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Leaking After Rabies Shot
Posted by Ray (Henderson, Nv) on 11/03/2015
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Do not get a rabies shot or vaccine unless your dog is completely healthy of any illnesses. My dog at 10 years old received a rabies shot and died 8 days later. 3 days after the shot he couldn't walk, eat and starting losing his eye sight. He was a vibrant dog before and this all changed after the shot. We found out he had a mass in his liver and the Dr said since he was sick which he showed no sign prior to the rabies shot he is now anemic since his body is fighting the vaccine in his blood. He could not produce enough red blood cells so we gave him 2 blood transfusion and it didn't help. We brought him back home as they said he had 3 days to live. We wanted to spend the last few days at home and not at the hospital.Please be aware as I have read lots of stories of what a rabies shot can do to your dog if he doesn't need it.