Pyometra Treatment Without Surgery: Home Remedies for Dogs

Cinnamon Extract
Posted by Susan (Minnesota) on 04/26/2021

I want to add to your treatments to pyometra. I have an English Mastiff. She lost 30 pounds and was diagnosed by a vet for pyometra. The small town vet was very rude to me and wanted to euthanize my girl. the very day. I took her home and began giving her cinnamon extract capsules stuffed into little sausages. I only had a partial bottle, and they were getting old. By the time she had finished them, (and I had her on antibiotics from the vet, before that), she had gained all her weight back. I was very upset that the vet would have euthanized her. She remained very active and healthy for quite awhile. But now she went into heat and began to favor her left rear leg. I thought she may have stepped on a roofing nail, so bathed her entire foot in Listerine, and soaked in iodine, which she licked off. She was losing weight again, and I thought it was from an infected foot. So I put a mustard pack on it, which she licked off. And I treated it daily with iodine. Now, she has gotten worse, and I ordered the manuka honey, vitamin C and Tumeric spice. But I have been out of the cinnamon extract. I am ordering today. But I think I waited too long, as she is throwing up and not eating. She also has a foul smell. Here is the cinnamon extract, and also some info. I hope this helps.