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Booties for Itchy Paws
Posted by Barb (Peterborough, On Canada) on 04/06/2015
5 out of 5 stars

For all of your pets with itchy paws, a good add on to the ACV treatment is to spritz or soak, dry lightly, then put on paw booties. I bought some polar fleece ones from the local pet store, very easy with elastic and Velcro to fasten. Although they worked like crap in snow and ice, we found them very beneficial to use indoors to stop our lab / border collie cross, Pepa, from licking.

She suffers from seasonal allergies and now I have a weird idea that she may be allergic to these cats we keep rescuing. (yes, apparently dogs can be allergic to cats, so says the web) Found some pimple type bumps in between her toes yesterday and her allergy season is still a long way off. We have been RAW feeders for many years and have tried countless holistic remedies for her.

I am a sewer so last summer made some booties out of a 100% cotton tea towel, elastic and Velcro, duplicating the design of the purchased ones. These allow her paws to breath, and dry out after the vinegar spritz. AND, she cannot lick them! Seems to calm her down a bit too and allows all of us to get some sleep at night. (not really meant for outdoors though)

Hope this idea helps, Barb