Side Effects of Pet Vaccines: A Closer Look

Lemon, Colloidal Silver
Posted by Carol (Pittsburgh, Pa.) on 12/01/2009

15 years ago and before I thought I was being the good pet owner and getting my dog, a mix Golden X,vaccinations whenever they were needed. Long story short, my dog acquired mast cell cancer from vaccinosis and it developed at the injection site. I did enlist a holistic vet after his vet said he only had 3 months to live. Going totally holistic with treatments, my dog lived a good quality life for 2.5 years thereafter.

I now have 2 Old English Sheepdogs who are naturally reared. They are 9 & 10 currently and have had no chemicals in or on them, are fed a raw diet and have only been to a vet once. They had their puppy shots and that was it until my one dog was diagnosed with a hernia. He had to have an operation and they wouldn't do it until he had a rabies shot. This would be his second in his lifetime. I was reluctant but knew he needed a repair of his hernia. 2 months after that shot, he developed cysts all around his neck area. Sheepdogs are extremely sensitive to shots of any kind and he did puff up at the injection site. I was told by an herbalist to take a slice of lemon and rub it on the site and the puffiness went away. I then began using Colloidal Silver in drops 2x a day on the cysts and in a matter of a week, they burst and were gone and have never returned. They will never get a rabies shot for the life of them. My dogs have never had medications either of any kind. I treat them homeopathically and herbally and they are thriving.