Urinary Incontinence: Home Cures for Bladder Disorders

Ground Flax Seed

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Posted by Heather Smith (United States) on 05/17/2020
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I gave my 9 year old Golden Australian Shepherd ground flax seed in her dinner. This was after 2-3 nighttime accidents. The accidents have not returned since.

Incontinence Remedies for Dogs

Posted by Chris (South Bend , In) on 09/11/2013

I have 2 huskies that are leaking puddles of urine when they lay down... I need to know what is the best thing to use for this situation.. I feel bad for my girls one is 5 and the is 7... Thanks, Chris

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Chris!

Ideally you should take your girls to the vet to rule out a UTI or other issue. Infections and kidney stones have been known to cause leaking while laying down.

That said if you are sure that what you are seeing is middle age doggie incontinence due to spaying, then both western and alternative approaches may help.

The most common drug vets prescribe is Phenylpropanolamine - aka PPA. This is a non-hormonal drug that works on the muscle tone of the urethal spincter; it is sometimes used in conjunction with estrogen therapy but is often prescribed alone.

Another approach would be to try a homeopathic preparation. Homeopathy tends to have few to zero side effects but it can be hit or miss; I find if its the right remedy it works *right away* but if its the wrong remedy it may take 2-3 weeks to confirm its not working. "'Only Natural Pet" brand makes an Incontinence Homeopathic Remedy that has been very effective for most. Failure for the remedy to work might involve a misdiagnosis of the presenting condition. So again, something to try only if you are sure of what you are seeing.

And - I was hoping to find sage advice and a cheap home remedy from Ted from Bangkok under the Human Ailments tab but no such luck! But humans have reported improvements/cures by supplementing with magnesium, Vitamin B12, and nutmeg - it might be fruitful to check out the human side to see if something resonates with you.

Incontinence Theories

Posted by Anonymous (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Usa) on 04/06/2010

Might it be that the vaccine or meds used to sedate the animal for spaying contain something that damages the kidneys? The kidneys then create an imbalance of electrolytes, which weakens the muscles or ovaries and causes leaks? Maybe the apple cidar vinegar corrects the imbalance, but only as long as its use is continued? Or is it possible that congestion in the liver (possibly from inferior pet food) negatively affects the kidneys? Is it possible that your animal was affected by food that was contaminated, such as during the food recall some time ago? Try feeding your pet a raw food diet. There are many suggestions online.

Replied by Dennis
(Maple Ridge, B.C, Canada)

Your theory makes sense to me. Three vets recommended I have my GSD neutered even though he's almost 14. Now he has no control over his bladder and cant urinate on his own. Instead of helping him I made him worse. He just leaks when he's full, otherwise I have get him to urinate by squeezing his bladder but what works better for him is squeezing his left hamstring while tapping his right?! I'm going to try some of these remedies and hope for the best.

Leaking After Rabies Shot

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Posted by Madeline (Milmay, NJ) on 03/30/2009
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Hi, i am just wondering if anyone had a problem with dog leaking urine after a rabies shot? Never had the problem before , she is an old dog but it is funny she has the problem right after shot. Had a problem with her going both ways in the house and never did she do it all her life, i can't figure it out . I was wondering if it could of given her a bladder infection. would love any help i can get..

Replied by Kari
(Denver, Colorado)

I have an Akita. We adopted her at 7 months had no problems with her. At 1 year we had rabies and anti-venom shots done at her check-up. Within 2 weeks she leaked . After tests, medications, and 3 years of animal diapers we decided to put ACV (2T x 2) in her food. Within 2 weeks time frame she continually got better and now has not had a problem in nearly 5 weeks. I still do occasionally give it to her as the benefits seem to be worth it.

Hope this helps.

Replied by Renate
(Champlin, MN)
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My 10 year old Kelpie recently got a rabies booster and is now leaking urine badly. I am glad to have come across these posts and finding a possible reason. Does anyone know why their dogs started after the rabies shot? What triggers this? Renate

Replied by Linda
(Atlanta, Ga.)

Have you asked your vet? It may be caused by a lack of hormones, specifically estrogen, in dogs. Sometimes, OBGYN's prescribe estrogen suppositories for women with incontinence. Ask your vet.

Replied by Terry
(Mastic Beach, Ny)

If I were you, a dog your dog's age, I'd do titer test for the rabies vaccine before giving it... The test will determine the level of protection your dog still has since the last vaccine... You might be surprised to see it's not necessary to repeat it. Get a certificate from the vet to show these results. it is accepted by all in the state of NY, so check with your town ordinance.

good luck, Terry

Replied by David
(London, England, Uk)

It hadnt occurred to me until I read these messages looking for ideas on why my spayed 3 yr old viszla has begun peeing while sleeping. She had a rabies booster at her annual vet visit a couple of weeks ago. Hope I can find apple cidre vinegar and corn silk.

Replied by Tommy
(Belfast, Uk)

David, I buy my ACV from an animal feed supplier. It comes in a gallon container, costs £9.00 and as far as I can see contains the mother also (the cotton woolly stuff that might lead you to think it was off)

Replied by Val
(Omaha, Ne)

I have had the same problem with my Sheeba Inu. She is 5 and right after her rabies booster she started leaking urine when she would sit down. Now I notice her bedding is damp in the mornings. My vet says there is no connection and that she needs hormones, but she never had this issue before the vaccine. I am going to try the ACV. Thank you!

Replied by Jen

I just googled the topic of female dog leaking after rabies shot and found this board. Our mini dachshund got a rabies shot a week ago today and all of a sudden leaks urine. She has never done this before and I find it rather suspicious that it happened right after the vaccine. Does this get better and go away on it's own?

Replied by Ray
(Henderson, Nv)
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Do not get a rabies shot or vaccine unless your dog is completely healthy of any illnesses. My dog at 10 years old received a rabies shot and died 8 days later. 3 days after the shot he couldn't walk, eat and starting losing his eye sight. He was a vibrant dog before and this all changed after the shot. We found out he had a mass in his liver and the Dr said since he was sick which he showed no sign prior to the rabies shot he is now anemic since his body is fighting the vaccine in his blood. He could not produce enough red blood cells so we gave him 2 blood transfusion and it didn't help. We brought him back home as they said he had 3 days to live. We wanted to spend the last few days at home and not at the hospital.Please be aware as I have read lots of stories of what a rabies shot can do to your dog if he doesn't need it.

Plantago Homicord

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Posted by Carol (Toronto, Canada) on 08/18/2007
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My dog has been on the hormone pill Stilbesterol for years to control her urinary leakage that apparently is common after spaying a female. After working with a naturopathic vet, she put her on Plantago Homicord, a homeopathic remedy which naturally stops the leakage without side effects. Just a few drops daily, then reducing the amount to a maintenance dose. For example my dog now only needs a few drops 1x a week.

Replied by Lynne
(Gainesville, Georgia)

I just want to know about the article from Carol from Toronto, Canada who wrote about the homeopatic plantago homicord that cured her dog's incontinence. I cannot find the product anywhere I've looked and would really like to know where I can get it.

Replied by Lisa
(Carmel, NY)

Lynne had asked Carol where she got the Plantago Homicord. I just ordered some from zooscape.com. I am going to try it for my dog's incontinence and see how it goes. It certainly sounds promising.

Replied by Norah
(Ottawa, Ontario)

You can order from NutriChem Pharmacy in Ottawa. They ship worldside.
www.nutrichem.com or 613-820-4200

Replied by Carol
(Toronto, ON)

The plantago homicord I use is from a company called Heel (heel.ca) ordered through my vet. Global Pets has something similar called LeaksNoMore but I have not tried that one personally. My vet's receptionist's dog stopped responding to the Plantago Homicord after many years of use and she tried the LeaksNoMore and said that worked wonders for her when the other one stopped being effective.

Replied by Melinda In Mississippi
(Tupelo, Ms)

Our 5 year old yorkie, Gigi, began having serious problems with incontinence after we had her spayed. She was on proin drops which helped (but did not cure) for a while. I changed her food (to EVO) which actually cured her for a couple of years. Now it is back with vengeance! We are in-and-out of the vet with her, and there are no underlying medical issues (urinary tract infection or crystals). She is again taking the proin drops, but it isn't helping. She has ruined our furniture, rugs, everywhere she lays. We put blankets down everywhere she typically lays and then we are washing, washing, washing blankets. We love her, but if we don't get some relief for her soon…. Well, I don't know what we will do. I have been reading about raw apple cider vinegar and Plantago Homicord. Can I use both of these together or should I only try one at a time? How much of the Plantago Homicord should I use? She weighs about 7 lbs. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!

Standard Process Symplex-F

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Posted by Victoria (Mesa, Az) on 10/09/2020
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My 8 pound female yorkie (puppy mill rescue) started suffering from urinary incontinence. Since the Covid spread I haven't been able to take her to a vet. But I searched online, specifically Dr Karen Becker' s website. She recommended Standard Process Symplex-F, a natural estrogen booster. I mix one small tablet with her food, once a day.

Within a week it started to work! I had purchased diapers for her to use and haven't had to use one of them. You can get it thru your vet, but since I couldn't see a vet I found online a company called Holistic Health International and they shipped and it isn't expensive. They also have a blend for male dogs too. Hope this helps.

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