Ringworm Remedies for Pets

Oregano Oil, Colloidal Silver
Posted by Aaron S (Somewhere, Mn) on 02/27/2010

my cat had ringworm on here ears and on the nose right below the eyes, she already had some of those baths that make her smell bad for 2 months and turn yellow from the vet but it came back a month later.Im sure it would of worked with a few more baths but the cat smelled awful and it costed 50 bucks a bath, well I tried organic extra virgin coconut oil on my cat and it actually made it worse, I think because its too oily and moist that it made the stuff grow more,I also tried cider vinegar (on one ear) but that stung too bad so I didn't do that again.

I got rid of it with aloe and a few drops of oil of oregano and a few drops of colloidal silver and that got rid of it fast. I took about 1 half ounce of 100 percent aloe gel the kind you can drink then I put about 3 drops of oil of oregano in it (the kind that is diluted with olive oil already)- the bottle says its 25%oil of oregano and 75%olive oil) then 4 drops of colloidal silver put it on her twice a day for the first few days then once a day until it was gone. keep it out of the eyes aloe hurts eyes(I got it in my eyes once) I also think this will help with fleas around the ears but my cat hasn't had any.