Pyometra Treatment Without Surgery: Home Remedies for Dogs

Open Pyometra Remedies for Cats
Posted by Christina Marie (Chattanooga, TN) on 02/21/2022

These posts are very encouraging. Thank you all for sharing. I am nursing our 8-year old DSH cat who was seen by the vet this past Saturday morning and diagnosed with open pyometra after blood work and an ultrasound. Her WBC count was off the charts. She had been going downhill since last Monday (2/14) with slowly increasing visible signs that matched pyometra. They gave her a fluid IV which definitely helped perk her up. The emergency spay surgery was quoted between $3k-$4k minimum and I checked around including another city 90 minutes north of us, same pricing. We cannot afford the surgery. The vet I took her to didn't give her any antibiotics and I left feeling rather disenchanted by veterinary medicine. I feel as though they weren't willing to do anything other than surgery and that the outcome without it was grim. I started researching which led me to Dr. Jones and then here to EarthClinic. I also found a company out of Australia that has a product specific for treating pyometra

( I ordered this but I am not sure how fast it will arrive so in the meantime I am doing the following:

Goldenseal Tincture 30 drops, Echinacea Tincture 5 drops, Ginger Root Tincture 5 drops. These drops are placed in 20ml freshly boiled water and then left to cool to evaporate off the alcohol content. I then added a heaping 1/4 tsp raw Manuka honey KFactor 16 to this and have been administering 2ml by oral syringe starting at 9:40 last night. Will do this 5x today and then lower the dose to 3x daily until the other product from AUS arrives. This mixture makes her saliva form up a little bit and I do get a few growls out of her each time.

I am also administering the formula according to the information found on this site. For my 7.3 lb cat 3x daily as follows:

  • 5-20 pounds 3/4 teaspoon Manuka Honey KFactor 16
  • 5 -20 pounds 1/16 -1/8 teaspoon Turmeric/Black Pepper (curcuma longa + Piper nigrum), powered
  • When this arrives I'll add it to the above mixture:
  • 5-20 pounds 500-1,000 mg Vitamin C sodium ascorbate

Overall, she is up, moving around a bit, drinking small amounts (she is supposed to drink 1 oz of water per pound of body weight daily so for her 7 oz or 198ml), eating tiny amounts again with some water mixed into her dry food creating a slight gruel mixture, using the litterbox again in small amounts (had not pooped since Wed 2/16), the stool is hard (also ordered some slippery elm powder which will help with the constipation). There is more noticeable pus/blood coming out more frequently and I am monitoring this as we go. I think this is all good news but we will see how it goes. Will keep posted here with progress.