Heartworm Treatment and Home Remedies for Pets

Black Walnut Extract, Garlic
Posted by Lynn (Venice, Florida) on 08/05/2013

I adopted a lab mix with a heavy load of heartworm. He was showing symptoms of advanced heartworm disease (coughing, etc) and was not expected to live. I was determined to heal him and that was the end of it. And heal him I did. I purchased from my local health food store a LIQUID form of antiparasitic herbs: wormwood with black walnut extract, together. At the grocery store I purchased one of the little glass jars of garlic that is already mashed up. (In Ohio Marc's has it cheapest). My boy is about 110 lbs. In each of his 2 daily meals I put 15 drops of the liquid antiparasitic (per bottle instructions) and added approx 1 Tablespoon of the garlic. This is a lot of garlic, by the way. I did this for 2.5 wks. And then omitted the liquid antiparasitic for 2 wks, whilst continuing the garlic. The bottle states that you must take a break from the antiparasitic as it is a strong and serious remedy. Symptoms very slowly began to subside. After 3 or 4 mos I had his heartworm load tested at the vet only to find THERE WAS NO INDICATION OF ANY HEARTWORM. Or it was low enough to not be detected by the testing.

The heartworm "remedy" currently offered by the vets is, in my view, utter NONSENSE. My vote is that no dog should EVER be subjected to this medieval hocum that you must mortgage your home to afford. Common sense indicates that this business of injecting toxic poisons into the dog, then mandating that the dog must be forced into non-movement for months (months! ) is insanity. This treatment needs to be made illegal. Many dogs die from this and the cruelty involved is hard to think about.

It is now 5 yrs. later and my boy is doing great! My advice would be to get the dog off the Sentinel yesterday. It is simply not needed and is not innocuous, but rather, overtly harmful.

I have treated several dogs since then following this natural prescription excepting now I also add Goldenseal. I believe that any antiparasitic natural herb/substance/food can be put into the mix so long as it is palatable to the dog. I have had 100% success with all dogs so far. I do not promise it to heal any dog, but I would be surprised if it didn't.

I would like to add that during this treatment, especially at the beginning, I do pray to my Higher Power asking for the worms to leave my dog and I pray as often as I possibly can.