Side Effects of Pet Vaccines: A Closer Look

Posted by Djo (Woodside, Ny) on 01/24/2018

My 13 year old Lhasa Apso had his regular check up. He hasn't had vaccinations, since he developed liver disease 4 years ago. He received the intranasal Bordella vaccination. 5 days later, he had issues breathing and I rushed him to the hospital. His lungs were filled with fluid and he passed away within 4 hours. I truly believe the vaccinations contributed to his demise. We're so devastated.

Posted by Carin (New Haven Indiana) on 07/06/2017

My shih-tzu got her yearly shots on June21, 2017 and nine days later she was unable to do anything. She was dead July 3, 2017. She got the kennel cough medicine on June21, and went to the emergency vet. hospital on July 2. They said she was dehydrated and had a upset stomach. Tilly, was only 3 1/2 years old. In my heart I feel that she had a stroke and no one would listen to me. She was a loving, happy, smart, playful girl. She never got sick in the three and a half years we had her. This was to sudden and I wish I knew what killed her.

Posted by Penelope (Berwick, Pa) on 06/13/2016

8 days ago, we took our rescue pet to a vet clinic at a local store to get her first shots ever. We believe she was about 2 years old. Yesterday we put her to sleep. Her lungs and body filled up with fluid. Before being vaccinated she had NO HEALTH ISSUES. We had her for almost a year before taking her to be vaccinated. She was given the usual vaccines we get for out other dog but also a Bordetella nasal vaccine. We NEVER board our dogs. I wish someone could tell me what the cause was. I was not even aware she was being given the Bordetella vaccine. I don't think I will ever have another dog vaccinated except for Rabies. Our family is heartbroken.

Posted by Shoni (San Diego ) on 03/25/2016

Older pets cannot handle Bordatella vaccines or Rabies shots as we experienced with our 13 year old beautiful Border collie mix. He was going up stairs, jumping in the car, and daily walks. This all immediately changed one day after two vaccinations with a slight right sided nose bleed was noted. By the second day, a heavy nose bleed required a visit to emergency with fever. Unfortunately, he became lame in the right rear leg by the third day from the rabies shot. We tried to rehab him back with minimal progress. After two weeks his immune system was so wrecked with a huge abscess in his left front leg appeared over night. Along with terrible decisions and Vet care this poor fella was a victim of pure stupidity. Never never never blindly give vaccines as we caused the death of our own very loved pet being irresponsible idiots allowing incompetent Vets to control. Educate, intuition, and common sense can get you a lot farther and save your pet and yourself a lot of unnecessary grief! We laid him to final rest approximately two weeks after his shots-no more suffering in the hands of humans. He is now in a safer place.

Posted by Barbara (Alabama) on 01/08/2016

6 months ago at a wellness check my vet said that my 8 year old MaltiTzu needed a Bordetella vaccine - Immediately after he started snorting and started reverse sneezing - Over the next few months he went back to the Vet and relayed the frequent snorting, sneezing and reverse sneezing - the Vet told us to administer Benedryl - the vet said that the Bordatella had nothing to do with the reverse sneezing and coughing -

Yesterday he became lethargic, stopped eating and had labored breathing - it was after hours and we took him to an emergency vet - his temp was 103 - the vet said that he walked fine - tail wagging and that the only thing she saw was that he was gassious - she told us to take him home and give him a gax-x - she said to followup with our vet in the morning - all night his breath was shallow and raspy - he did not sleep and I held him up to enable his breathing - this morning I was at my local vet at 6 am - the vet told us his temp was 106 - very low white count and that the xray showed fluid in his right lung - diagnosed with asperation pneumonia - we took him to a critical care hospital with an oxygen crate - they worked on him all day - they said that it could be bronchial pneumonia - his status deteriorated and he went into total organ failure - he passed this evening - I am convinced that the bordatella was the cause - all of my vets have denied even hearing of bad reactions from bordatella spray vaccine - something needs to be done

EC: We are so very sorry for your loss.

Posted by Heidi (Okc, OK) on 04/08/2015

My 11 year old Japanese Chin who was perfectly healthy just died suddenly five days after being administered the Bordetella shot orally at the kennel where she was staying while I was out of town. When I picked her up after 4 days of being there, she was lethargic and very thirsty--I thought she was tired from all the barking. She started throwing up and having diareha with fresh blood in it. She died a few hours later, before I could get her to a vet. I will never leave my babies at a kennel again or get shots!