Heartworm Treatment and Home Remedies for Pets

Hulda Clark's Remedies
Posted by Christel (Nolanville, Tx, United States) on 03/30/2010


I have searched for weeks, even months to try and find something to resemble this strange phenomenon occuring to my 2 female dogs. Anything I have found resemble some of their symptoms, but never this strange phenomenon of their coat turning dull, thinning and then turning a reddish brown. Even when I shave them down, the red tint is still there. It seems to be in the skin as well. Just recently I found one reference to this turning of color in connection with a skin condition called sebaceous adenitis. It is a condition where the glands in the skin responsible for keeping the skin and coat moisturized are destroyed. There is no cure, just a regimen to manage the condition. However, they said that it is not supposed to be itchy. But my girls always scratch. There might be underlying conditions though. I changed their diet to raw about 1 1/2 years ago. I've tried many different things to try and relieve their itching, but everything has been short lived. I have 3 other dogs with skin conditions which is most likely yeast. But with them also, anything I do is short lived.
About 2 months ago I took my 2 girls to get them spayed, but I returned home with them intact. They were diagnosed with heartworm (which is soemthing the clinic tests for before performing the surgery), and they won't do the surgery on positive dogs. So I set out to see if there is something I could use besides 'arsen' to help my girls. I started out with chinese herbs, but quickly realized that financially I could not continue this treatment for the necessary period of time if it was to be successful. I treated all my dogs, not just Sadie and Mae, because the likelyhood of them having heartworm was/is great, since I live in TX and mosquitos are everpresent. I had read on this site that some people had used black walnut hull and wormwood. Well, I found a regimen per Hulda Clark, whom I researched extensively and was and still am quite impressed with. So after 2 weeks of chinese, all my dogs are now into their 3rd week of Hulda Clark's treatment. So I would say my dogs have had the benefit of herbal medicine for 4 weeks . And I am beginning to see the benefits. The regimen is all about cleaning the body, getting rid of toxins and parasites, and supporting and strengthening the immune system. The itching has become less, the foul odor is not as prevalent, and the bumps and scabs and flakes are drying up and healing. I know we have a long road ahead of us, but I firmly believe we are on the right track. Oh, besides the skin issues, some of the affected dogs have also developed mild to severe ear problems, which seem to be getting better as well. One of my dogs, Charlie, who was a stray and was suffering from severe ear infection when I rescued him, has also always had skin issues. But he always responded remarkably well to immune support treatment, as he is again now. I am almost convinced that the only reason my dogs have begun to suffer from all these different ailments, gradually, but steady getting worse, is that they have probably had the parasite in them for quite a while, but have maintained without showing clinical signs because I have always given them bentonite clay. But that just wasn't enough for them not to get worse. And with that, their immune system slowly but surely went south. So for anyone interested, here is Hulda Clark's regimen:

Pet Parasite Program

All dosages are based on a 10 pound cat or dog. Double them for a 20 pound pet, and so forth.

1. Parsley water: cook a big bunch of fresh parsley in a quart of water for 3 minutes. Throw away the parsley. After cooling, you may freeze most of it in several 1 cup Containers. This is a month's supply. Put 1 tsp. parsley water on the pet's food. You don't have to watch it go down. Whatever amount is eaten is satisfactory.

Pets are so full of parasites, you must be quite careful not to deparasitize too quickly. The purpose of the parsley water is to keep the kidneys flowing well so dead parasite refuse is eliminated promptly. They get quite fond of their parsley water. Perhaps they can sense the benefit it brings them. Do this for a week before starting the Black Walnut Hull Tincture.

2. Black Walnut Hull Tincture (regular strength): 1 drop on the food. Don't force them to eat it. Count carefully. Treat cats only twice a week. Treat dogs daily, for instance a 30 pound dog would get 3 drops per day (but work up to it, increasing one drop per day). Do not use Extra Strength [or dilute it 1:4].

If your pet vomits or has diarrhea, you may expect to see worms. This is extremely infectious and hazardous. Never let a child clean up a pet mess. Begin by pouring salt and iodine ( ³Povidone ² iodine, topical antiseptic, is available in most drug stores) on the mess and letting it stand for 5 minutes before cleaning it up. Clean up outdoor messes the same way. Finally, clean your hands with diluted grain alcohol (dilute 1 part alcohol with 4 parts water). Grain alcohol is actually ethyl alcohol that has been made by fermenting grain. In some countries sugar cane is used to make ethyl alcohol. A common brand in the United States is Everclear. But be careful. The smaller flask sizes are polluted with solvents from the pumping and filling processes, no doubt. Choose the 750 ml or 1 liter bottle which is, evidently, bottled differently. Be careful to keep all alcohol out of sight of children; don't rely on discipline for this. Be careful not to buy isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol for this purpose.

Start the wormwood a week later.

3. Wormwood capsules: (200-300 mg wormwood per capsule) open a capsule and put the smallest pinch possible on their dry food. Do this for a week before starting the cloves.

4. Cloves: put the smallest pinch possible on their dry food. Keep all of this up as a routine. Also, notice how peppy and happy they become.

Go slowly so the pet can learn to eat all of it. To repeat:

Week 1: parsley water.
Week 2: parsley water and black walnut.
Week 3: parsley water, black walnut, and wormwood.
Week 4: parsley water, black walnut, wormwood, and cloves.

Pets should not stroll on counters or table. They should eat out of their own dishes, not yours. They should not sleep on your bed. The bedroom should be off limits to pets. Don't kiss your pets. Wash your hands after playing with your pet. NEVER, NEVER share food with your pet. Don't keep a cat box in the house; install a cat door. Wear a dust-mask when you change the cat box. lf you have a sandbox for the children, buy new sand from a lumber yard and keep it covered. Don't eat in a restaurant where they sweep the carpet while you are eating (the dust has parasite eggs tracked in from outside). Never let a child crawl on the sidewalk or the floor of a public building. Wash children's hands before eating. Eat "finger" foods with a fork. If feasible, leave shoes at the door.

Solvents are just as bad for your pet as for you. Most flavored pet foods are polluted with solvents such as carbon tetrachloride, benzene, isopropyl alcohol, wood alcohol, etc. Don't buy flavored pet food. Pets add a great deal to human lives. Get rid of the parasites, not the pets, unless you are ill.

From: "The Cure for All Cancers", page 26.


I personally use the powder form of the black walnut hull instead of the tincture. I use 1 teaspoon (my dogs are 55-65lbs) mixed with their food.

I also don't use the wormwood capsules, but purchased instead the dried herb and make a tea. 2 teaspoons to 1 cup of water. Boil the water, add the herb, let steep about 20 min. I am starting out with 1 tblsp
and plan to work up to 2 tblsps. We haven't started on the cloves yet, but I purchased whole cloves and will grind them myself (with a coffe grinder-you can also use mixer) so it is always fresh. I keep all herbs in the fridge in a glass jar. The extra goes in the freezer until I need it. I have also researched other herbs and am adding turmeric for the digestion and it's antiarthritic effects (1/4 tsp), burdock root for the blood and skin (a pinch), pau d'arco concoction as a natural antibiotic and to aid liver function (1 tblsp-I make the concoction from the dried herb-4 tsps dried herb added to 1 quart boiling water, let simmer about 45 min, strain. I also use this concoction mixed 50/50 with extra virgin olive oil for their ears with great results). The concoction is stronger than tea. And last but not least I add 1/4 tsp of hawthorn berry powder for heart health.

Last but not least I still wonder if anyone has had the experience with their dog's skin/coat turning red, cause I'm still really baffled by this.