember if there was blood in it, but he believes there might have been a little bit. Then my dad decided it was the dog food that my mom had mixed in to her food so he began picking out all the mix-in, because she lost interest in eating. Then Nov. 22-25 while we were camping in Oregon. She began to bleed from the crevices of her lips. I tried to stop the bleeding, but i couldn't get it to stop. She at this time had pretty much stopped eating all together. She ate a little every once and a while, but not much. When we got home on the 25th I had woken up to take the puppy out potty and Daisy was sitting in the hall way staring at the wall and head hanging slightly. Normally when I walk by her she stands, but not this time she just sat there. I brushed it off, but was still worried. I took the puppy out and came back and she was still there so I coaxed her to get on my bed and sleep with me, but every time she layed down she groaned, like she was in pain in her abdomine. Later on the 26th while my family was getting ready for Thanksgiving Dinner, my dad went into my room to see Daisy. She was sitting on my bed the same way she had been when she was in the hallway. He just barely touched her head to pet her and she cried out and wimpered. My parents immediately took her to the vet, where they did a series of tests. They took her blood and tested it for everything. Platelets, iron, everything. They also scanned her for tumors. She had no tumors. But when they got her blood tests back they discovered that everything was normal except her platelets levels. An average amount is 400,000 low is 20,000 she had 16. (per Ml) The vet gave her a Chemo shot in hopes that her body would produce more platelets. We left her there over night and she got worse rapidly. On the 27th we called to check in on her and she had fallen far. They had taken blood from her jugular and it had not stopped bleeding. She began to bleed internally in 3 places. Her intestines, her jugular, and her brain. She had 5 seizures while she was in the vet. The suggested we put her to sleep and that is what we did.

I am so confused as to what led to her death and her sudden illness. I believe that it was the Distemper Vaccine but I cannot be sure. I just hope to warn other pet owners so they do not have to witness what I have recently witnessed my bestfriend go through. When she died I held her. The scary part was that she breathed after her heart stopped beating. Im a 17 yr old girl who just wants to know what killed her best friend. If you can help me that would be great. I have to know so I can let her go.

Posted by Michelle (New York, NY) on 05/26/2007

My dog, a female miniature pinscher, 12 years old, died last November from what I believe to be negative reactions from her vaccinations. I took her in on September 6th, and she received intratract II kennel cough vaccination and a 3-year rabies vaccination. Two weeks later, I came home from work and she was seizuring on the floor. She had NEVER had a seizure in her life. She was an otherwise healthy dog before these vaccinations. On November 12th, she passed away in my arms. The vets refuse to believe it was the vaccinations and say they believe it was a brain tumor, but I know better. Now that I know how harmful vaccinations are, I will never go through this again.