Ringworm Remedies for Pets

Vinegar, Bleach
Posted by Krystal (New Mexico) on 05/27/2014

Vinegar (just plain household vinegar) and bleach were the only thing that helped cure myself and my dogs from ringworm. Every day, I cleaned (washed, wiped down, and sprayed) every surface outside of my bedroom with bleach. I washed and sprayed myself and my bedding my two dogs with vinegar (it's completely safe; you can make a natural everyday cleaner using orange peel soaked in vinegar, or instance). I added a small amount of bleach to every load of laundry. Ringworm is very aggressive, so you'll have to be even more diligent. It can be painful. I would put vinegar directly on my ringworm, which burned for a few second, but was extremely effective. It takes awhile, but keep at it!!!! It took close to a month for it to clear up completely. In January, I still had an itchy scalp; that took longer to clear up, but it worked and now we're 100% clear.