Dog Itchy Skin Home Remedy Options

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide, Clove Tincture
Posted by Shelaughs (Lake Worth Florida) on 12/08/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hello... Every time my dogs played in the yard across the street they came home with freakish itchiness & occasionally lesions would erupt between the toes. We had the same issue at our former residence & we wonder if it might have something to do with the mango tree leavings in both yards-

Whatever it is, I used the borax-peroxide solution & we found relief from itching instantaneously. We made a gallon of this solution initially & were able to give a lot of it away to neighbors whose dogs had skin issues. I use a squeeze bottle to direct the solution to specific spots.

Researching further I discovered food-grade diatomaceous earth & I am amazed at the panacea of benefits this has to offer. I found food-grade DE at a local animal feed/pet store. I added this to my dogs' diet, take it myself & have my adult son taking it.

All of us are also using ACV (a life-long thing- my great grandmother used to drink the stuff).

A medieval recipe for a topical anesthetic to treat skin abrasions, hot spots & to calm intense biting/chewing;

Clove tincture: add a box of whole cloves to a cheap bottle of vodka- close the bottle tightly & place in a dark cupboard for 10 days. The alcohol will turn a deep brown & smells wonderful. Using a soft cloth or cotton ball dab a little of this solution onto affected area, it may sting a teeny bit but the clove oils will numb this immediately. (This is good for mouth pain as well! ) You can strain & package into smaller bottles to help your family/neighbors/friends & their pets.