Pyometra Treatment Without Surgery: Home Remedies for Dogs

Posted by Queti (West Midlands, UK) on 06/14/2021

Great to hear of other people's dogs improving after pyometra, my 6 year old recently acquired beagle started to show symptoms of open pyometra, with vomiting, being off her food, and a bigger thirst than usual, I also found I could express milk from her titties.

I looked in my homeopathic dog book, (author vet by the name of George Mcleod) and he recommended Sepia 30c which I put in her water. She has regained her appetite, the milk has dried up and she's got loads of energy. That was within 1 day of the remedy. Should I now breed from her at her next season? Would that put her womb right? I'm going to get her some Manuka honey too. She already gets turmeric as her breed can get arthritis and I want to avoid that.